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How does the new Yahoo! Axis compare to other browsers?
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Axis of evil? Or did everybody else think of that one already.
"That isn’t happening since Yahoo! most likely won’t even know that I wrote this article."

Because they refuse to Google it? :D

+Paul Williams, I thought the same thing. :D
I agree, Derren. Google has taken my sights away from Firefox and IE. And I am quite pleased with its extensibility through the App Store for the browser. And it links up to my Droid tablet and syncs across my Mac and Windows machines! What's to improve or replace?
What is this Axis browser thing? I thought "Oh, I'll download it and check it out." No browser, it added a stupid search box add on type of thing to my Firefox browser. The worst part is that it slows things down and I am not yet sure how to shut it off or remove it.
More to come, I am sure.
OK, so I removed it from my Firefox easily enough. But, if you were Yahoo, why would you hype this thing? It's a browser add on for Firefox, nothing more....
The browser gives control and integration. You can feed results or act as default on many services once you integrate.
+Paul Williams The article is about the Axis Browser and as the second sentence of the article says:
"... its browser, called Axis, is currently only available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod."
+Paul Gallon Yes, I understand what the article says (I read it) and if you watch the video it states that Axis is available for non Apple products, but only as a plug in.

What is the good in trying to add another plug into a browser? Lots of people have converted to Apple, but there are many more that are still using a PC. IMO The browser plug in wasn't a good choice if you were going to attempt to have people convert. It simply doesn't work the same as a stand alone browser.
I was excited to see if the plug in might possibly work well enough that I might consider using it instead of the trusty old Google search box. Not a chance.....
Yahoo probably fired the windows team in the latest set of layoffs
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