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Learned something new today.... The resale value of phones locked to Sprint are awful...

Anyway, here is a speadsheet listing all of the devices OnePlus lists as smashable, next to what their lowest sale price is on Swappa currently

TL;DR: The only devices that are smashable, that sell for at least $100 less than the OnePlus One at it's LOWEST current selling price on Swappa are:

T-Mobile Blackberry z10
AT&T Blackberry z10
Verizon z10
Sprint HTC One
AT&T Nokia Lumia 920
T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925
Spring Galaxy Note 2
AT&T Galaxy S3
Verizon Galaxy S3
Sprint Galaxy S3
Sprint HTC One(M7)

Should you smash these? IMO, no. There are still much better uses for these devices than smashing them. Donating, for example, to . Keep in mind that in the end you only win if you, well, win a OnePlus One in the process. Else it was all a waste, and for a lot of devices a loss.
for sale, or devices that have never been for sale, will have no data. This is simply to represent what these. 4. Apple iPhone 5S, 520, 450, 390, 525, 350, 350, Sprint, No, -51. devices are currently selling for on swappa. If the current lowest sale price is 299 and up it is marked as red.
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My G1 wasn't on the(ir) list. I'm shocked.
Rob M.
Meanwhile, still no response from them about my (potentially feigned) offer to donate 3 phones in their "what you br0s gawn smash?" post.
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