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MS got the hate because of their OS's and IE. Granted, Win 7 is the best OS MS has put out besides XP. I don't think there's a bias though. Google gets the snot beat out of them over privacy all the time. So does Facebook. Apple is too closed and only wants things to work one way. All tech companies have issues, all have been raked across the coals for the bad stuff -- maybe not equally, but they all have had their fair share of bad press.
Too much multitasking for MS is the thing that slows them down. But MS is a good company overall, Apple is too expensive for the average consumer.
I get the most hateful, vitriolic commentary anytime I write anything about Microsoft, positive or negative. Its not just the bloggers, it seems like the internet vocal majority dislike Microsoft.
I always say if you not good with computers buy a mac...
MS is hated more cause it has more users. Its the same concept with viruses. Windows appears to have more viruses than any other OS simply cause it has more users than any other OS.
Probably because of customer service. But what irks me the most is that they can't seem to execute their ideas nearly as well as Apple does. Microsoft's R&D stuff is amazing, but they never come to fruition or the end result falls short, maybe because of all the bureaucracy and red tape. And there are all the mistakes they've made in the past, which is the reason why people see Windows as slow, old and behind the times, and knowing that market share doesn't always equal success. But I do hope their upcoming stuff changes peoples perspective of them.
Windows 7 is good but I think users need a free version of Windows.
I'll be happy if Microsoft realease Windows 8 Ultimate for free
I use Windows and Android to run my life and company. It's the best of both worlds. I'm still looking for a tech blogger who essentially says 'SIMPSONS DID IT!' whenever a company announces a feature Windows did years ago.
It would be nice if hardware cost less without a Microsoft OS loaded. In theory, a person can get a refund if they don't want to use the pre-loaded OS. However, I don't think that works in practice. The price for Windows 7 Home Premium is $119.99. The price for Linux is $0. I wonder how many windows PC's would be running Windows if it had to be purchased and installed. Selling a product below cost to drive out competitors is called dumping. Linux runs so quickly that hardware manufacturers would be at an advantage to pre-load Linux. However, I think that Microsoft not only offers the OS at practically no cost to the manufacturer, but gives incentives for the manufacturer to pre-load Microsoft Windows.
I don't think it's cause they're the or where the biggest tech company I think it's because, when it comes to a desktop PC as popular as Ubuntu and OSX is there isn't really any escaping windows HUGE corporations use windows over osx on most the infrastructure and even apple macs can have windows 'boot-camped' and most the computer market is windows, and for the large group of people that can't afford osx it seems windows is the cheaper alternative and it's what most people are used to.

Furthermore I think when people hear the L word they get frightened because it's different I mean even or so it seems Ubuntu and Android avoid the L word.

I think osx gets away with it because its apple but I mean in Media, many people weren't used to OSX and even people that think they're good with computers found it confusing and complicated. I myself found it a breeze and hope to own one one day but I just think tech bloggers who are geeks lets be honest want to see competition. I'll be honest I don't care much for xbox live I do prefer SEN well I would if my PS3 hadn't had YLOD for past year. It was bought when it first came out. I got a brand new xbox 360 two christmas's ago and got Red Ring of Death three days later. I think vista was hated because it was different and came with so much crap and was incompatible with so much software to start with. I do prefer WIN7 but I think there will be a backlash when windows 8 comes out.

I have no idea why I write these long comments nobody reads them! I should have stooped earlier haha
Mostly lame, It's a operating system only about a 1/10 th of total useage..
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