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Slingbox 350 for $99
Amazon's Deal of the Day is the Slingbox 350. Although it doesn't have HDMI connectivity, it's still a pretty great deal at $99, 45% off the regular price.
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+Ryan Warner Definitely a lot more appealing at $99, which feels more like the right price.
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Chris Porter

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The latest episode of +FtheBS is now out.  We chat about Google's partnership with +Room 77, taste the new +Game of Thrones beer, and debate the absurdity of Promposals.

More episodes at:
Best Hotel Booking Sites, Game of Thrones Beer Tasting, & Promposals
In this Spring-themed episode, our exclusive analysis of hotel booking sites uncovers a surprise winner; the boys evaluate three Spring beers, including the new Game of Thrones beer, left in their Easter basket; the growing teen trend of Promposals is explained, explored, and approved.  With their signature, eclectic approach, +Clinton Whitmire's and +Chris Porter's beer tasting covers a lot of ground about both beer and HBO's online content strategy.  One of the hosts makes up for not having attended prom with a Promposal of his own.

#travel   #hotel   #beer   #beertasting   #gameofthrones   #fireandblood   #promposal   #prom   #google   #room77  
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Chris Porter

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Reimagining Chromecast Home - A Prototype
Test it: (desktop only for now)

Recently there have been a lot of rumors that +Google is working on a home screen replacement for Chromecast.  While I think this is a great idea, I have to admit that I cringed a little when I heard the news because I’ve been working on a prototype for a very similar concept. And although this is still in early stages, I thought I would go ahead and share it with the world to help me determine whether or not I should continue developing it.

Let me be the first to say that I really like the default Chromecast home screen.  The images that Google picks from the amazing collection of Google+ photographers are breathtaking and far better than anything my friends or I are capable of creating. 

But since day one of owning a Chromecast I’ve wanted to be able to personalize the slideshow of photography that moves across my screen. And I don’t mean I want to manually fling my photos from my phone to my TV screen. There’s a time and purpose for that.  

But what I really want is a visual dashboard of what’s happening in my life and in the lives of the people with whom I’m connected. Why should I manually go out and check all these different streams of content if I can use the idle time on my television to passively bring these streams to me (particularly the visual ones likes photos and video)?

The idea is simple.  RIght now, it’s just an always updating slideshow of your Instagram stream coupled with local time and weather information.  I envision it, however, allowing you to include photos or albums from a large variety of social networks or hashtag/keyword searches. You could have channels of content that get delivered based on network (Twitter, Google+, YouTube) or category (fashion, technology, cats). One day, I would love to be able to display notifications of missed calls, texts, current music playing, and other timely information (calendar events, breaking news headlines, etc).

Here’s the problem: This is not a Chromecast app. This is just a web page right now.  I’m a part-time web developer, not an app developer.  And this is just some crazy idea I had because I wanted to make my Chromecast home screen more interesting and relevant to my life. 

So I spent a few hours here and there over the past week or so creating this prototype.  I emphasize prototype because it is not without bugs and glitches. For instance, on my Chromecast the framerate is a lot choppier than I would like. There is only one view/scrolling option; I would like to have many more. And like I said before, this is not an app. You need to cast your browser tab (yes, desktop only for now) to the Chromecast to see the effect (you may need to resize the browser to get a full screen view).

If you have an Instagram account, give it a try and tell me what you think.  If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still view the “Popular” feed and do hashtag searches. 

Is this something that you would be interested in having in a full-scale app or home screen replacement?  What other features or services would you like to see included? Is it even possible to build a home screen replacement for the Chromecast? Should I spend any more time thinking about this or just shut up and go back to cleaning the house?

I’d love to hear your input.  Thanks, here’s the link:


cc: +Will McCain +Jennifer Ruggiero +Russell Holly +Jason Howell +Gina Trapani +Paul Terry Walhus +Ron Richards +Phil Nickinson 
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Thanks for the encouragement guys.  This really just started as a personal project for myself, but I felt like other people may actually want the same thing I want.  Integrating G+ photos is next on the list, +Paul Terry Walhus.

I started with Instagram mainly because it is the primary place I go to enjoy photography, but also because all the images are the same proportion, making the coding simpler.  
+Brent Hoover I haven't posted the code on GitHub yet, but that's another good idea.
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Auto-Upload Question
Anyone know of a way to transfer a video auto-uploaded to Google+ to YouTube without uploading all over again?  It seems to me like any video that comes out of Google+ should be able to be linked to a YouTube account of my choosing.
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+John Wright I guess you can say I do. I know a few people who were with some of the companies purchased but recently left. 

I also have a few friends I have to keep off all my social lists to make sure they keep feeding me goodies.

I was hoping to do Tech news but fell into Corporate Intelligence. Both need lots of inside high level contacts.
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HD Video of Earth From Space
Whoa! The technologies we've been dreaming about and seeing in movies for years are finally starting to become a reality.  

Skybox sandwiches their HD satellite video between static satellite imagery (underneath) and a MapBox map layer (on top), based off of OpenStreetMap.  The results are pretty awesome!

If the video below isn't enough, they also have a pretty impressive gallery of satellite imagery:

via +Sarah Lane on +TWiT's Tech News 2Night
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Now that would be impressive, +David Rodriquez. Of course, a lot fewer people would recognize the tune, though.
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Chris Porter

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I've been waiting for this integration since Google Play Music was first announced.  Thanks +Sonos and +Google. You made my day.
Sonos and Google Play Music together - it just makes so much sense and it really is a great experience!
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F the BS!
I'm excited to be joining +Clinton Whitmire on a brand new show called FtheBS, where we'll be taking an unfiltered look at culture, technology, and the stories that actually matter.

You can check out our first episode below. I'd love to hear your feedback (I think).  #fthebs  

More at:
Fire TV Review, Whiskey Aging, & NCAA Unions
+Clinton Whitmire and +Chris Porter reveal the truth about the Amazon Fire TV, discuss home-aging spirits in oak casks, and debate pay for college athletes.  In addition, a discussion of HBO's "Girls" informs us a little about Whitty's taste in girls, as does a brief discourse on Belle Knox.  The blindfolded sherry taste test is a show highlight that reveals Whitty's lack of smell and why that might not be such a bad thing. #fthebs  

Products Discussed
Amazon Fire TV -
AppleTV -
Google Chromecast -
Oak Whiskey Barrel -

More at:

#whiskey   #firetv   #appletv   #chromecast   #iptv   #hdtv   #review   #ncaa   #unions   #football   #alcohol   #tastetest   #sherry   #amazon   #netflix   #pandora   #hulu   #vevo  
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Thanks +Ron Porter. We'll going to try to keep it interesting with a wide range of topics.
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Looking for help buying a new espresso machine. I'm not a fancy coffee snob or anything (coming from a Keurig, I know, I know), just looking for a tasty cup of joe.
Coffee fiends,

What's the best espresso maker for around $200 or less?
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I love my Nespresso.
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Yes +Jason Morton, Allcast is pretty awesome. Big thanks to +Koushik Dutta for that one.
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    Integrated A/V equipment, setup live streams for IP cameras, repaired wireless networks, created custom programming and interfaces for wand and touch-screen remotes, and provided hands-on training (to clients and employees) for residential and commercial setups up to $50,000. // Designed, produced, and implemented all marketing efforts for the organization, including logos, websites, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, and newspaper ads. // Scheduled and managed teams (3-4 people) and inventory to ensure ongoing projects were prioritized and completed on time and efficiently. // Drafted sales proposals for clients based on in-home consultations and evaluations of the clients' needs and budget before the sale, and provided troubleshooting and support via phone and in-home service calls after the installation. // Attended dealer training events and vigorously researched the always-changing array of consumer electronics devices to stay on top of current trends. // Generated invoices and collected payments from clients for services rendered.
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    Lead Designer/Developer, 2004 - 2005
    Developed, coded, hosted, deployed, and maintained websites and HTML-based email marketing campaigns. // Created designs, layouts, graphics, and drawings for marketing materials including brochures, postcards, flyers, business cards, web pages, and additional print or web-based advertising solutions. // Managed creative direction of many projects and clients simultaneously under tight deadlines in a fast-paced, production-focused environment. // Enhanced rapport with clients through consistent communication and accurate evaluation of current and future needs and desires.
  • WinVisible Marketing
    Web/Graphic Designer, 2003 - 2004
    Constructed and implemented websites and email marketing campaigns for the multi-family industry.
  • Satellite Connection
    Marketing Director, 2002 - 2004
    Prepared and produced all marketing materials, and coordinated distribution of advertisements throughout the Southeast.
  • University of South Carolina
    Web Designer/Developer, 1999 - 2003
    Designed and produced graphics and logos for websites within The University of South Carolina (e.g.,, // Worked closely with University Webmaster to code, publish, and maintain common look-and-feel across divisions, colleges, and departments, while adhering to accessibility standards across all browsers and platforms.
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