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I am no longer active on G+, and have moved to Imzy -
I am no longer active on G+, and have moved to Imzy -

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Just in case anyone is interested...I am no longer participating in G+. 98% of everyone I've interacted with here has jumped ship.

I'd always championed G+ when FB was the only other game in town, and this platform has served us well, but Google never seems to know how to manage what they've got. G+ is the Windows Phone of social media.

But I guess everyone had finally had enough of Google's urban renewal efforts here on the Plus, and have moved on. I am still on Twitter @Scopique and we have moved our gaming specific discussions to Imzy for those who are interested (

If you'd like to contact me, please do so through one of those avenues. I'm loath to delete my G+ account because of the internetwork of Google services, plus I don't want to lose a lot of the historical conversations we've had here over the years, but I won't be checking in or responding here any longer.

Thanks, everyone!

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Checking out! Moved to The Gaming Forum on Imzy.

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"Extra Life 2016 Recap -- For Now" - I reached 79% of my goal, despite low viewer turn-out.

I had originally planned to stream from 8am until 8pm on November 5th, but switched it up at nearly the last minute to end at 6pm. The reason was because I had decided to feature a raffle, where a minimum of a $5 donation would put a person in the running…

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"Titanfall 2" - No, that's pretty much it.

Despite not being a multiplayer shooter aficionado, I really enjoyed Titanfall. It has the mix of infantry and mechs, and even if you’re not good at shooting at other players, you can contribute to the overall score by taking out the NPC enemies. …

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"Elite Dangerous: Steerage Edition" - Wrestling with streaming, and no Passengers for my Type 6

Sadly, I haven’t gotten to really work with the latest Elite Dangerous update to the extent I’d like to. I jumped in last night, a day after it was released, and had two whammies working against me.  The first was that I was trying to set up OBS to stream…

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"When Is A Cultist Not A Cultist?" - Searching bodies, and confronting an angry dwarf.

In the aftermath of the cultist attack in the back alleys of Waterdeep, the party had concerns about the one cultist who got away. He had been shooting fireballs from a balcony, but quickly ducked into the building and was never seen again after that. The…

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"Blackstar Logistic Unlimited is Hiring" - Join Star Citizen's fastest growing organization today!

I am happy to announce the incorporation of Blackstar Logistics Unlimited, a Star Citizen organization. Who We Are Well, right now? Me and one other guy. We’ll get another guy once he gets around to getting around to joining. A few years ago, a group of…

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"CitizenCon 2016" - Star Citizen roadmap and latest in-game demo to amaze and astound!

I haven’t watched the Star Citizen fan-fest CitizenCon videos in their entirety, but I did catch the bulk of Chris Robert’s post-event keynote (is it a keynote if it happens at the end of the event? Postscript? I don’t know). This was really the “meat and…

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"Games I'd Really Like To Play" - Old favorites, new faces, and reasons why

Usually, not playing a game falls into a pretty logical bucket, such as “I don’t own it and can’t afford to buy it right now” or “it’s on a platform I don’t own” or “I was savaged by wolves and am in a full body cast”. Very rarely does the excuse “my own…

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"Hot Interstellar Commerce Action" - Earning money while contemplating moving the HQ #EliteDangerous

Because Star Citizen is moving along slowly, I’ve gone back to Elite Dangerous to get my space simulation quota filled. So far, I’ve only been taking missions for item transfer. The mission board offers all kinds of wonderful work, but my focus has been…
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