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Grateful Dead Circle- Updated 5.8.12
Are there any deadheads out there? Comment on the original post ( if you would like to be added to the next shared circle. You do not have to comment if you are already in the circle.

Please share this with your hippie friends!

Profiles to add to next circle: +Elizabeth Marks +Brian Greene +HefeHead BeerReviews +Donald Legion 
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I the circle, but when new people add me, I don't.know if they are from this circle or another. Is there an easy way to tell?
+Brian Greene- I circled you after I shared the circle. You will be in the next shared circle. +HefeHead BeerReviews- do you want me to add you to the next circle? Also check out my food, beer, and wine circle on my about page, and read the text of the shared circle. Feel free to add your profile to the circle.
Not really, +Jesse James. If you click on view shared circle, you can search the profiles/pages in the circle.
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