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2012 Movies

Here's my list of movies to look out for in 2012:

2/3 - Chronicle - - A movie about kids getting super powers and then not just becoming batman. Because seriously, if you developed superpowers, would you really go around stopping bank robbers?
2/10 - Safe House - - Spy thriller action moving starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington as some kind of psychologist terrorist.
2/24 - Act of Valor - - Documentary-style action flick about the Navy Seals vs. the terrorists. Go USA...

3/2 - The Lorax - - Starring It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Danny DeVito as the Lorax.

4/4 - Iron Sky - - Space Nazis. Nuff' said.
4/27 - The Raven - - This action mystery film starrs John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, tracking down a serial killer using Poe's books as inspiration. Has some serious Sherlock Holmes vibes to it.
4/27 - Safe - - Jason Statham as the transporter... again... I got no problems with that.

5/4 - The Avengers - - After 5 blockbuster prologues, I hope the combination of the lot will be amazing. Especially written and directed by Josh Whedon. Just not sure how I feel about Loki as the bad guy...
5/18 - Battleship - - Why not turn a board game into a movie?
5/25 - Men In Black III - - Can you believe its been 10 years since the last one?

6/8 - Prometheus - - Space Thriller by Ridley Scott written by lost writer Damon Lindelof... could be good, depending on how it ends...
6/22 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - - The premise for this movie is nothing short of amazing.
6/22 - Brave - - Pixar can do no wrong.

7/3 - The Amazing Spider-Man - - Fastest reboot ever. Hopefully this one's a little more mature than the other recent Spider-man series.
7/20 - The Dark Knight Rises - - The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy. Can not come soon enough.

8/3 - The Bourne Legacy - - A Bourne movie without Jason Bourne? I do like Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton, so perhaps it will live up to its legacy...
8/17 - The Expendables 2 - - With a similar action packed cast, but a more reasonable director than Stallone (Simon West), this movie could be a lot better than the mildly entertaining first one.

11/9 - Skyfall - No Trailer - James Bond 23. Little is known about it at this point, but its being written by Gladiator's John Logan and still stars Daniel Craig.

12/14 - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - - The long-time coming prequel to the epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
12/21 - World War Z - No Trailer - Based on a short but amazing book about a zombie apocalypse told from the point of view of several main characters from around the world... Starring Brad Pitt and other big names with a massive budget. I really hope this turns out good.

?/? - Cloud Atlas - No Trailer - Will this philosophical Wachowski movie compare to the Matrix? I certainly hope so. Perhaps co-director Tom Tykwer can keep them in check.
?/? - John Dies at the End - - A movie about a drug that causes its users to drift across time and dimensions... Sounds trippy.

Did I miss anything?
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you missed hunger games i think may have been on purpose
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