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Small enjoying his toy with cappuccino watching on
back and forth, I get tired just watching it.

+Leta Di 
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Chris Sullivan

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The TechSandbox
For any emerging or aspiring young company in the metro west Boston to Worcester corridor, the TechSandbox is the place to be.  Barb Finer is doing a great job in setting up an environment that is supportive for entrepreneurs.  The TechSandbox offers space to emerging companies, provides mentoring through a collaborative network of experts.  They have even started to reach out to the community to offer classes to help train the next generation of talent.

Photo credits: +Melanie Rieders 
TechSandbox Ribbon Cutting
November 5, 2013 - Governor Patrick and Barbara Finer at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the TechSandbox.  The TechSandbox is Metro West Boston's new place to be for hot new startup companies.  Chris Sullivan had a chance to personally meet the Governor and thank him for his efforts. While Governor Patrick shared why he chose the portrait of Massachusetts Governor John Albion Andrew to hang in his office.
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Nexus 5
So...I had been planning to buy a Nexus 5 after owning the N1 and GNex, but after reading the reviews it has me reconsidering.  I am a big fan of stock android and I do not want to lose that experience, but I want a phone that will actually take decent photos.  What phone do you all have and what do you think about the photos it takes?
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I have an lg g2 and it takes amazing photo's.
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Custom URLs
I was granted the option to add a custom URL to my company page +Xponent Global  , but for some reason they wanted me to add a number to it even though I know it is a unique brad.  So I dismissed the option to add the URL +XponentGlobal123 and now I can not get it back.  Has anyone found a way to get the add custom URL option back for a page?  

It is even more ironic that I was granted the custom URL ChrisSullivan which is such a common name, but I can not get XponentGlobal.

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Go Sawx!!  
The wait is almost over...

#redsox   #redsoxnation   #worldseries   #worldseries2013   #stlouiscardinals  
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Beating the cold, a cats eye view

+Leta Di 
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couple of happy cats
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The tabby (cappuccino) is the queen of the house. I had to coax her up there as she was not pleased to be sharing the spot with small (the newcomer to the house). +Chris Veerabadran I guess they like the birds' eye view.

+Leta Di 
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Chris Sullivan

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Attention Small Business Owners
If these people call you, do not call them back, they will just waste your time and try to shake you down for money. They are trying to use a good name to "quasi extort" money from small businesses. Shame on them.
*Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation *
These people at +Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp  are relentless in their phone calls.  I have received calls from 4 different people in their organization regarding a DUNS Number. I took 30 minutes talking with one representative before having to cut her off and wish her a good day.  Now the army of callers is tracking me down and calling at all hours of the day on my cell phone.  I wonder how +Jeff Stibel   would like to be hounded like that?  It is too bad, they have taken a proud name like Dun & Bradstreet and given it a bad name.   +Jeff Stibel  I think you need to take this approach of calling small business to shake them down for money and place it squarely on your "failure wall". 
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+Chris Veerabadran, my number is there. What I learned through this process is that small companies are not in fact people (as much as some politicians might believe) and so therefore they are not protected under the list.
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Chris Sullivan

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Governor Patrick attends the TechSandbox Ribbon Cutting
The TechSandbox held a ribbon cutting ceremony on their new facility in Hopkinton, MA today.  The TechSanbox's mission is tho provide a space that fosters innovation and for emerging science and technology companies here in Metro West and Central Massachusetts.   I signed up as a charter member of this group and I am a member of the Life Sciences Special Interest Group.  I am encouraged to see such progress in just over six months.  The new facility holds many great places for entrepreneurs to connect and learn from each other and the wealth of mentors.  It is a great sign for the local economy here in the greater Worcester area.
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