Comments From October 2017 SEO Class For RISD|CE +Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)|CE. Next class happens spring 2018 - we'll post the details here.

"Very well organized + presented. Instructor knows his stuff!"
"Great! Informative, tangible inspiring information."
"engaging - involved everyone"
"Very good - had to cover lots and did it in such a way that I was not afraid to ask questions."
"Chris was fabulous - kept things interesting + moving, while still keeping details tangible."
"Very professional! Receptive to breaking the flow to answer questions, while staying on track."
"Entertaining + Informative. Pace was fast - but questions answered"
"Was able to relate content of material to specific students, and how they might benefit."
"I will be asking Chris to come to [company]! Or my entire marketing team to enroll!"
"Lots to learn but the instructors style was such that the class was informative"
"Great material. Chris is extremely knowledgeable and hopefully becomes an asset and colleague for future projects."
"Very strong teacher with a solid understanding of the subject."
Our favorites in response to the question "Best Part of the Class?"

"Being able to comfortably ask questions" << humbling -Chris
"Instructor was not boring" << this one cracks me up! -Chris

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