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"My iPod is full!!"
:'( wife's first world problem. 
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Dell PC
Restaurant doesn't have free Wi-Fi #firstworldproblems
Hardly the first, I'm sure, but maybe the first she is made aware of. Nearly everything in our lives is a modern convenience taken for granted by "first world" people, to an extent that the #firstworldproblems meme does a disservice to.

List of my first world problems yesterday?
- I ate too large of a breakfast and felt gross, the settings on my 5.1 surround were messed up by my mom's boyfriend, my gas tank wasn't filled completely because the pump stops at $75, Papa Johns didn't get my delivery order quite right, I couldn't find a good pack of new boxers, I didn't have a chance to run a cat-5 cable under my house and the wi-fi has been spotty lately, etc.
+Wes Lydon
Nice list. I'm going to have to pay more attention to my day.
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