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Chris Serafin

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I Love This !!
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Chris Serafin

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The Sun shines not us, but in us!

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Hi my friend,Thank you,happy night 
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Chris Serafin

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Chris Serafin

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Could the Milky Way become a quasar?

A quasar is what you get when a supermassive black hole is actively feeding on material at the core of a galaxy. The region around the black hole gets really hot and blasts out radiation that we can see billions of light-years away.

Our Milky Way is a galaxy. It has a supermassive black hole at the core. Could this black hole feed on material and become a quasar? Find out at:
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Chris Serafin

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Banff National Park - Canada
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What difficulties might future explorers face on the Red Planet? - found on
#Mars #space #exploration
Life on Mars would be full of chilly weather, large dust storms and geological sights dwarfing anything on Earth.
Life on Mars would be full of chilly weather, large dust storms and geological sights dwarfing anything on Earth.
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+Chris Gallaty Would it make sense to build a "biosphere to encompass a certain amount of land mass on Mars... Then build a community.... Then create a "spoke and wheel" type connected community? Yeah, it would take a long time, but The US wasn't built overnite, so I'm guessing the the "colonization" of Mark... I mean Mars would take a few hundred yrs. 
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Chris Serafin

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Splendid beauty! Photo perfect.
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Chris Serafin

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Cute little guy
German shepherd puppy #puppylove  

Follow+Cute Dogs For More
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koerad on lahedada
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Incredible - Nature photography
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Have him in circles
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