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Chris Sherman
Founding Editor, Search Engine Land - VP Programming, Third Door Media (SMX)
Founding Editor, Search Engine Land - VP Programming, Third Door Media (SMX)

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So... thanks to everyone who's sharing here. Still skeptical of Google+ - more active on twitter @cjsherman if you're interested in more frequent updates.

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For those of you who don't know, in addition to being our highly talented Executive News Editor at, Matt is also the founder of the excellent site. This is an amazing (and incredibly well-informed) playlist.
Okay, it's finally ready for public consumption. My Spotify playlist:

U2 songs that were not Big Hits that non-U2 fans should listen to

Not allowed/supposed to shuffle it - the order was chosen with purpose. Tracks 4 and 5 must be played together as they are on U2's first album.

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Today's backyard project:

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Heh - apt. My favorite story about "404 not found" - that was the room number where the first www server was located, in the building at CERN where Tim Berners-Lee worked when he wrote the first implementation of the web.
So... regarding carmaggedon. If they wanted the 405 to be out of service, why not just rename it 404 so people wouldn't find it, or 403 to keep them out?

I feel like I'm writing my first computer program. Hello, world... um, Google+!
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