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What type of security are you using on your phone? Would you consider an app made by a Navy SEAL?

I think I need military-grade security. Don't you? 
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Seek droid covers me.
For $20 a month?
Probably not. :)
The idea is good, though.
I would since most of the bad apps I've tried were apparently developed by Seaworld Seals.
Do I really need military grade security? On a phone? Probably, that's probably the most personal device anyone has.
Not sure... From my experience (watching holywood movies) all government department or military installations have weak passwords that the 'hacker' guess in 3-5 attempts. Looks cool though.
I'm sorry to let you down, but "peer-to-peer" was never and will never be possible on GSM networks. Not unless you start one yourself which will basically be very expensive walky talky.

Even if it worked you'd need just one carelessly installed malicious  app to compromise this concept. 
 +Ryan Pierson  let's then call this real names- Public key cryptography. Which is not anything new nor changes weak spot I mentioned- not being careful and installing "bad" app. Let's face it- most people are careless enough to trip here.
No way. They hire hackers to hack a hacker. What more for regular citezens? 😝
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