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Let's see what's around that corner...

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More writings about NOAA manipulated data.

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Ooookey. I bet the warming Is cause for this as well.
I know it's a one off, but still, it would not happen unless the underlying climate allows for it.. 

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I usually don't like plugging third party roms, but I just wish to share my experiences about installing the Sixsperience rom on my note 4.
It really is as straightforward as the install claims. Just one hint - do a factory reset, or get the UI has stopped working, so please make a backup before, and restore after.

Vith very few observable shortcomings, this is effectively upgrading your Note 4 to a Note 5, keeping the hardware, which is very more than very capable of running this one.

It's effecvely getting a Note 5, with the Note 4 hardware (which in my opinion is better).
It is available to the 910c users, perhaps others.

The very few shortcomings observed, falls within the list on the link, and I find them acceptable' compared to the previous 5.1.1 for the Note 4.
In fact, this is actually a better WORKING 5.1.1 than the one for Note 4.

If you want to try a rom, that has all the stock Note goodies, none of the bloat, prerooted....
This one is for you.

It will save you the 600 odd quid for a Note 5, AND leave you with the external sd card, removable battery etc...

KUDOS to Geiti94 on XDA Developers, who is the one to make this goodie happen.

Cheers, Geiti94!

There are clearly people out there, actively discussing and planning, to geoengineer (another fancy word for terraforming) the world, removing co2 to below 150 ppm, in order to "save the world".
If these geo-terrorists gets their wet wishes through, it will not be a case of genocide, but "planetocide".

These guys are currently planning this as a political response to fix the issue with co2, completely ignoring well-known physics and biology, where plant life cease to exist at about 170 ppm.

I consider this plannjng a crime against humanity, apart from everyothr living species in this world.
These are the same guys that are unable to predict the weather of tomorrow accurately, yet claimjng they are able to tell what it will be 150 years from now.

I think it is about time to pick up the debate about the 'lanned geoengineering that will follow if these guys get their wet dreams into policy.

The short-term effects of losing just 100 ppm, will be mass starvation in ghe world due to food shortages, after that, it just rapidly gets worse, as the amount of living biomass drops, as they actively sequester co2.

We need to get people aware of their plans, and the effects of the same, and stop them, before they get the (outright uneducated and stupid) politicians further on their side, allowing something like this to happen.

I see a lot of support for geoengineering gathering among the enviromental groups, who has little or no understanding of the bigger picture, all for the sake of changes over a few decades, thag is fully consistent with previous natural cycles.

The Islam world has a lot to answer to for the IS attacks.
They have had plenty of time to say enough! And take action against them, bud they did not.
They have silently accepted their actions and agenda, yet they proclaim being a faith of peace, while mongerging war.
I will allow the exception for Iran, of all places, to decry the actions of their fellows, but the rest, has lost their credibility in this matter.
IS is guilty of nothing but genocide, while their peers stand watching.
It took me a lot to state this, but the last actions of the Islam world, has shown their true nature, and it can not be accepted.
I stand with France, in that this is an act of war, and as such, needs no UN resolutions to act forcefully, as every nation has their right and obligation to defend themselves and their people against agression, whoever serves it.
IS has declared themselves a state, and as such, it will be a rightful response to any nation harbouring them.
Enough is enough.

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Wind power to the rescue? No. It was blowing too little....

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Not really news, and nothing we didn't know already, but it's in the press...

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This is getting silly now... 

RFC on Windpower.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day, one that is an avid wind power proponent, acting for more wind power and reliance on the same.

Me, being the one I am, a multi-discipline engineer, opposed his ideas, and started explaining the issues, and laid out all the caveats of wind power feeding the grid. (this is something that has been bugging me for years... )

In my humble opinion, there is only one situation where wind power can work, and work in a good way, taken it's intermittent and low-grade supply nature.

wind power has to regulate it's output heavily to fit the grid, and is suceptible to great losses when phase is out due to ineffective configurations against wind.

My proposal, which in fact seems to have been overlooked, and has gotten some interest with major energy companies is as simple as effective.

Group a very small number of mills, and sync them together, even if not running at grid frequency, that is below or above, doesnt matter, if they are driving a synchronos engine.
That electric engine, would be driving a pump, filling a pump dam.
Add a few groups of these, running their own pump, and you can make use of low-grade wind, or even overpower wind, situations where you would normally take the generators offline, rather than adopting pitch angle to still work.

Low, normal or high wind, would no longer matter, and any generation capacity could be used.
Never mind the losses of about 30%, as the energy is for, technially - free..
The real benefit of this would be that moving water (high density energy into a dam), would be a reliable source, on tap, as and whe demand hits, even when it doesn't blow.

You would know exactly how much energy you have on tap, at what cost, ready to tap when demand hits, and if empty? you'd still know.

the major benefit is that you do get hours of prewarning of shortage, and minutes to consistent and reliable supply for a given time, enough to spin up reserve capacity as needed, without having to have 0.9MW/MW wind power on standby at any given time, but instead using wind power to create backup energy, on tap, giving hours if not days of prewarning of any shortage, all at cheap costs, as well as conditions where wind power would not be able to feed the grid due to low wind conditions.

I believe that this is one of the very few conditions where wind power would make sense and become a reliable source.

The fact that you could use it's low-grade periods which accounts for nearly 50% of the time in real-life environments, would be the breaker for making it a viable source, overcoming the current (environmental and ecomomical) 1:1 cost to production barrier, as well as allowing placement in what traditionally would be considered sub-optimal locations.

This combination would also apply to any other energy supply that is intermittent in nature.

The direct grid supply demands highly reliable sources, that offers at least and hour or two of warning if supply is to go out, to keep it stable, or having massive oversupply to compensate for intermittent shortfalls, which has to be burnt off in resistive "burn loads", effectively being giant heating elements in the open air, burning off excessive energy on demand not to fry the grid from the oversupply, only to be turned off when the supply shortens, all, for which the consumers pay dearly.

The proposed pump-dam solution, would be good for consumers, despite the losses, as well as producers, as they can supply "on tap"..

The non-direct supply, can run effectively at anything from 20-100hz supply, while the grid requires 50 or 60 +/- 0.2 Hz supply, regardless of generating conditions.

A windmill has to run at a minimum 5m/s windspeed to keep up, but most winds are less, especially at calm days, and the frequency difference would be so great that the losses of transformation would surpass the capacity of the transforming equipment, rendering anything below 5m/s useless, where in this scenario, driving sync pump motors out of the grid at say 30-200Hz, would make perfect sense, with no transformation losses at all, apart from the losses in mechanical transmission of the water.

for the producer, it would make sense, as peak energy comes at a premium, and for many nations, peak energy is the difference betweeen rolling blackouts or supply.

Spinning up the outlet of a hydrodam, is done in minutes, and once synched, as long as you have water in the dam, you can reliably predict both runtime and power supply, offering stability and reserves for a stable grid.

The end of the discussion was that he reevaluated his thoughts, and started to think about it.
He ended up agreeing that direct-fed raw power may not be such a good idea after all, and that this one, may be a solution where wind power can actually fit in and become a viable solution, taken the changes in approach to it that is needeed.

Let me know what you think.


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Seriously, WTF?! Is this for real?!
Someone please tell me it's a hoax.
If not, These guys needs to de defunded, and barred from any kind of public work, as their work has nothing to do with science if this is the approach they are taking.
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