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Klout. Just the word itself provokes a lot of heated debate. What do you think about companies using a Klout score to determine a potential employee's worthiness?

I don't think the service should be used just yet to make these types of decisions. What are your thoughts?
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+Chris Pirillo I agree whole heartedly. Buisness decisions like that really should not be based on something as subjective as an online dossier.
I think it makes sense only as a filter similar to a potential candidate needing a college degree. Candidates then need to be carefully vetted by someone who actually understands how one's Klout score is calculated and how 'real' people communicate via the social web. With that knowledge they can accurately vet candidates against the requirements of job being applied for. #mytwocents
Silly at this point and time. The concept of Klout makes sense, but it is still a beta project (iMHO) and flawed in many ways...hence the haters (people with low Klout scores, usually.)
It's not tight enough yet. Sure it gives a general idea of social media focus but the feeds and data aren't exactly up to date. There are also some concerns with individuals artificially inflating their statistics. One thing I know for sure though, Klout is going to get their - they are heading in the right direction. As they integrate social media feeds and develop better algorithms for measuring the influence of one individual based upon the individuals they influence, we'll see a very powerful product.
I completely agree - too early to be taken so seriously and not bulletproof enough to having one artificially inflate their Klout.

At this point I see Klout as being a fun fact, but that's the extent of it.     
It is a great indicator of HR and managers in a firm are like. Possibly that I don't want to work for a company so idiotic to use such a system.
Only if it's one of many variables, and a low weighted one at that.  _Some_ people are protective of their good name and don't like their name being recorded all over the web and socialize in different ways, many of which are off-line.
If you hire people who care about their Klout score, be ready to have them spend a portion of their day focused on doing things to improve their score that may not be beneficial to your bottom line.
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