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Cave of Secrets: Aftermath
Whew, okay. So I've had a hell of a week, between finishing up the draft of a freelancing gig and running three Aeon playtests with not as much warning as I'd have liked. There's a part of me that wants to put this off a couple more days but the sooner I ge...

If I were to wander through the streets, drunk, shouting a ritualized chant about how "[That Faction You Hate in WoW] can go fuck themselves" or "[That Character You Hate in Overwatch] is an OP piece of shit," I'd probably be arrested and thrown in the drunk tank. But if I do it about a rival sports team that the local sports team isn't even playing this week, not only is it accepted and encouraged but people will join in.

I actually try very hard not to be one of those geeks who hates on sports on principle. I sincerely do. But Morgantown spends a lot of time and energy trying to change my mind.

(No, people aren't doing this this early, this is a thought that's been percolating since last night.)

Got word earlier that Gearbox is pulling development on Battleborn, that the next update will be the last one barring some miracle because now they're focused on Borderlands 3 and something called Project 1v1. The servers are staying up for now, and after what happened with the launch it's not really a surprise, but it's still a blow.

cheers self up by sneaking an "Alice Isn't Dead" reference into something he's working on

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So here's some cool news. Especially of interest to +Jeremy Kostiew, if he hasn't seen it already.

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Cave of Secrets: Bargaining
Alright, so post-Gencon, I had some stuff to get caught up on, then there was the Gencon stuff to do, some freelancing work, and some stuff kinda fell into my lap... anyhow, I'm finally getting to this. And it was a pretty busy session in any case. So let's...

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Gencon, Part 2: Monsters and Chill (Game write-ups)
And now we come to what people have really been waiting for, what happened at my Gencon games this year. The previous post, covering most of the stuff from outside the games, can be found here.[link] So this year I ran two Monster of the Week   games, one o...

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RPGaDay 2017, Week 4
Sorry, lost track of this because things got busy on me. But now, belatedly, is the final week and change of RPGaDay 2017. (Part 2 of my Gencon posts should be up soon, I've got the game write-ups about finished as I do this.) Day 22: Which RPGs are the eas...

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Gencon, Part 1: Highlights and Cardhalla
Okay, so I've been a little behind on this. Between the drive up and back, and some sinus problems resulting from the convention, Gencon kind of kicked my ass in a few ways. Also, I had some freelance writing time to make up and this just got away from me. ...

Okay, getting this last #RPGaDay for 2017 out of the way while waiting to see a vet with my roommate. Whoo!

Day 31: What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?

That's a tough one. Because I'm not expecting much in the way of drastic upheavals or industry-changers for this coming year. I mean, I will say that with Scion and Trinity properly progressing, Cavaliers of Mars and They Came From Beneath the Sea! on the horizon, and the early runaway success of Pugmire, I'm kinda looking forward to Onyx Path becoming hopefully less reliant on the current iteration of White Wolf. Not sure what else comes to mind on that front.

Well, at least I didn't foist this off on an alternate question for the last day.

Welp, time for the second to last #RPGaDay for this year.

Day 30: What is an RPG genre-mashup you would most like to see?

Honestly, I'm tempted to punt to an alternate question because I'm having trouble thinking of one that I'd want to see that hasn't already been done yet, but I've been doing that a lot this year and so I'll give this one a couple of minutes to think about it.

(Also, for the sake of argument, I'm more than willing to assume that anything I do come up with has been done and I just haven't seen it yet.)

Okay, here's one. I don't think I've seen any sort of straight-up superhero/cosmic horror stuff. Like, not just talking about a superhero setting with a handful of Lovecraftian villains, but one where the predominant 'bad guys' are those sorts of horrors, and perhaps the occasional hero driven mad by them. Just among other things, I'd be curious to see what sort of dynamic you'd get when having your mind shattered is something you risk even if you have immense power and use it to protect the people around you.
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