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Need something fixed? That'll be $5,000,000.00 please. Thanks.
Need something fixed? That'll be $5,000,000.00 please. Thanks.
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No longer can I use the term "bat shit crazy" for it must be replaced with "cat shit crazy".

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This work week is concluding and my time is eluding
Today, later, I will go home and see my wife, son, and daughter (and a dog, too). We'll probably eat something tasty created by my wife and we'll tag team the kids as we usually do in the evenings. It will be a bit busy but we'll try to enjoy ourselves. Ana...

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So Emily and I stumbled upon this and felt it was necessary to spread the joy.


You can watch it all the way through or you can start at the 15 minute marker.

Mitt Romney caught on "hidden camera"!

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Not even going to try to paraphrase

Student loan rates going to double for those that had that nice 3.4% subsidized rate? Good. Welcome to the interest rates on my subsidized Stafford loans. Pay your bills or file for IBR.

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Hi +'rs.

As anyone that provides any kind of service to other people, you probably receive a fair amount of requests that are inherently flawed due to simple things like typos or larger items like logical fallacies. Any suggestions on how to deal with these items while fulfilling these criteria:
Not being a total jerk;
Educating the people in question;
Enabling them to fix their own mistakes;
Empowering accountability.

For a while I simply tried to be nice and correct any of the problems before proceeding with my activities but all that has led to has been an increasing amount of tarded requests coming my way. Then I began to contact people preemptively before making any corrections pointing out items that might be problems and why they would cause problems; this has worked with minimal success but requires a lot of coaching all the time (like coaching toddlers to play speed chess). Lately, I've just been putting through the items with all of their errors intact and when things go wrong I point out why they went wrong; this has caused people to talk to me less.

I do enjoy it when work-related people contact me less because of trivial items but, at the same time, I do want the organization to continue to succeed. There has to be some sort of cognitive feedback loop that we can follow to enable each other do better while not wanting to flay them in their sleep.

Please advise.

(image from a lab order my old rheumatologist placed that is related to the above post)

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In other news...

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I can only imagine that I will be changing my profile picture like once every week for the next ten years.
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