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I brew beer, I drink beer, I love beer
I brew beer, I drink beer, I love beer


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Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

No doubt most of you have heard the scuttlebutt about us building a new brewery in Izu. Heretofore, we had been cautious about making any bold public pronouncements because of the long, complicated and not 100% settled nature of the project. Well, the time for caution is over. The regulatory ‘i’ s have been dotted and the bureaucratic ‘t’ s crossed. Forty-seven new equity partners have joined our owner-partner team, putting their hard-earned savings into the Baird Brewing dream. Our bank has given its blessing. The Izu city government has delivered full and enthusiastic cooperation. The land purchases have been consummated and so have the leases. The brewery building has been designed and construction inaugurated. Our new German brewing equipment is being fabricated as I write.

Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji will busily be brewing Baird Beer, knock on wood, come April 2014.

Our current small brewing systems will be relocated and reinstalled in the new Shuzenji location at around the same time. The Numazu Fishmarket Taproom — Baird Brewing Company’s founding location — will remain unchanged (we never intend to leave that location). I have posted a long and detailed history of Baird Brewing in our official Baird Beer Brewer’s Blog space entitled ‘The Story of a Craft Brewery Dream.’ Please visit this blog for more details about the Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji project:

For those of you who have traveled this long journey with us, the blog piece will be a fun and memory-laden read. For those of you less familiar with our story, the blog can serve as both a comprehensive introduction to Baird Brewing and an overview of the evolution of craft brewing in Japan since the late 1990s. This is a very exciting time for us and we are so grateful to all of you who have helped us to come so far.

New Baird Beer Seasonal Releases:

In celebration of our new brewery groundbreaking, we are proud to announce the release of two poignantly commemorative beers: Wabi-Sabi Japan Pale Ale and Destination Ale.

*Wabi-Sabi Japan Pale Ale (6.5%):

This is a distinctly Japanese interpretation of the world’s most popular craft beer style — India Pale Ale. More herbal in flavor than most IPAs, Wabi-Sabi JPA derives this character from a unique blend of world hops and two quintessentially Japanese herbs — green tea and wasabi (both grown locally in Izu). Wabi-Sabi JPA is a bold brew but, as the name implies, the audacity is laced with quiet simplicity and subdued refinement.

We have been working on iterations of Wabi-Sabi JPA for some time now and we will continue this process of experimentation and refinement until we open the new brewery in Shuzenji, at which time Wabi-Sabi Japan Pale Ale will become the eleventh in our line-up of year-round Baird Beer.

Wabi-Sabi is available in both kegs and bottles for immediate release. It begins pouring from our Taproom taps Monday, September 30.

*Destination Ale (5.5%):

We love brewing with fresh in-season local fruit. So much so that the first activity at our new Shuzenji brewery grounds was the planting of a fruit tree orchard. While these new plantings won’t yield usable fruit for a few years, we are fortunate to have found some mature fruit trees on the grounds which are producing beautifully. One such tree is producing sumomo (Japanese sweet plums). Well, we got busy harvesting these delicious little purple pit-fruits when they were ripe in June. They went into our Numazu brewery for brewing on June 23. Well, we are at last ready to share the fruits of this beer.

Orange-red in color, Destination Ale’s grist is a combination of barley (85%) and wheat (15%). It is lightly hopped for flavor, not aroma or bitterness, with two mild and earthy hops — English Fuggle and German Perle. Cut whole sumomo fruit was added in two stages — once in the hot wort and once in the cold post-primary fermentation green beer. Secondary fermentation and natural carbonation occurred in package, as it always does with Baird Beer. The flavor is lightly tart and spritely refreshing.

Destination Ale is a small-batch keg-only beer available exclusively at the Baird Beer Taproom pubs. It begins pouring Monday, September 30.


Bryan Baird
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Lung Cancer is a major fucker! Or, if you prefer, a total bitch! One of my old friends lost her husband to lung cancer two years ago. Len had never smoked. We need to find a cure. Anyone who has a few bucks laying around, please consider donating to Lungevity in Len's name. Donations for this year's fund raising are being accepted till the end of the month. Cheers!
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"It's being called "perhaps the single best segment" to ever air on The Colbert Report. And with good reason, because it probably is.

In the latest installment of "People Who Are Destroying America," Stephen Colbert introduced his audience to Johnny Cummings, the openly gay mayor (and part-time hairdresser) of Vicco, Kentucky."
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I tried this one a week or so ago -- Echigo Premium Red Ale. Not a bad drink at all -- better than I expected and better than I remember Echigo to be. I'll try more in the future when I run into them.

Tonight I celebrated the arrival of the new year by raiding my beer fridge, where I found: Rising Sun Pale Ale, BakaYaro!, Shimaguni Stout and Angry Boy Brown Ale. Yes, they're all Baird beers, but they all fit my mood for tonight. Now I need a good night's sleep before heading to Harajuku Taproom tomorrow for lunch with my sister-in-law, son and wife.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Yokohama Seasider Music Night: DECEMBER BLUES FOR BLUES
Public Event · By Yokohama Seasider Magazine

Come join us for an intimate evening of BLUES MUSIC, BEER AND BBQ! with the unforgettable Roots'N Blues man from Mississippi: Rambling Steve Gardner!

PLACE: Bashamichi Taproom
TIME: 16 December (Sunday), from 16:00-18:00
TICKETS: ¥1000* (pay at the door)


*Artists receive a modest performance fee and all further ticket sales go toward the Blues for Blues charity.

I am enjoying a sneak preview of this year's Baird Jubilation Ale. It's nice and smooth and warming. Should be available next week.

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This beer hasn't even been released in bottles in the States yet -- we'll be sending a pallet or two next time the Shelton Brothers order.
Baird Beer Suruga Bay Imperial IPA #Japan #craftbeer  
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Craft beer fans. We've finally released the Craft Beer Japan app for Android. This week, we'll be adding a few of the small features on the Apple version, like sharing kanpais (recommendations of bars) via Twitter, but otherwise all the essentials are here. Also, the skin is not quite as sexy as the Apple version, but we'll work on that, too.

Please share with other craft beer fans!
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