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Steps to get a node-spdy #spdy v3 server up and running on (ssl cert is not valid). And after doing so? Firefox's spdy/3 implementation does not look so broken after all...
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I'm using Aurora (FF 14a2) and it's weird ーusing node-spdy's push example, /main.js is pushed but firefox's network monitor only shows a loading spinner, and re-requests it using a standard request (making the push totally useless). Any idea? I'm using the spdy-3 branch.
I haven't had a chance to vet spdy server push under spdy/3 yet, so I am unsure that it still works. I am also not 100% sure that FF supports spdy server push.

Does it work under Chrome? Have you tried running FF with http logging enabled to see if there are any obvious error messages?

FWIW I believe that FF 14 is spdy/2 only in which case there is no need to run with the spdy-v3 branch.
I just tested with FF 15.0a1 (2012-05-13) and I get the same…
Hrm... Are you sure that FF supports push? It didn't at first, but they could have slipped it in while I wasn't paying attention.

Good to hear that push still works in Chrome. I didn't think any of the recent spdy/3 work would affect it, but you never know :)

Looking at the speed graph, I might try the experiment without the cache-buster query strings on the main.js files. They shouldn't cause problems, but I'd at least eliminate that as a potential cause.
Firefox does not support push yet. That's because push doesn't honor the client cache or filters or even priorities and you can fill the pipe with stuff you don't need to transfer, which in turn slows down receipt of the stuff you do want to receive. For example, pushed advertisements identified by ad-block shouldn't slow down the receipt of more important javascript.

Now that spdy/3 has flow control I'm going to use that to ameliorate the situation somewhat and implement push. That hasn't happened yet - and it might require the addition of priority updates to the protocol to make it truly viable. We'll see.

Chris's blog is about a sandbox build of FF15 (not the regular nightly) that does support spdy/3. That code isn't in nightly yet. One of his recent builds has the URL for downloading it if you're interested - I would appreciate the testing.
Hi Chris, this morning I put a big comment on your blog after digging into this.. I don't see the comment now, did you get it?
Patrick - I got it. I was just reading it over, in fact. No idea why it's not displaying on the blog :-\

Heh. It was marked as spam. Fixed now.
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