Insanely cool - Mosh: the mobile shell

Saw this on hacker news today, so it may not be news to some of you. Been trying it out and it works as advertised. I can't wait for an official Android client (which is the works, apparently).

Basically it replaces SSH, kind of. It still uses SSH for authentication but once you are authenticated it sets up a udp connection between you and the remote side. If your connection drops, roams from one Wifi AP to another, Wifi to 4G, etc, it will gracefully reconnect without any user intervention once your connection is good again.

I tried pulling the plug on my desktop and once I plugged back in my connection was back. Tried putting my MacBook to sleep, and the connection was back before the screen even woke back up.

That's pretty much it, not too many other fancy bells and whistles. It is nice that it doesn't fill up network buffers, so if you accidentally cat that huge 20GB file, Control+C will still work just fine.
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