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Buh? o_o *poke*
Buh? o_o *poke*

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Oh, hey, hi, G+! 

Buh? o_o poke

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Oh, hey, new Middleman stuff!

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Matt Smith has admitted that part of him wishes he had stayed in Doctor Who for another year.

Speaking to Jenna Coleman in the DVD extras of The Time of the Doctor, Smith said: “Part of me genuinely feels that I sort of wish we have had another go at it, another year because, I feel we have really come on and sort of evolved.”

“We have had a good time making it. It’s been really fun to make it.”

“You dumped me,” Coleman joked.

#DoctorWho #DrWho #MattSmith #JennaColeman

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Why I changed my mind about the PS4 and now plan on getting an XBox One.  Customer service is a plus in my book.
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