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My mother had told me this when she was out today in town. It happened near Carefree Cir and Academy in #coloradosprings #colorado not sure what really happened to the mail truck. It looks like a bomb had gone off in the front of it. I have not seen anything about it online so far about it. Only bad thing no is the Photo is not the best. She was on the other side of the road when she passed it on the road. If I hear anything more about it I will try to post a update about it. 
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Well we were wondering if it cod have or not. If that is the case they might have change the design or something. 
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Chris Stevens

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I got in for the Beta everyone. so check your email to find out. and on the toon you will see this Beta spot for a new toon.
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I'm gutted I didn't get an invite. Two and a half years in GW2; play almost every day and LOTS of gem store purchases too.
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Chris Stevens

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Not sure I like the video that much. Only he is showing a lot of the Revenant Class to give you some ideas for builds. Only i know we all talked about not knowing what the class is about until the game started. Only it might help understand it a little better. I started at about that point I hope that worked.
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Wanted to share this page with people in Google Plus. Friend of mine that has been and hoping to get his online Comic going. I hope all of you will go take a look and enjoy. Still got to look at some myself. I know most of the people I know on G+ are gamers, Art people and people that also do photos might enjoy see this. Plus thanks for checking it out.
Saint Patrick's Day 2015. < Newest>>. Newest>>. Back Story. Once known as the self-proclaimed Bard King of Erador, Rayvene Claw has seen his fair share of adventures over his very extended lifespan. Ever the one to get himself into trouble, ...
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Chris Stevens

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Got a new member to the family. We so far and I think her name is going to be Angel. Which was my son's idea because she is so cute. 
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LOL I know what you mean. The photo makes her look a little darker in color.
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Chris Stevens

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Gw2: Closed Beta Signups and WvW Preview!: found an other video. Which has a few photos of the WvW map. Plus a few hints of things to come later on in the game. 
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OK I was wanting to know of any way to load or start up Google Play music with out a Credit, or debit card. I got my son a tablet and I was going to upload my mp3 I ripped from my cds. Only I want to keep it on his gmail account only I did not want to add any type of card to do that.  Well most one of mine on it mostly. Also the names would not be the same so not sure if that would mess it up or not.
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Chris Stevens

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More photos of the Kitten helping out her dad clean. She thought it would be fun to climb the side of my bed to get to the top of it. 
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Chris Stevens

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Guess what I got in for the Beta this time. I did not for the first one so I am so happy.
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I hate to say it. From what I found out that someone else showed everything I got to see. So do not watch the Point of Interest video they show most of it. So really I could not go beyond that anyway. I just wanted you all know that.
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Chris Stevens

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For some fun.
Which 3 words did you see first?
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I heard that for the post I found it. 
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USB Type-C: A new standard for power, data and display:
Just found out about this and it looks and sounds very cool. 
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I am not a big Disney fan at all, but I am of Marvel and Star Wars. Only I thought this tech info was very cool. They put a lot money down on this system hope it pans out for them. 
The Magicband wields access to the park, replacing virtually every transaction you’d make inside. Bob Croslin If you want to imagine how the world will look in just a few years, once our cell phones become the keepers of both our money and identity, skip Silicon Valley and book a ticket to Orlando. Go to…
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So you know I do support what both Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond did as well as Edward Snowden. Both men have guts to do what others might not have done. For the sake of the American people. They are true American hero's in my eyes.
I will get back with you on that. Well one thing is for sure if you are a nice looking woman with sexy black hair. Also if you very nice as well please send a message my way. I love to hear from you. I still looking for that one that will make me a whole :(

Plus if your ever in Second Life or if you are now look me up my Avi name is csdesign73 Frog for my art only I do have a alt so just ask me when your inworld thanks. If you use Latitude on your Android phone let me know just add me. 

If you do Play Guild Wars 2 Please feel free to add me ingame my name is csdesign.6829

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One very sweet son. Love you buddy.
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Love the Ice Cream only the music from the teenagers work was way too high for me.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Not bad only thing My granny's Kitchen near Target is better. Plus they have some wonderful cupcakes to eat with your coffee.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
So far loved it very much. Only thing I did get a good price only the regular prices might a little on the high side. So if you can get a deal for a room it is well worth it. Near 100 is good for a room I think.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Mostly because they took the side of My X wife over mine only because I am a man. Which I thought that type of discrimination might not still happen as much. I guess I am so wrong on that
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
12 reviews
Love the food just watch your glass. I had my glass broke on me and got shower if pop all over me. Things just happen is all.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Really for the price of the pizza that I thought it would be far better than other pizza places. Not that it was bad. Just hoping it would far greater than the others. I can get pizza like any place.
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Love the food and the people that work at Dion's pizza. Erick is one of the best if you see him tell him I said hello
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago