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Buying in bulk is the way to do it. Complete keg rebuild, poppet and lid seals included, all silicone, $3.50 per keg.
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Wow where did you find prices like that?
+Corey Burns At McMaster Carr. Shipping was super reasonable. Under $5, got here in 24 hours.

+Paul Battle Sure thing! Here's the complete set I ordered:

9396K24 - post o-rings
9396K926 - lid o-rings (pricey, but worth it)
9396K74 - dip tube o-rings
9396K13 - universal poppet o-rings

Came to just under $45 (excluding shipping) for 50 of each and ten of the lid seals. A bit of an outlay, but now I won't have to worry about it for years. If you're happy with Buna-N (just as good as silicone in a lot of ways), the part numbers are:

9452K23 - post o-rings
9452K218 - lid o-rings
90025K368 - dip tube o-rings (double seal)
9452K172 - dip tube o-rings (regular seal, requires more force to seal but is much cheaper)
9452K16 - universal poppet o-rings

The same order with Buna-N parts comes to about $25, plus you get twice as much of everything except the lid o-rings. If you're happy using Buna-N, this is definitely the way to go. Around $1.30 per rebuild.
Thanks for the universal poppet o-ring number...I've been very happy with the silicone purchases I've made from McMaster-Carr, and I've been recently rebuilding with the universal poppets on the gas posts (the place i would usually experience leaks). Haven't had a problem since.
No problem at all. I was happy to see that the universal poppets took regular o-rings. That really extends their useful service life.
Sweet! How often should one replace all the o-rings on the kegs?
+Daniel Poch, I personally change out any o-rings in "new" kegs I acquire. After that, I look for general wear (tearing/cracking) in them before replacing. Also, if you noticed you got an infection only after you have kegged a beer, replace all gaskets first thing if you want to try and salvage the keg. They can be sponges for the nasties that infect beers.
I'm pretty much the same as +Wade Feltman. I swap out whatever's there when I first get the keg, then anything that's visibly worn or damaged thereafter. Some swear by swapping out the dip tube seals with every batch. The 9452K172's are about 2.2 cents each, so it's certainly not expensive to do so. It just doesn't seem necessary to me.
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