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A four-legged robot known as the Cheetah lived up to its name on Monday, setting a new land speed record for legged robots by running at 18 mph on a treadmill at a laboratory in Massachusetts, its developer said. Source:
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That's amazing (and just a little bit creepy). It has an interesting gait that appears more natural at higher speeds than lower ones. 
This is cool, but it is running on a treadmill with external cables. It may be getting external power or computational help. Don't get me wrong, Boston Dynamics is amazing. But the real achievement will be when they get this robot running on open ground.
I've always been comforted that I can easily outrun any robots I've seen so far when they rise up against us. I'm glad someone worked on that with this incredibly gorgeous piece of technology.
Is it just me, or does that little critter seem to be running backwards?
yay! when this is perfected they can send them to steal even more oil in the middle east! ^_^)/
I for one welcome our new Robot overlords ;-P
We have all this robotic technology, but nobody applies it to common day uses, like washing dishes, robotic house keepers, and many more common things it could do.
Yogi g
why backwards?
I sure hope that thing has been imprinted with Asimov's first law of robotics.
Others have noticed that this robot appears to be "running backwards". I'll second that... given the shape of the legs and feet. I have to question the design... why make the "knee" joints and the "feet" apparatus in that shape? Nature came up with a somewhat more familiar design... why didn't it work for the robot?
We have got to find better things for Darpa to do. You create the internet and now you're just resting on your laurels. SMH. Even a space elevator is a better idea.
metal gear shit...
First robots make humans obsolete, by doing what humans can do. Now robots are making animals obsolete, by doing what animals can do. ABSOLUTE HELLISH!!!
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