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Geologist and Internet Entrepreneur

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I am living at Lake Tahoe now, since May 2014.  But recently I have been going back home to Texas quite a bit.  For now, I am looking forward to the opening of Heavenly and the start of ski season.  I really need to get into shape and skiing every day will do that for you, if you ski hard and don't just cruise around.
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I'm BAAA-AAACCKKK!!!!  hahaha :-) and officially announcing my return from retirement and requesting proposals for deals in oil, geological work, renewable energy, beef production, and hunting & fishing :

I'm starting to get really busy getting everything ready to go out on location for 2-3 months.  Even when I'm not in the oilfield the nearby towns are tiny around these leases.  So I've got a lot to do to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of, I have everything I could possibly need with me, other people can access my banking if they can't get ahold of me, etc.,
 Anyway, I may not respond very quickly to posts and messages for a few day before I leave, and then I'm going to temporarily suspend the account.  I see 7 notifications right now that I'm not going to read until I get some stuff done.  I always feel anxious that I have taken care of everything and that I have everything before going on a long trip "=)

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How anti-frackers play the game:  Attached is an FB page that has been going around the anti-fracker community for quite a while.  It's about me.  Not one word of this page is true.  I have provided documentation from trusted third-party sources like Dun & Bradstreet, state regulators, professional organizations, Wall Street journal, etc. showing that what this page says is false.  These people never called me to ask for documentation to begin with - they never ever talked to me.  I saw it months later.  

Interestingly, the page is still up, although I have proven it false to the author in personal conversation with her. After I presented documentation for my life and who the record says I am - which conforms exactly to what I've said about it - she bailed out of the conversation and blocked me.  Then said nothing about it to the anti-fracker lists she is in contact with.  

This is how far down these anti-frackers will go.  All you have to do is disagree with them, and it's open, no-holds-barred warfare.  Lying, cheating, making up things, libel, personal attacks on character .. it's all here.  They will literally do ANYTHING ... because their goals are so big and great, such gateways to utopia - if only, etc.

The thing is, I have nothing to do with the kind of horizontal hydraulic fracturing that is the center of controversy.  We don't do that, we aren't into shale gas and shale oil, at all.  That's too big a game to play for our bankroll.   Knowing that is the root of gambling wisdom.  Also I'm highly suspicious as to whether it's going to profitable, long-term.  It takes a lot of production to double or triple your money on a million-dollar frac job.  To get geeky, I'm not sure their decline curve ends up doing that for them.  And I'm talking about re-fracs .. where they go in and do a different set of fracs.  You have to at least double up on that, really more, or you basically don't have anything left after bills and taxes are paid.  These wells are costing in the multi-millions each, 6 million, 10 million, 17 million - these aren't unusual costs.  Historical data show they come in good, looking like big numbers, but then they have a steep decline in production.  Then they have to be re-frac'd, and again they go through the same production curve.  It's very blackjack in terms of the up-and-down swings you're going to get.
  Well now, if you knew us you'd know ... that is not at all the game we are playing.  We want nothing to do with that.  We are like hoteliers that come in behind big chains, buy their past-its-prime hotels for relatively cheap, and refurbush and re-do and re-think the property, and bring it back on the market, selling rooms at a good margin for us.  That's what we do with oil leases and abandoned leases where we can refurbish, rebuild, and tweak; do re-entry projects, or step out to nearby new drilling prospects.  One of the things I like about this work is that the environmental damage was often done long ago, so by cleaning these leases up and bringing more energy out of them without additional damage, we help recover more energy from the same amount of old damage.  Adding to the benefit for society, but not adding to the cost, as it were.  
  Another fact about us is that we are all oil.  We have no natural gas production.  The truth is, modern horizontal hydraulic fracturing is going to end up hurting us, because it will cause the price of oil to drop.  I don't think there is any question about that.  It' just hasn't quite reached that point yet.  
  So when I am accused of promoting "fracking" because I'm paid to do so .. well, this is not just a lie, but in fact the opposite of the truth.  In fact it's to my economic benefit that "fracking" be banned.

But do anti-frackers care about that?  Nope.  They have difficulty arguing with me due to my background and rhetorical skills, and so they just choose to smear me and publish lies that I'm a fake who is really a paid poster for the Koch brothers.  

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More reporting on the environmental benefits of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"):

"Many of the world's leading climate scientists didn't see the drop coming, in large part because it happened as a result of market forces rather than direct government action against carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere."
"The trend is good. We like it. We are pleased that we're shifting away from one of the dirtiest sources to one that's much cleaner," said Janice Nolen, an American Lung Association spokeswoman. "It's been a real surprise to see this kind of shift. We certainly didn't predict it."

Power plants that burn coal produce more than 90 times as much sulfur dioxide, five times as much nitrogen oxide and twice as much carbon dioxide as those that run on natural gas, according to the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress. Sulfur dioxide causes acid rain and nitrogen oxides lead to smog.

Bentek, an energy consulting firm in Colorado, said that sulfur dioxide emissions at larger power plants in 28 Eastern, Midwestern and Southern states fell 34 percent during the past two years, and nitrous oxide fell 16 percent. Natural gas has helped the power industry meet federal air pollution standards earlier than anticipated, Bentek said.

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Hydraulic fracturing (AKA "fracking") has directly led to a dramatic drop in the US carbon footprint.  The move away from coal has also directly led to improvements in air quality, and likely saved lives due to the dramatic drop in particulate matter emitted to produce electricity.  Other air pollution coming from coal also dropped, but particulate matter is the real killer, the biggest threat to health from coal emissions.

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I'm an anti-fracker anti-hero!  I have made it to the TOP!  Apparently, I've been leading a secret cabal of internet posters funded by Koch for years, and I didn't even know it hahahahahahahah :-) hahahahah

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