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+Chris Sewell I need that CM10 for my nexus 4... so jelly... stock rooted for now. 
Out of curiosity, why rooted? What are you using root for on the N4?
+Chris Sewell I rooted to get all my apps from titanium backup back, with data.I also wanted Cerberus, root explorer, etc.
Cerberus is the only thing I give root to these days. +Andrew Grube do you know how to adb backup? I prefer this to titanium, it's much more reliable imo. 
+Chris Sewell Yeah, I know how to ADB backup. Titanium backup has ALWAYS worked for me so I see no real reason to change the way I'm doing things. Cerberus is 100% worth rooting imo but that's just me.
I swear by Cerberus. Definitely worth rooting, I'll give you that. Would be nice though to be able to get those features without rooting a device though. I'd like a day where root access isn't needed aside from actual development.
MobileDefense, Titanium Backup, etc... Also in anticipation for CM10 
CM10 doesn't require you to be rooted. Have you tried cerberus? If so, what do you like about mobiledefense over cerberus?
+Chris Sewell I haven't tried cerberus.. So I can't compare. I started using mobiledefense before it went back into closed beta and it has worked well for me, but cerberus seems to be all the hype these days so please enlighten me on  why "you" use it? Thanks in advance. 
I also used Mobile Defense back in the day, and loved it. Cerberus has a trial period btw, in case you wanted to test it. I've just found Cerberus to be more reliable, and the use of C2DM / GCM was a big seller for me. I don't have SMS on my account (strictly use Google Voice).
I'll try it then, and then purchase for sure! I know your word is good. Thank you kind sir! When do you think Google Voice will enable MMS? 
Hopefully never, MMS needs to die imo. I'd much rather see G+ Messenger and Google talk integrated.
that integration would be Epic!
Agreed, it kinda just needs to happen.
where can i get one too.........................................
Really? Nexus 4 with Cyanogenmod.
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