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Try this at home.
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David Simmons
and you will be sleeping outside.
Here's a man who is never having sex again...
I saw the same prank years ago on AFV - the classics are always great.
What a douche... I would never do that to my wife.
if I did that, I would not live to tell the story
In the doghouse he goes. Gonna take a ton of brownie points before he gets any again...
Oh man.. the rest of the conversation that happened off camera would have been Internet GOLD.
shouldn't be driving and filming, but funny nonetheless
HAHAHA!! That's hilarious! But mean at the same time.
This guy is a first class asshole, and if his wife had a heart attack and died, I'd charge him with manslaughter.
lol....that prank was great...but.....I hope the doghouse is comfortable
I can see the little devil on one of your shoulders and the little angel on the other, right before you did this!  Shame on you, but thank you --- it was hilarious.  And thank your wife for us
Lol that is just mean man! Love her reaction lol
You beef to concentrate on driving ha
Can't...stop...watching...and LAUGHING!!! :) So totally wrong. So totally right. ;)
I have actually done that to a coworker about 15 years ago, it was awesome because he threw himself on floor board and peed himself literally lol
ha ha ha, where would we be without our sense of humour? Still asleep having a happy dream probably, but hey the fun the hubby n the kids would have missed out on....
Ok, that was freakin awesome. I almost died laughing geez
That's on the sofa for two months
I wonder where that phone ended up?
I'll bet that after she got over the initial fear, she never felt so alive and he so dead. Haha!
That is a prank to pull on your buddies but not your wife....I wonder if she has a prenuptial agreement?  LMAO
That was funny. Good one.
Funny but mean. Could give someone a heart attack. 
So mean. I could not do that to my wife. scaring the crap out of your wife who just woke up and is not prepared for a prank? Sadistic.
It should be titled how to never EVER get a BJ from you wife again.
Funny my ass....he probably caused his wife great upset
Guy needs a kick in the ass
hope u have a mancave to sleep in tonight! still lol!!!
Though in many countries now, like the nanny-state in which i reside, the old drivers licence would be removed for dangerous driving for operating a mobile device whilst driving, some of us are quite capable of multitasking thank you. They even admittedly have a dept of the police monitoring social sites for 'evidence of criminal activity' such as this. I guess with the law these days one can only go at the same speed as the slowest wagon, just as the same road laws and limitations apply regardless of whether operating a motorcycle, a semi trailer, or a prius. No doubt soon all vehicles will be controlled by computer and people will no longer be trusted as drivers... Advances in technology will have many unexpected ramifications.
I hope she is still kicken your ass
FAKE!  The wife's reaction is so stagy. 
Well i thought that driving without due care and diligence, would be quite appropriate here. Whilst the concept is mildly entertaining, the execution is stupid especially with a kid at the back seat.
She is going to play that trick on him- only the truck will actually be coming at them.
That's one way to earn a spot in the dog house! LOL!!
Jay Tee
LOL......dang if I was the wife I'd go "No More Candies (ahem) For You Tonight!!"  LOL
I just watched this with my wife and she threatened me not to do this to her. Hmmm. "Of course I won't do this to you honey." 
If I did that, my phone would be thrown out the Window!
Seems like admissible evidence for the divorce proceedings...
Although that is very funny, my wife would make me pay for such a long time...and there would be NO humour in that!
priceless! when do the stiches come out?
Thats just plain funny
When I get married I would never do that to my wife by watching it was hilarious with her reaction I was waiting for it. It was nice knowing theguy or those few sec he had left after that evil she gave him. Paranormal status right there
No, I prefer to live in a house, eat food and have sex from time to time. Not outside, hungry and never.
I hope she ripped off your leg and ass raped you with it.
That said, pretty funny.
I did something similar.  It was night, my brother was asleep.  I pulled off the road, and parked about 15' from a bunch of big ass trees.
Then I revved the engine and screamed, AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
After a few minutes, he realized everything was okay and whipped my ass.   I let him for 2 reasons.  1) I was laughing so hard I couldn't defend myself even if I wanted to.  2) I REALLY deserved it.
Plus, I had the honor of finishing the ride home with the lovely smell of piss and poop in his pants.    ...and all over my car.
Whilst that is cruel, it is so funny
Craig C
I bet she s*** her pants
very funny! are they okay afterwards?
haha well youre mean to your wife, but this is still very hilarious! :D
So, how is live now that your a dead man walk(if your lucky).
What am i doin watching this at this hour, love it !
I'm sure you paid for that!!(but it was funny!)
Fco M
she could have jumped out of the car.
I needed that laugh! Thanks!
lol, that was kinda mean. When my wife passed out in the car once, I pulled in front of some highway patrol cars that were escorting an over-sized load. They had their roof lights on and were doing like 45mph on the freeway. So I woke her up and told her I was being pulled over and then sped up to 75 (speed limit) and told her I was gonna ditch them...I thought that was pretty funny. =)
That's the funniest shit ever must try it lol. 
Welp, hope it was worth the nights on the couch.
+Geoff Green not in my house. Hell will freeze over before my wife starts giving orders where I sleep in my own freaking house.
Well I don't know about you. But if I was sleeping there would be no way I'd be able to focus and see the truck that quickly. I think she screamed because she was worried about what you wanted for waking her up. Lol.

Still funny either way :) 
XD I had to watch this five times to get tired of it and finally think of the children.
Since no 1 got hurt that was pretty funny and yes she will get over it I'm sure when she married him she knew he was a jokester
I do not understand people like and the people the liked this "trickery." You have a mind set as a child. How enjoy putting your wife through the thought that she and her family was about to die? And how you put your family in true danger while playing with your phone while driving and play this disgusting joke. You need to either grow up or go to prison! Your followers are very immature. GROW UP!!!!!!!      
How old is this guy, 13? What a jackass.
Sooooo wronnnng,but soooo funnnyyy...xo
That is hilarious I would so do that to my wife, she would then commence to whoop that ass but I would be laughing my ass off the whole time.
Yeah what a childish moron. Just show the whole world what an immature ass you are. Just think how much happier your wife could've been if she never met you!
Funny, sounds like something I'd do to
lol i laugh my pants off same wit my friend
He is the biggest ASSHOLE I ever seen!!!
LOL! Thank God the truck didn't snap from the tow truck...he would have been screaming too.
deserves a new acronym for laugh til you cry unless something similar already exists. Ok born right here LTYC
that was awesome!!! lol that looks like something I would do to my wife lol
I've done this several times... It never gets old!
lol lol... oops wait a minute was that a bump? Dang I just ran over a motorcyclist because I was distracted while I was filming a prank and driving at the same time. Ahh well. It was funny eh?
I wonder how many times the trucker sees people do this, lol.
Funny, but I bet he's sleeping on the couch tonight!
Sammy B
I've done that too. Great fun. Next, if you have a digital speedometer, switch it to KPH and wake her up doing 160 mph on the way to the river. That got her good too. 
"Try this at home." Yeah cause everyone owns a tow truck. :3
Enjoy your time sleeping in Couchville. You will need a chiropractor to work out all the kinks. 
Now the familly Van license plates reads... WASHIS

Guess who ain't gettin' any for a looooong time...
Later that same day:

wife: Honey, i got something to show you :-)
Husband: what is it?
wife: come outside and i'll show you ;-)
husband: ok

Husband walks outside first. Wife slams the door behind him & Locks him out!

Wife: Good night!

3 seconds later its raining hard & the wind is blowing the rain on the  porch.
Tim KH
I bet that trucker towing that other had alot of people speeding in back of him that day. Probably was wondering what was wrong.
Lol. And she hits the camera. Or at least the camera. She probably hit you after the fact wife was laughing too...then she smacked me for laughing.....nice
You could title this "one split second",
grate move his n hur s jast marry ths jast put they sprem rate up .boy or Grl kicker ,unreal n good take hart rate haha grate device movie magic eh cool.
when he was younger he try ed it on a his first bike i hope the lady was int on the sissy bar closen counter s dog houes ,
I wonder if they're still married.. still funny though..
I think she gonna beat him @. Home
This guy is never sleeping in a bed again.... lol
This is something I could see my husband doing to me. He's a shit, too. LOL
OMG...LMAO...that is priceless! Tho I'm guessing you paid for that prank big time!
That's so so very wrong.....sorry buddy it could've been fatal....
funny is thng to a semmy truck er uint god bhy a lotto n do the same n rear mirra with the car on a trailer sofa on weels was funny .motor salf power ed ha ha take some bettn blonds have more fun proof ,
You should probably comment in english on an english thread.
Ohhh man he woulda got slapped...LOL!
 my brother does this to his wife all the time
stupid dad doesnt listen to his kids, no wonder there's violent kids out there.
Pay attention to the road ,,, drive more safely with kids on board ... You. can make a better clip by making all happy with harming or hurting there fillings ,,, no hard fillings ,,, all the best :-)
i would have pissed my pants
Its funny but really wrong lol
LoL! Id so smack him after.. than laugh about it.. lol.
Bet the kids LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PILLOCK
That stupid and he should thought of what impact on his girl will be !! Dumb people out there !! 
Wow, way to scare the $hit out of your wife, dumb ass. It's all fun and games until she stabs you to death while you're sleeping. 
truck was being towed, and you were being toad! :-)
Don't be an asshole and tailgate a truck. It's very dangerous and rude. They are professionals, you wouldn't be happy if someone came into your office and endangered their life and your career.
I'd have knocked his GLOW IN THE DARK teeth right down his neck :O) That wud be funnier :)
Dummy!!! If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! She WILL get even... for the next 10 years.
LOL! I love it and I will definitely do that to my wife.
also known as "How to get a good night's sleep, on the couch"
My EX-wife did'nt have a "sense of humor", thats why she's my EX! lol!  This would've been along the same lines of pranks i pulled on her. Way too cool! Loved it!
Lol I've done that long time ago :)) my friends on Facebook could not believe that I'm alive!
Next scene: wife commits homicide. 
That is colol i have 2 try that. Pretty good prank
All I did was show this vid to my wife and she got mad at me lol
What if the wife suddenly grabs the wheel..idiot! He never even thought about his child
Welcome to sleeping on the couch.... Indefinitely....
well, he can kiss their marrage goodbye
Sean E
so bad lmao
Maybe funny, but damn...operating the device while driving...with kids in the car. If I was the wife, I would have kicked some major ass. 
Ok, do you prefer the couch or the kids bedroom? Cause the master bedroom is off limits..... For a long time. 
Hey there, it seems Reddit is leaking again. 
1. Wife and children in car - Check
2. Videoblogging while driving - Check
3. Scaring wife and children by screaming - Check

Father of the year?
I;m going to hell for l laughing at that as hard as I did.
That was funny I don't care who you are!
Are my hero. I do stuff like this to my wife all the time.

When she gets annoyed I say 'your fault you said I Do' :)
What a dipstick! filming and driving at the same time. It would have been too easy to loose control of the vehicle if his wife had grabbed his arm in panic.
Hahahahaha, Awesome!  Sleeping on the couch for a solid month.
Yeah, forget about the nookie. You may as well be castrated, man!
Though this prank was funny and made for a good chuckle, her panic response or showing her vex disgust with a punch, could have caused him to loose control. Who would be laughing then?
Yeah, hilarious that he made his wife fear for her life, and especially hilarious that he's paying attention to torturing his wife rather than driving his 2 ton vehicle at 70 mph on the highway.  SMH
my sister did that to her best friend a yr ago
I love it!
It has ME written all over it :-)
There isn't a couch comfortable enough or place warm enough with the treatment he will be getting for the rest of his life.

Mikey C
I bet later, you wish you had been hit by the truck!
A lot of these comments suck. Heartattack? Asshole? Its a prank. Get off your high horses idiots.
Ok, that is a well deserved KUDOS ! Damn.... 
Had a great time in pune,enjoyed 2days,they are leaving today.
I dont think we can exactly try this at home... I dont normally drive on a highway at home
And people are upset about filming and driving at the same time? I bet HALF these posts were made WHILE driving...
That's horrible! What a creep! That's not one bit funny!
Not going to be married for long :)
hahahhahahah awesome  man . i really enjoyed this 
If you can't do this to your wife and have her be completely over it very shortly thereafter, you married the wrong woman. You should be trying to find a new relationship. You're in jail.
Some of the crabs leaving negative comments about a guy having fun with his family need to learn to live a lil. Get a life. I can picture all of you grouches alone. Dont like it. Then dont watch it period. This is great hahahahaha
That was funny.  Does your wife still love you?  
lmfao!!!  omg that was hilarious!!  
That most foolish of men is not long for this world, I'm afraid.
hahahahahahaha oh my god that hurt.
To damn funny, but not a good idea if your wife was pregnant or has a heart problems...LMFBO
funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She should c how he likes it if he were to wake up dangling on the end of a bungy cord /chloroform lady get some
J'aimerai avoir la traduction en francais si possible?
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