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Anybody want to temporarily mirror some CyanogenMod downloads? Only requirement is that the server has a minimum of 1Gb of available bandwidth, and we will max it out.
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+Joshua Davison we would likely get banned. That stuff worked back in the day, but we now can easily do 5-6Gbps during a release time.
Seems possible to me. But mine is a shared hosting. Does it qualify?
That's pretty impressive - and everyone wonders why the manufacturers & operators release stuff over a few days/weeks.
+Joshua Davison you don't seem to realise the scope of the hurt the servers need to cope with. Let me geekify the scale (or at least attempt to, as I am nowhere near an expert on the matter): at least three slashdots.
+Renaud Lepage I understand the load, but I presumed it would be extra mirrors, rather than the only.
I'm not sure I should even continue commenting, I've already indicated I do have a good idea of the requirements.

I never said it wasn't a huge load... just suggested an extra mirror :\
Is that what needs mirror? Whats the total storage required ?
Yes,, tell me your username
just fucking direct link it to google code
I don't think you guys that are suggesting we use shared hosting / google code realize how much bandwidth we actually do. It is insane, we will get shut down by Google Code, not worth it.
I would not mind running a torrent based server on my pc at night that shares out Cyanogen files. That would be a simple and cheap way to support the project. Add a couple of hundred more users like me and it might work?
Torrent would be a Great way. As long as people know to verify the hash.
Thanks! Torrents have worked really well so far, just need to get more people to use them.
Maybe See if some of the Local Android News Outlets will maybe do an Article on Torrents for it.. Would Help the Community out a ton.
gonna seed them all, currently adding them all to transmission..
Sad Thing is.. Ive opened up my Pipes on my Torrent.. And yet.. I see no one downloading.. sad..
+Sammy Brence must be a firewall issue on your end, I've been pushing about 600KB/s constantly for the past few hours.
Humm.. TBH im kinda lame.. my Firewall is wide open. Lemme double check it.
there.. downloading them all then gonna seed fooorrreevvverrrrr xD
So off topic here.. Besides DMZing my PC anything else I can do? Im wide open best i can tell..
+Sammy Brence I think most people use ROM Manager to download files. If it had support for torrents seeding would probably help more.
maybe koush can implement some sort of torrent downloader into rom manager?
We have talked about it, we always wanted to avoid torrents for as long as we could, but, I think we've crossed that threshold.
Id say the people that pay can download them.. and those who dont wanna pay then they can get it from torrents.
for sure, how many devices does cyanogenmod even support officially? and then theres the new devices being added via cm9.. also the huge (but very awesome) package that is cm9...

+Keyan Mobli definitely, wifi only affair
You can't get another line at your colo? Torrents are seemingly the only way I can think of... :-/ which I personally don't think is a very good solution for this type of download. The other option is a absolute HUGE mirror network, or a download que.
I understand the money issue, but I also know that very few people have a 1Gbps line just chillin :)
Likewise. I have a seedbox which has quite good upload speeds and will seed for a while :)
If you put up a personal tablet, i can give quite a bit of bandwidth
What about Torrent dudes ?!
edit: too late ^^
Didn't know CM used torrents. Seeding for Atrix now. Will leave it running for awhile.
well i got a seed running in asia/singapore for a few of the files.. if you need more.. just ping me. i might be able to pull up additional locations.
Seeding all torrents now. Hope this helps.
Posted on an article on my review site also and loaded all of the torrents up on my seedbox.
Willing to help jus�t what ype of sharing do you need torrent, ddl ?
I am seeding the passion, desire, and cliq torrents... Least I can do, I really think torrents would/could work going forward... I'd seed tenderloin and toro 24 hours a day, once I was running it daily.... Again, least I can do for cm!
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