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Insanely cool - Mosh: the mobile shell

Saw this on hacker news today, so it may not be news to some of you. Been trying it out and it works as advertised. I can't wait for an official Android client (which is the works, apparently).

Basically it replaces SSH, kind of. It still uses SSH for authentication but once you are authenticated it sets up a udp connection between you and the remote side. If your connection drops, roams from one Wifi AP to another, Wifi to 4G, etc, it will gracefully reconnect without any user intervention once your connection is good again.

I tried pulling the plug on my desktop and once I plugged back in my connection was back. Tried putting my MacBook to sleep, and the connection was back before the screen even woke back up.

That's pretty much it, not too many other fancy bells and whistles. It is nice that it doesn't fill up network buffers, so if you accidentally cat that huge 20GB file, Control+C will still work just fine.
Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. Like SSH secure shell, but allows mobility and more responsive and robust.
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Just read about it as well, sounds awesome. Hope it turns out to be pretty free of bugs so it can be incorporated into *nix distributions.
Been messing with it all day. Very cool stuff! I can't wait for the Android client!
This is cool, thanks for sharing. I have been using byobu lately, which keeps my session alive if I lose my connection. Not quite the same as mosh, but it serves a similar purpose.
+Michael Monsen byobu is just a fancy .screenrc. I would suggest switching to tmux instead of screen/byobu. While they both still keep your "session alive" in the sense that anything running on the remote machine won't die from a hangup, they don't accomplish what mosh accomplishes. Mosh seamlessly reconnects when your client (laptop, phone, desktop) loses connection to the server.
Don't get me wrong - I can definitely see how mosh is an advantage over byobu/screen. Having it automatically reconnect when you transition between networks is very nice. This would be extremely useful for me when I put my PC to sleep at night and forget that I had a couple of terminal sessions open to some servers. With byobu I'd have to manually reconnect, whereas with mosh it would automatically connect me back up when I wake up my PC.

Thanks for mentioning tmux. I played with it a bit today and will likely switch to it instead of byobu. I noticed that I can't seem to send any function key presses through mosh, which makes using byobu pretty hard. tmux seemed to work just fine though.
+Michael Monsen The function keys issue has been fixed. If you use their ppa rather than your distro's repo it works fine.

Great for when on the road!
JFI: byobu can be configured to use tmux instead of screen (and it does so by default IIRC).
Apart from that, you can use mosh to connect to your running byobu/tmux/screen session: best of both worlds.
Yes AFAIK (according to the byobu author's FLOSS Weekly interview I think) Byobu uses tmux now instead of screen.
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