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Do you watch what you say online? Are you careful to post nothing - ever - that could be used against you or taken wrong?

Let's hope so. I've been telling you for years to be careful of what you say online. Too many people are being bitten after saying something they meant in an innocent way. 
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As someone who's very outspoken online, I figure if you're going to speak, you DO IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT. If someone is going to take what I say wrong, I have no problem with it. What I would have a problem with is someone REFRAMING what I've said to manipulate my original intention. That's a scumbag technique I've seen done online quite often. 
Especially if it is taken out of context - and it will be...
+Steve Macintyre Yes, but that's not the question. Do you consider the potential risks before you open your mouth and say it like you mean it?
That's when an individual has to grow a back bone and ignore the ignorance of others. I block people before it goes too far, with death threats and such.
Yep...all the time...I find it helps to review what I'm about to post both for grammar/spelling as well as content.
That is one (ahem!) "plus" of G+ over, say ... Slashdot. You can not only delete your posts, but edit them as well. I like being able to reread a comment later, and edit it for errors or clarity.
One thing you  should never do after a twitt is taken wrong: delete your account. You must be able to answer every question people make, and delete only the misinterpreted twit. You must defend yourself until the end, or else people will do with your public image everything they want...    
Online is no different than real life for the most part. Speaking up has the potential for punishment or reward so yes I do think about my words and their potential impact.
A brazilian girl once was accused of racism and deleted her twitter. I really think this was her biggest mistake. She had her life messed and people keep talking bad about her until today.    
+Rob Smith I suspect you're not being all together serious based on the smiley but free speech is anything but free.

The cost of speaking freely is much lower in the US than many other parts of the world but there is no such thing as truly free speech, at least not for any topic that is worthy of discussion. 
While some may be afraid to rock the boat there are others who fight for this freedom.
Many people extract what they want to see, even when you didn't even type the words they are thinking.
Cindy L
Now I am very careful what I say online xD what I think is,if you don't have anything nice or smart to say,don't say anything at all xD lol
First, off I prefer fighting for my rights and innocents.

However, I am currently working on a solution to protect users of my site from the potential of search. The idea is simple to provide the user with the ability to encrypt the data stored on my system. The password would never be stored on my system. So even if asked to turn over the information. It would take forever for the federal government to access it. Secondly. I could also change the account names and everything to hash code that is only retrieved on log in with the correct password. this would make it physically impossible to access with out the user to logging in at some point.

Sites could also have a policy of deleting messages older than x date.  We could also provide the user with the ability to down load it compressed before it is deleted from the site.

Then the answer to the feds is simply screw you it doesn't exist.
Sean S
I'm a private person in real life so I'm very careful what I say online (even though I feel more open online), specifically, G+ because of the real name policy.  G+ indexes comments so anyone can search my name, which is easy to find since my name isn't a common name, and find what I said in a comment.  I had to change my name to my initials to make my comments harder to find.
When I used my full last name, I couldn't comment on Atheists posts since I have a religious family and didn't want them discovering my comments.
This being afraid to speak out is exactly what they want. You  do realize that right?
+George Hayes That's an overly simplistic way of looking at things.

Different people have different circumstances. Rightly or wrongly I suspect most people worry more about friends. family and present and future employers than they do the government.

Speaking your mind has a price. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. That is why speaking out takes conviction and courage.
+Mike Miller Can you imagine what the world would be like to day if people where as afraid to speak their mind. How about the civil rights movement. Should they have kept their mouth shut because family and friends who hear and see them or those guys with the white hoods.

Fear is never a good reason to keep your mouth shut. If your employer is going to can you for being open then maybe you are working for the wrong people. If you are having to hide something from your family. It sounds like your family has issues. I can say anything to my family and I have no worry of doing so. They may not like it but what are they going to do disown me hate me... No my family isn't that way. Might I get an earful for something I say yep happens plenty of times.

But I refuse to live in fear no matter who the person is that is going to take issue with what I say. I didn't shut my mouth when I was in the Navy not when I worked for DOD/DLA not going to for anyone. 
As a writer I see it as more about being careful how you say things rather than what you say. You need to be really careful about tone and context because they often don't come across online. People often misread jokes as serious or take exagerations at face value.
There is also a problem online that your comments can be shared with unexpected people. You might think you are making a comment to a small group of friends, but it might get seened by far more people.
On the subject of free speech I think a lot of people get it backwards. Free speech gives you the right to say what you truly believe but it doesn't remove all consequences from your statements. If its important say it. But if its going to hurt me or offend me I am going to speak up too. Don't try to use free speech as an argument to silence me.
+George Hayes You miss my point. I am in no way saying people should remain silent in the face of injustice. What I am saying is that speaking up comes at a cost. Sometimes the cost of ones life or the lives of their loved ones. Oppressors are not as nice people and they do not adhere to the rules of civil discourse. That is what makes the people who step forward in those situations hero's.

When the stakes are lower people often take the easy way out. Are they wrong to do so? Particularly when the choice they make has the potential to impact not only them but their family in a negative way?
+Rachel Eliason Yes, many don't seem to understand exactly what is meant by "freedom of speech". I think that statement needs to be publicly expanded whenever quoted.
+Mike Miller I got your point. I know the potential price. Just saying I don't see those costs as ever a reason to keep my mouth shut. imagine how much better of a world we had if all those who let other silence them instead acted as you said like heroes.

Injustice happens more when people keep a closed mouth and don't speak out and don't act. From my understanding my grandfather on my moms side spent time in a concentration camp for opening his mouth.
I normally watch what I say but usually what I type is exactly how I would've said it in person.
Thank you for bringing this up! One of my friends did this and went through plastic surgery just because there were assholes disrespecting him! Oh, I am also going to #thecreativeone
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