A Territory perspective -
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is tough and sassy - Tony Abbott is not, she can legitimately claim the support of 2/3 of her party - The leader of the Opposition barely has half. Prime Minister Gillard and her cabinet with the support of other members including some fine Independents, is looking after national interests and making positive changes - specifically the marvellous Capital Work already done on the NBN Network - including here in the NT. A major input into the new Emergency and Accident centre at the Royal Darwin Hospital - and an agreement with the US President Barack Obama to accommodate US Soldiers and Marines in Darwin which, of itself, will boost the local economy. The positive relationship between the NT Henderson Government and that of Prime Minister is continuing to contribute towards a strong economy with its concomitant socio-economic benefits. WE (Labor) don't need to talk the talk alone, we are walking the walk, too, getting in and doing it for Australia. Having said that, I am glad to also state that according to my research, on line and at the various state and public libraries and archives around Darwin the Labor Party has a broader support than ever before. Some people will choke but Labor Voters will vote for Labor to continue getting in and doing it for Australia.
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