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Scott T
thanks man you just made my day :)
where is my ring you mothe......aaaaaaaaa lol
i can't wait to watch this movie!
Family Guy sucks. Ergo - this is gonna suck, too.
a foul mouth, pot smoking bear? i`m there ;)
hell yea lmao.. its gonna b awesome
What happened to all of the usuall PC BS we normally see?
What Teddy Ruxpin should have been
I wish my bear would come to life. This has to be hilarious
lol that bear is the fusion of Peter Griffin and Brian.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. "So I guess this is drawing the line "
i hope no children allowed. they won't be able to see a teddy bear the same!!!!
hehe...Thunder Song ".....Fuck you thunder, you can suck my dick...."
that is so inapropret!!!!!! some kids are on gmail!!!!! dude im only 8!!!!!!
Brian P
haha..uhmm, oh wow,, WTF?!?!?!
From the still it looks like Jodi Foster's "The Beaver"
I wondered what had happened to Chris Pirillo, haven't see you since Tech TV.
so... is this like a parody of Wilfred? or is this actually a movie, but they just copied Wilfred?
I want to see this movie. VO. I fear translations will make him sound like a clown.
Gives a weird meaning to 'TED Talks'.
me two seth macfarlane i love you and family guy wuv iiit!
I really thought i wouldn't like this for some reason, but it had me #LIRL
Definitely need to see this movie and get one of those bears.
"Guys, guys, listen. No, listen! I've got an idea for a movie. No, shut up, listen! Take this show we're watching now, this Unhappily Ever After bullshit, remove the family and just leave the bunny. Okay? With me? Okay, now put it into a love story. It'll be just like Wilfred without the loser! Wait, where are you going? Fine, I'll do the fucking thing myself." --Seth McFarlane
it keeps freezing up on me but i watched it on you tube it is funny :p
ma name is evan bitch
oh hell to the no
dont u b fukin wit me
and stealing ma name
That's really cool can't wait to see it.
As a life-long arctophile I'm telling' ya, this is stupendous. I wonder how much trouble I'm gonna get into trying to get 27 bears into a theater to see it?
Er Vin
That teddy bear's voice lol
thoght that mybe the bear was gonna ... u know what
that is the funniest shit right there :)
Marky Mark is growing on me with his comedy...and Seth can do no wrong LOL. Mila Kunis can do what ever she wants...I already forgiven her for "No Strings Attached"....or "Friends with Benefits" ...which ever one she was in....
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I laughed so hard I hurt my husband's ears while he was wearing headphones four feet away! :-D
Oh my! I sure wasn't expecting that. But funny!
That looks like an awesome comedy! Can't wait till it comes out in New Zealand!
This movie looks so wrong in so many ways. I'm going to have to see it.
"okay..thats where we draw the line..."
Best ted movie ever - cuddle that beatches
My wife showed me this last night we laughed so hard - I hope the rest is just as good!
They better make a movie with an adult Calvin in it. That, or something about Christopher Robin, all of his stuffed animals, and drug use.
very funny!! can't wait to see it.
So basically Seth McFarlane ripped off Wilfred.
Unhappily Ever After
Greg The Bunny

This idea is totally original.
This brought the biggest laugh today, whats scary is it needed this form of profanity to bring it out.... hmmm interesting
Well, I think it looks raunchy and offensive... I'm pretty sure I'll love it.
Boundary pushing? You're right. It pushes my perception of how stupid everyone can be off the edge. Family Guy isn't funny. All of the characters are the same with an exception of one or two traits. This movie is no different. The bear is the same character we've seen as: Peter, Brian, Stewie, Stan, and Steve. Same motifs. Same "humor". Come on guys. Laugh at things deserving to be laughed at; original things. It's like people going to 9GAG thinking that site has anything humorous. It's more duplicate content from something that used to be funny. Google Panda should be striking THIS from the search engine, not user-created sites or link farms. People feel a need to fit in, so they will continue to laugh at things other people think is funny until everyone decides it's not anymore.
the bear is fucking cute he sounds like peter maybe he is peter
Looks like it would be funny I want to see it
Someone needs to tell the pair of them that thunder is harmless. It's the lightning that gets ya every time ....
Going to see tis it look really like family guy ha
Hahahahaha hilarious!! Can't wait to watch this movie!
I like it but it is a knock off of Wilfred and others as mentioned above, imaginary homeboy for life. So, Kunis is going to want to move on and move him out, so what does he do to win her heart and our hearts and get to stay in Marky Mark's life? Save her life? Save Mark's life? Win some money? Save a kid's life? Or does it go the other way and Ted has sex with Kunis to split her and Marky up? Or trick Marky into having sex with someone else, maybe a stuffed giraffe? Or Quagmire can throw a killer party and Kunis catches Marky getting busy and leaves him and Ted to be bros for life. This is going to be a real nail biter.
family guy live (bearly)
i love family guy :P
i wanna see this so freaken bad!!!!!!
haha lol the bear does look like the snuggle
i saw the trailer on t.v it was funny and don't lt kids under 13 wach this!!!
looks cool,gotta be stoned to watch that
We already have enough screwed up tV programs about families
Sooo funny 'fuck u thunder u can suck my dick'.
First The Simpsons. Then Family Guy. First Wilfred. Now this. Where's the originality. Where's the fun. Where's Waldo?!
Z Haque
Yeah finally!!!
Cool waiting for this mov!!!!!
- -
Lmao didn't expect TED
God damn that looks funny as shit!
As funny as shit gets though, right?
I don't get it. A friggin' TEDDY BEAR? Really!?
How is it not funny? I was howling the whole time. It's a grown up Calvin and Hobbes.
errrr.Ted is real!
Laughed out loud all by myself!
he or she i know can not hold it in u get to laugh out
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