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It's hard to put the last 366 days into perspective. Hopefully this does it justice without being too arrogant about it...
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Learning a new programming language can be daunting, learning three of them in 1 year and grasping the concepts to the level of writing a book is impressive
heh. It's good work Chris, you should be proud of the process and the product. When I demur praise passed my way my wife likes to say "Honey, you're not good enough to be humble."
+John Wesonga Thanks, man! Much appreciated :)

+Patrick McManus Thanks so much! "You're not good enough to be humble" <--- I really like that quote! But IMHO you'd be completely justified to tell her that, yes, you are that good :D
Hi +Chris Strom , What you have done is very impressive and heavily inspiring.
I have a doubt. How did you end up publishing all your posts at almost midnight. Is it your regular writing time or did you enjoy racing the clock?
Cheers! :)
+Rajini Kumar I would prefer to stop writing ~10pm. I am successful in doing that only ~10% of the time.  The rest of the time, I find myself racing the clock to answer just one more question or try one more solution. 11:59pm is nature's way of telling me "pencils down, time to hand in your work".
That's cool. I'm trying your process now and will hopefully write a post as yours next year. :)
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