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Chris Radcliff
Programmer, Writer, Space Advocate, Citizen Scientist
Programmer, Writer, Space Advocate, Citizen Scientist

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Just launched today! Back our Kickstarter project to bring 5 new SpaceUps to the US this year.

Even $1 gets us there, and gets you a vote for a SpaceUp near YOU!

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The plan: Kickstart 5 new SpaceUps in 2015.
The need: Spread the word!
The reward: We'll send you a sweet SpaceUp patch. 
Wow! Has it really been two years since we've posted anything to Google+? Let's change that!

The SpaceUp Foundation is kickstarting 5 (yes, five!) new SpaceUps in the US in 2015. The project starts on May 15 (yes, 5/15/15!), but you can get involved right now. Spread the word when the project launches, and we'll send you a sweet SpaceUp patch to show our gratitude!

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Ha! I should have known that Google Maps Pac-Man prank was created by +John Tantalo! Nicely done.

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Critical thinking wins again. Always take a few moments to question the implied facts.
I've been seeing this picture going around, and of course it has no sources to back up it's claim. Having the nasty habit of not believing everything I read, I did some searching around to see if it was true.

Kinda. The Yoplait Strawberry & Banana yogurt shown has 33g of carbs of which 26g are from "sugars." One KK doughnut has 22g of carbs with 11g of that from "sugars." So mathematically, it's correct to say that the yogurt has the amount of sugars as 2.7x doughnuts. This is also one of the unhealthiest yogurt option out there.

Are doughnuts an equivalent option? Your intuition is correct. No, they're not. Each doughnut has almost 10x as much fat, more sodium, and less vitamins & minerals. So, with 2.7 doughnuts you'd be ingesting less sugar, but 284mg of sodium, 35g of fat and 432 calories. :O)

KK Doughnut:

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I'm still new to hangouts with audiences, but this one seems compelling. If it involves +Tim Bailey, it's bound to be good. 
The first in a series of one-of-a-kind hangouts hosted by Yuri's Night. We'll be talking with some amazing experts in zero-gravity about the movie "Gravity" that came out a few weeks ago. Joining us will be Astronaut +Ron Garan, Astronaut +Cady Coleman  JSC Physiologist +Liz Warren , Founder and Editor of collectSPACE +Robert Pearlman, Zero G Flight Director +Tim Bailey, and Yuri's Night event host and Executive Director Dr. +Ryan Kobrick!

Watch our Google+ account and +1 us to learn about more Hangin' with Yuri Hangout events in the coming months leading up to Yuri's Night on April 12, 2014.

*Panel members are not officially representing their companies or NASA, they are #SpaceTweeps (social media users with a passion for space), movie buffs and awesome people who want to share their insight from their spacey backgrounds.

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Can you identify this connector? If so, reply to +Ben Krasnow's original post, not this one.
I'd appreciate your help in identifying this RF connector. QMA?! Diameter is 5mm.  No threads.  Used in a vacuum feedthrough bulkhead fitting. It only carries 6MHz in operation.

Is it just the way I scroll around G+, or are random bits of navigation always jumping out at you, too?

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I love "Pale Blue Bot". :)

The full-res version ( is wonderful. Adding rover tracks makes the landscape look a lot less alien.
From Pale Blue Dot to Pale Blue Bot. The HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter got this image of +NASA 's Curiosity Mars rover from orbit.

The landing site and the rover appear blue because of the enhanced coloring of the image. More details:

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Hello, new encirclers! I'm not sure where you're all coming from, but please do introduce yourself and let me know what you like about space, science, or whatever. Who knows? I might encircle you back.

Also, here's a drawing of a cat in a space helmet. Enjoy!

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Yes. This is also what most conversations at my house devolve into, because the everyday world is FASCINATING when viewed through the lens of science.
Take a scientist on vacation & learn more about the natural splendors of our world:
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