Let's be clear: in my opinion, the people who are feeling "liberated" by a certain public figure's claims that political correctness has gone too far, are confused. There is a lot to be said for PC. Yes, for instance, I can see how that was a sexist shirt: (1)

On the other hand, ignorance, willful or feigned, is really becoming an issue that is doing a great disservice to our society.

A good example, a few years back, was the "Niggardly" flap (2)
Lack of vocabulary causing a backlash against the orator is something that should be politely and firmly corrected, not eagerly endorsed.

Now, it's Douglas Crockford's turn. He was summarily uninvited from the "Nodevember" conference to "make the conference a comfortable environment for all."

Except... No one can really point out what the perceived issues with Crockford are. Kassandra Perch's blog post may, at first blush, seem to shed light on a couple incidents (3)

Except, again...it seems that a lot lays in the eye of the beholder: Crockford was talking about the original web as being a trusting environment, inviting systems promiscuity (and that was a good thing), versus the less utopian web where relationships were established to protect systems from intrusions and tampering.
Conclusion? "slut shaming" apparently. The mind boggles.

Why stop here, though? Did you know that an attempt at humor about not wanting weak things in one's program is a sexist comment?
I guess the offended parties consider themselves weak. Or they believe that he sees them as weak. Because, you know. Old dude.

So, net result? Well, I don't know. Maybe Crockford is that terrible person after all. Some facts would help, though, because it is more likely that a positive technical influence is being silenced and there is nothing for the rest of society to gain in this scenario.

(1) https://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/nov/13/why-women-in-science-are-annoyed-at-rosetta-mission-scientists-clothing

(2) http://www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Aide-in-Niggardly-Flap-to-Be-Rehired-New-D-C-2948668.php

(3) https://medium.com/@nodebotanist/why-i-won-t-be-speaking-at-conferences-with-douglas-crockford-anymore-61bc29f028c8#.j22dwsotz
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