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So +Russell Holly had me work on this game from MakerBot with hopes of getting something awesome. (Game is described here: ) are the pieces you get to view during the game, is the ending to the game which links to and gives you a code GOLDENTICKET to be used.

I tried using that code on a makerbot and I saved a whopping $0.42. So I think this it is more for whatever will be on that page in two days.

So really the only thing I get out of beating this text based game is to know is that I'm smarter than Rich Brown (the guy that wrote that cnet post that I linked to above).

Enjoy the code and the link guys.
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would you mind posting a walk through also, i am stuck at the plus or minus part
Hey Kegan, ****************** Spoiler Alert ***************************
Just finished it myself. Great little game.

If you created the plate, put it over the number keypad. What numbers are available? 2, 3, 5, 6,11, and 12

Need more hints? ************* Additional spoilers ********************
There are 6 numbers in the available list, and six numbers in the plus/minus section. The numbers from the notebook are:
7 plus or minus 2, 9 plus or minus 2, ....

*********** More spoilers - Don't know how much of a hint you want... *****************
So the first number is 7 plus or minus 2 which equals 5 or 9. 9 is NOT in the list of available numbers, so it's 5!
Second number: 9 plus or minus 2 which equals 7 or 11. Only 11 is available!

Type those numbers in for next piece of the puzzle!
Thanks but I guess I was right before the plate part
And make certain you examine the panel if you haven't done that.
I have done both but how do I get the plate

Exact sequence for plate:

>put coin on lens
You pop the plastic coin onto the projector lens. It fits perfectly, like a slotted lens cap.

>press alpha
Dzunn. You're never going to get used to that noise.

The projector's image is now filtered through the slotted coin, obscuring some of the green image. You now see only six green hands.

Notice how things are clear with the coin over the lens? if you press each greek letter, it will tell you a number. Pressing Alpha gives you six green hands etc...
Back to game -

>read notebook
A page near the end has several curious notes:

- First, several spots of color in a grey box: indigo, yellow, magenta, red, blue, pink.
- Second, tiny pencil sketches in a grey box: a cookie cutter, a chesspiece, a clockwork gear, a pig, an icosahedron, and a bunny rabbit.
- Third, a tan box with an arrow pointing to it.
- Fourth, Greek letters in a tan box: zeta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma, epsilon.
- Fifth, mathematical symbols in a tan box: (7±2, 9±2, 5±3, 2±1, 11±1, 5±1).

>press 4

>press 6

>press 12

>press 9

>press 11

>press 3
Luntza ding! Another data chip slides out onto the console.

>take chip

>put chip in replicator
The Replicator sucks in the chip, hums thoughtfully, and then extrudes a plastic plate into your hand.
+Fowler Brown it was an interesting little game wasn't it? I guess I was just hoping for more of an instant reward, rather than having to wait two days </impatient>.
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