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Well... that explains a lot..
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oh.... I'm going to hell now =/
People again it's just a phone you can't eat it and it won't keep you warm at night
This is fucking hilarious! Kudos to the poster
Have anyone tryout Google Android Jelly Beans yet? It better than ios 6 or not, and why? 
I no longer take Google maps for granted on my nexus
+Nate Fox That's a double standard. Fandroids complained that Apple doesn't allow its IP used by Samsung because taking away pinch to zoom is immoral. But when Google doesn't provide navigation on iOS it's all ok? :D
+Nate Fox My point exactly. Google restricts navigation. Why? Because they want to limit it to Android. Legal? Yes. Moral? No.
People, I think Google will make maps app for iphone in next few month, however it depend if apple approve it. 
+Nate Fox Correct. Just like Samsung has to be given rights to use pinch-to-zoom beforehand. 
+Nate Fox That's correct. And Google not allowing to licence navigation is highly questionable business behaviour and thus questions their do no evil motto.
+Nate Fox Sorry, I don't understand the question. What discounts Apple? I never argued for that. Can you clarify?
That's right. Equally so fandroids should be consistent after slamming Apple for not allowing pinch to zoom be used by Samsung, they should be speaking out against Google for not allowing Google Maps navigation to be used by Apple.

Apple fanboys did not complain about Google not allowing navigation and neither did they complain about Apple not allowing Samsung to use pinch to zoom.

Only fandroids need to straightnen out their story, fanboys have been consistent all along.

I personally think both pinch to zoom and navigation should be licensed for a fee, but if that's not done the users have the right to have negative feelings towards the company who refuses to do it. Therefore in this case I have negative feelings toward Google.
Ffs I lolled while rocking my daughter to sleep. Thanks Chris
+Martin Brabham +Chris Sewell One thing is to have a bit of schadenfreude when a company fails, but it's a whole another level of low to laugh at the expense of a deafblind person. Hate has no limits, eh? :)
I laughed, if that makes me a bad person then... well... so be it..
+Chris Sewell Yes, it may be news to you, but when you laugh at somebody's misfortune that makes you an insensitive person. It's ok, I was like that at your age too. :)
Hopefully my sense of humor out lasts your age.
+Chris Sewell I certainly hope not or I would not want to live in a world where compassion is non-existent and ridiculing handicapped people is the source of happiness.
I have compassion, I just also have a sense of humor. If aging means I'll become a shrewd old fart then I'm not looking forward to the future. :\
Do you suggest I should stop being an old fart and re-adopt your sense of juvenile humor and have a good laugh at the challenged mental state of yours too? This way we could laugh together. What a happy scene! :)

Btw, you may not have to worry, not everybody gets wiser with age. Some still laugh at fart jokes at 50. ;)
Laughing had nothing to do with hate. Laughing had to do with it being funny as hell.... 2/10 for getting me to respond.
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