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Google+ is a great social network, but it could be better. Here's how:
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Chris Pirillo and 234,302,102 of your friends posted about Ghost Towns
The "ghosts" on G+ are far more substantial and alive than the spooks on Facebook, the Hindenberg Zeppelin of Social Media.
Es ist einfach familiärer.
Trotz der zahlreichen Schmuckstücke wirkt das Bildnis jedoch nicht überladen.
Good ideas, especially about the hangout moderation and cat photos.
Good article. The repetitive posts is the biggest annoyance here for me. I too would love to see the grouping of shared posts. The thing I love most here is the hash tag trends. I love being able to search a subject and stick with it for a while and interact with people based on those specific subjects.
Missed the big one that people have been complaining about since day 1: The lack of ability to segment or otherwise divide up and direct your public postings. People don't post enough stuff public because that ends up going to everyone who's circled you, without any consideration as to why they circled you. (I know that I often don't post something public or at all, simply because it would clutter up the streams of my followers while only being of interest to a few of them.)

Some people may have circled you because they like the funny cat pictures you post publicly, but others may have circled you because they like your views on politics. Without you asking every single person who ever circles you "what do you want to see from me?", you can't divide them up into circles so that they get the appropriate content. Personally, I think they should solve the problem by allowing us to designate certain of our circles as open to public add/deletes, so that strangers could put themselves in the appropriate circle of ours. But others have suggested other methods.
One thing they could do is fix their latest snaffu with their mobile app. I can't freakin' read my stream anymore... I just get really big pictures and a few words from the first sentence of each post. To read it, I have to open each post... which is not going to happen. Fortunately, I had a back up of the prior version and restored that (Android only... I don't know how (or even if ) it's possible to do that on iOS, so I'm stuck with the latest one on iOS.
+Matt Ryan - Sure, I could share just the cat pictures with my CatLovers circle. The problem is ---- how the heck do I know who the cat lovers are? For example, if you were to circle me right this instant and start seeing my public posts --- how do I know that you circled me because you like my silly grammar jokes, or that you circled me because you find my political posts interesting, or that you circled me because you happen to be interested in meeting people with the rare disease I mention in my profile? You, +Matt Ryan, are a total stranger to me, and I have no knowledge of your interests. Without me asking you (and each new follower) specifically and doing a lot of work-per-follower, I can't put you into the appropriate circle.

The other problem is that, my not-public posts are not searchable or discoverable by any stranger who might be considering following me. Just looking at my profile, would you even know that I had a CatLovers circle and posted funny cat pictures to it, or not?
+Matt Ryan I think what +Jennifer Freeman is talking about (correct me if I'm wrong Jennifer) is letting her followers subscribe to her circles. That way, she doesn't have to figure out who likes what. They can just put themselves in whatever circles she's published.

It would be important that your posts to these circles, that are also seen publicly, should publicly show which circle(s) you posted to, with a subscribe button or checkbox beside it. And maybe a "hide" button to, so I, as her follower, can hide all cat photos from her, but see all her Android posts, for example.

I've been wanting this for a long time too. Instead, I have to ask things like, "Who's interested in Linux?" or "Who's interested in rooting their phones?" and then I have to manually move people into those particular circles, and I know that there are lots of other people that follow me that missed that post where I asked, so they didn't get in the proper circles.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Interesting ideas, Chris. One of the suggestions I have is to unify the disparate chat apps so that it is easier to communicate no matter if you are using the mobile app or the desktop one. I realize that hangouts is the hip part of G+ to promote, but there are people such as myself that prefer not to have that style of interaction. Maybe someday, but not until I have more friends and family here.
I, for one, am happy that there is no public write API to Google+. The moment that Google does one will be the moment that you will just see everyone piping in their Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network posts into G+, and thus making it FriendFeed 2.0. At least now, I know that if you post something here, you actually use the service rather than just making it a dumping ground for other social posts or just another way to spam folks.
Open APIs often spell disaster. Rogue apps, phishing exploits, spam machines, user control panels to improve a UI that gets worse with each new upgrade, dysfunctional plugins, and decrease in platform quality due to over-reliance on widgetry.
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