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Lord of all Kitchen Utensils!
Lord of all Kitchen Utensils!

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It's not a uniform I'd be in a rush to wear myself. I'm not much for blue, nor for skin tight, and it just doesn't seem as comfortable and easy as the DS9/VOY/First Contact uniforms. However, I do appreciate how much thought they've put into this design, and how logically it seems to connect so many completely different styles from adjacent eras. If the rest of Disco is made with that level of care, it'll be great.

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Once someone's saying that it's more important not to offend business owners than to keep the majority alive and well, they're indicating that they've slipped back from any rational modern economics and into medieval feudalism (just with more modern sorts of silly outfits).

And Steel's point here is that there is a well-established pattern of how this con is concealed.

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I'm an ex-christian atheist, legally and dermatologically white, in a part of the world that's never had any major islamist movement, neither peaceful nor violent, and yet I've STILL drawn a bit of peripheral muslim-bashing over the years. So I can easily sympathise with this.

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Fiasco really is a very special sort of game.

My attempt to catalogue all known reasons for not convening to roleplay:

1. Lack of transport.
2. Study commitments.
3. Work commitments.
4. Child rearing commitments.
5. Medical problems, both physical and psychological.
6. Not wanting to leave someone out, so nobody plays.
7. Wanting to temporarily play something else (board game/console game/roleplaying with different setting or genre or GM).
8. Players not getting on with each other.
9. Players too busy having sex with each other.
10. General exhaustion.
11. Drunkenness and hangovers. (We don't drink during games, but drinking elsewhere has blocked roleplaying from time to time.)
12. Geographical displacement. Those leaving Joburg are an obvious limit for us, but even just changing suburbs has disrupted things badly for some.
13. Time limits from multiple small limiting factors. We used to spend entire weekends on one game, pausing only to sleep on a hard concrete floor or in a surprisingly comfortable '70s conversation pit. Adults ought to be more free to blow a whole weekend on one activity and more free to sleep over. And yet all the little things add up together to block that, more often than not.
14. Insufficient players (sort of the reverse of obstacle 6.)

Conversely, we could make another list of big obstacles people have overcome just to play. One of the better player/GMs I know, Gail, crashed her car on the way to the first game session she was going to join us for, and she still turned up and got deep into her new character.

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A 30 minute visual lesson script for grade 9 introduction to the Space Race, as part of the Cold War narrative.

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Happy International Firefighters Day! Nice little article here on the vehicles serving Randburg.

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Clearest landing footage yet. From 10km downwards, it's like standing right next to it.

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For those who I know will enjoy this.
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