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Traveling the world in search of great coffee
Traveling the world in search of great coffee

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This work was an embarrassment for the engineering firm Exponent. I had used them for some consulting work ten years ago, the work they performed on deflate gate analysis was sub standard and has diminished their brand value and credibility.
Brady is back, science has put this all to rest but I am sure the haters will still hem and haw about this. The drive for five rolls on. As for Roger G well mom always said if you don't anything nice to say....

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I would love to see #11 at QB for the game against the Bills, what do you think?

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America, gold and guns, fuck yeah!
USA wins first medal of the Olympics in shooting event

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Some photos from the snow on Friday. It turned into a beautiful afternoon once the sun came out.
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An amazing view of a mother and her cub
Last June, Tony Wu and I lead our first expedition to Norway's Arctic Svalbard archipelago. We departed Longyearbyen for 14 days of exploration with our incredible captain Heinrich and three of the best clients that a photo tour leader could ever wish for. Like any truly worthwhile adventure, we experienced a lot of down time while sailing and due to bad weather. Our primary goal was to photograph walrus, but of course we were also hoping to encounter polar bears during our voyage.

I tend to stay up all "night" during the Arctic summer and sleep from 6am to noon, or so. Imagine my delight when I woke up one afternoon to discover that we were anchored to some solid fjord ice and had a bear in view, albeit over a mile away. Looking through a pair of binoculars for several minutes, I observed a female bear and her small cub before resigning myself to patiently waiting to see if they would eventually approach us. I went back down below to prepare myself some food, but in no time at all one of my clients alerted me that the bears were already walking towards us! I hurriedly finished my meal and got dressed in anticipation of our encounter.

I was hoping to get some nice images of the bears on the ice using my medium telephoto lens, but the momma bear walked right up to our boat, stood up on her hind legs, and proceeded to check us out. This was way too close for anything but a wide-angle lens. Our captain assured me that she was just curious and that he had the situation under control, so I grabbed my underwater polecam and set to work. I began photographing her by cautiously leaning over the railing of the sailboat while gently lowering my camera down to the ice. Early in our encounter she stuck her nose against my dome port which left snot all over it. It took me a few minutes to clean off and from that time forward I did not allow her to touch my camera again. She walked back and forth along the ice edge for over an hour, but her cub mostly stayed by our anchor. Towards the end of our encounter, the cub finally decided to join her close to the boat. I could not see what I was photographing, but realized that the cub was beneath her and quickly repositioned my camera in order to capture this incredible moment. I created this image using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera body and 15mm fisheye lens inside my Aquatech 5DmkIII housing with an Aquatech 8″ dome port and remotely triggered it on the end of my monopod. I processed the RAW file using Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC 2015, and Nik Software’s Color Efex 4‘s White Neutralizer filter.

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UGH... Why are photos on Google such a pain to manage??
Between the photo app on the phone, Google Plus, Google Drive Folders, Picasa, Google Photos on Drive.  Why is this such a pain in the butt? What are the best practices that you use?

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Is Gostkowski the best kicker ever? It is hard to argue against that claim, he simply does not miss. #patriots #nfl

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