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Chris Pollard
A simple man leading a simple life with an overwhelming love of technology.
A simple man leading a simple life with an overwhelming love of technology.

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Spending the night in Jersey. Tomorrow, Baltimore! Well, after I pick up the rental. Can't wait to try out that Audi A4!

Nothing like landing in Toronto to find out your next flight has been cancelled. Porter is pretty good though - got us on the next one out, just a little later. All's good in the Lounge on the island.

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Had a nice little northern lights show though. 15-20 second exposures hand held are hard, but not too bad. Oh look, a tractor and plow truck just headed for the accident....
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Stuck on a closed Trans Canada highway, no alternate routes to Thunder Bay from the West side of highway 102. Car, SUV, and transport in an accident 12 cars in front of us. Truck spilled it's load, and caught fire. Going to be awful late voting the hotel. Wish we hadn't decided to eat when we got the city, or that something in Upsala had been open for a bathroom break. Sigh. So much for solid sleep before the flight tomorrow.

This month is just full of surprises. Not sure how many more I can handle before my brain explodifies. LOL

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This showed up on my OnePlus 3 today. Guess I'll soon see how I feel about the change, eh? #oneplus3 #googleassistant 

Believe it or not, I used Duo today to chat with my daughter while I'm on the road. It went pretty well. If they could just integrate with Allo, then include SMS, it'd be great. You know, what Hangouts used to be before they screwed it over!

Ottawa-bound tomorrow. Drive to Thunder Bay, fly from there, figure out the rest when I arrive. sigh Going to be a long drive back. 

Been an interesting week. Daughter got accepted to a boarding school in Maryland, I'm still laughing at Canada Post and their shipping routes, and last night, my brother passed away. What's next? Being it, universe. Just bring it in small, easy to suggest bites.

Well, don't think my lens will be arriving today, even though it left Thunder Bay early this morning. Estimated delivery date of today ... will be wrong. So it'll be Monday. A full week after they shipped it through town on it's way across the country to come all the way back again. sigh Oh well, bigger fish to fry this weekend than having some fun anyway. :)
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