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CyanogenMod 7 Nightly Builds

As most of you are aware, CM7 nightly builds have been down for about a month now. This originally stemmed from some hardware issues, which have been resolved. I've just made the decision (with some +1s from other CM maintainers) to keep the nightly builds down until we are ready to start doing CM9 builds.

There is still some occasional progress made on CM7, however for the most part maintainers are working on CM9 exclusively. It isn't worth the time to revive the build cluster to a state in which it can build CM7, just to redo all of the work when we're ready for CM9.

Edit: This does not mean the end of CM7. There very well may be another stable release, this is just the end of nightly builds.
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Hey no problem. :)
Figured I would say thanks before 1000 ETA questions rain upon your godforsaken soul. Since you know, non developers like to do crap like that. Lol. Thanks for the update chris!
The more time that is devoted to bringing a polished CM9 the better. You guys are doing excellent work, keep it up.
+Chris Soyars attention when sharing URLs!
you just linked to profile /u/1/ which could be a totally diff user account :)
Do you have a general plan set out for how your going to go about building cm9 with all the added build time that comes with ics? Cluster more servers?
Shame. Google should fix that, I shouldn't have to worry about the links.
+Chris Soyars yeah, i've sent feedback on that from the very start, since i use several accounts, and for long the G+ wasnt the main one :)
Sounds good to me. Ill keep flashing euroskank kankgs for the time being.
Cool ill just stay on 7.1 stable until Cm9 nightlys!!
+Chris Soyars Seriously man, Thank you for the update. Makes complete sense to me to stay down till CM9 nightlies start rolling, which hopefully will be before the end of the year. But who knows I suppose, you can't really rush greatness. I'm happy on DHD nightly 260 in the meantime.
Hel M
Thanks for the update!
thx 4 update. and my nightly 116 works so good and stable that there's no problem at all to use it daily and wait for a bad ass cm9 ;) 
CM9 + CM9 +, CM9 +, CM9 + CM9 + CM9 + CM9 + CM9 + CM9 =???
+Chris Soyars What does this mean for "new" devices that want to bring official support via CM7? For example, the LG Optimus line?
JoPa Mi
+Justin Shidell Probably means SOL for the time being. My SGS2 probably wont be getting any kind of CM love anytime soon either.
CM7 + CM9 = The feature in your hands
Why? Because CM7 + CM9 = CM16
Aren't you going to release a stable 7.2 ?
This does not mean CM7 is over. It just means you won't get builds on a daily basis. There may still be stable releases.
CM9 sounds good to me.:D For the addicts, there's always "unofficial" nightly KANG.:D
The term for the nightly addictions is ORD. Obsessive Rom updating Disorder. There is a forum on it in xda.
De Sim
Cant wait to rock CM9 on my Evo OG
Can we at least get a "final" stable release for the Original Droid before you guys say bye bye to it and CM7?!?!
thanks for your hard work but can we have at least on more cm7 release? like 7.2 nightly/stable. Devs still working on CM7, why they works must be lost?
There is none, as CM7 is android 2.3 and CM9 is android 4.0
HTC Wildfire will get cm9?
Why 1GHz cpu is mandatory?
I think, that Qualcomm MSM7227 is enough.
Can't wait for new Cm 7.2 and later 9 for Zte Blade.
Actualy it's not REQUIRED, just suggested, since the wildfire already had alpha builds of ICS.
Any idea about a potential release date for CM9 ?
+Adrian Oprea as mentioned in the post everyone is trying to focus on getting CM9 out there for all of these devices. Time is better spent on this rather than setting up buildbot to build 7.X (and then turn around and set it up for 9.X when the time comes).
From my perspective they should make one stable CM7.2 (with e.g. new camera in Zte blade support) and than focus on CM9.
Thank you for the update! I already tought that it took a long time just to replace some hardware pieces. But I (and I believe a lot of others as well) realy appreciate it that you inform us about to ungoing business.
This just the reason why we are all loving on android: if it depended on HTC, it was still froyo controlling my brave struggling wildfire.
Thanks again, and good luck with it!
PLEASE release a wrap-up stable. It would be a shame to just leave CM7 hanging.
Ah man, I was waiting for the FM radio fix for the SII which looked due to be added in the next nightly. Looks like I'm stuck without Cyanogen for the foreseeable future :-(
is anyone self compiling cm nightlys for galaxy s (i9000) ?
its just that there are some fixes in the source (esp. "Add TV Out support") that im keen to use ;-)
otherwise i would maybe compile one over christmas
I never made the jump to CM7 on my Captivate but had planned to on the next stable build. (I didn't really fancy having to play around with different radios to get an acceptable signal.) I run the last stable build on my Nook and was waiting for a new stable to update it also.
Stable CM 7.2 and nightly CM 9 would be great Christmas gift...
Do you mean, that today or soon there 'll be official release of new CM 7.2?
Thanks for keeping up with it. I had just put a toe in the water on Android. Dad got a Galaxy S (i897), and I have an Aria on which I did the Froyo RUU on day one. Since I became aware of the Carrier IQ thing, it has been somewhat more crucial for me to quit procrastinating and read up on Root and Flash proceedures. The other day when visiting with the folks there was some mention of if it was possible yet to bump his Galaxy up to ICS. The truthfull answer was of course, "hell yes" but I have not idea whats what or not.

BTW, I suppose adding you to circles is how you keep up with one of these threads? I had not used Google+ B4. So, I made a circle (Droidheads) and included you.
Anyone that know how to solve the 'unable to connect to camera' problem? I have a chinese unicom Blade (Gen2) with 3.2 mpx camera. Tried Blade mix 360 and the last CM7 Nightly...
I have a couple of "nightly" kang source that keep me from going insane.:D
No problemo, I would like to try ICS on the Aria. Per teh CM7. A new stable would be interesting. But, Stable is just that STABLE. The Aria is the current walkaround. So, it has to be as good as it can be. As has been illustrated to me up close and personal it could be the fine line between life and death.
That's evilution in progress. The Aria is mutated into a Samsung Rocket i727. IcS is starting to melt and look like Jelly Beans.
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