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Tim Cook apologizes for the state of Maps, explains WHY, and what many of us (myself included) suggested earlier: use free alternatives, including Google Maps.

So, yeah - it was a reasonable way to respond. 
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in fairness, at least he didn't say "You're using it wrong."
+Chris Pirillo has this happened before? Has Apple ever admitted a mistake and apologized?
Not that I can recall. Maybe there's hope for them yet.
+Christopher Gaul 

Original iPhone pricing...

And those are just recent.  I'd even count Ping as an admission of a mistake lol
Of course on the downside he actually recommended Bing. Bahaha!
Apple has had it's share of flops, but most of them get better over time. I'm confident maps will follow the course. Apple TV -> Apple TV 2, Macbook air to current gen Macbook Air, MobileMe -> iCloud
+Vincent Ferrari as I recall they pussyfooted are actually admitting fault or failure in those instances.
Here you have the actual CEO saying it plainly, officially, and directly on their own website. And with no BS excuses.
+Christopher Gaul So you're implying its a more mature and grown up Apple based on this response. No more "you're holding it wrong" BS. Good for them.
I can't help but point out that this wouldn't be an issue on Android. Even if Google screwed up this bad and refused to fix it, the open source nature means that custom ROM developers would have the crappy maps ripped out and replaced already. There would then at least be options. Jailbreaking only gets you so far on iOS without the source.
+Jason Elrick well, I'm saying it looks like they could (finally) be leaning in that direction. But it's early. Time will tell if it's a change in attitude/direction, or a one time fluke.
Frankly, I think all the recent public humiliation is just what they need. They've become way too arrogant and being knocked down a peg or two might be just what they need to become more humble and customer focused.
+Christopher Gaul I would definitely prefer a more humble Apple. The elitist attitude gets really old and it's very apparent in their gag inducing promotional videos. I still really like their products but I could live without the over bearing "we are the best" chanting.
+Jason Elrick actually that link tends to prove my point. He's having all kinds of trouble getting it to work clean and stable. You can't tell me having source wouldn't make it easier.
I'm still waiting for Google's apology for Orkut, Buzz, Wave, Health.....
Well, buzz and wave both had most of their core technologies integrated into other products such as Plus, Docs, and Gmail. The real time collaboration and social aspects are all apparent.
+Jason Elrick I agree. The thing I hate most about Apple is knowing what they could be if they were all about the customer, and spent more money on research and focus groups.
They, above anyone else, have the potential to make the most truly amazing products on the planet. Instead they waste that potential, stifle innovation internally and externally, and waste their time making pretty vending machines wrapped in barbed wire.
+Christopher Brightwell no comparison. Google makes it very clear that they will try things publicly with no guarantee of success or permanence. That's why they label everything as beta for so long. Very different from Apple who have built their image on only selling things that are polished and perfect. They set that bar for themselves so that's why they are judged by it.
+Christopher Gaul I don't know if i'd take it that far. They have a cycle where they innovated heavily for the introduction of a new product and then only slightly evolve it over time only to innovate heavily near the end of that products life cycle for the next big iteration. Case in point, OS9 to OSX transition and the 5-6 versions that followed up to 10.6 that really made it a complete OS.

I see the same thing with the iPhone in this case. Little changes over time but a big starting point. You've go to remember what the phone industry was like before that. The Razr was the most popular phone. Early android prototype phones looked like black berries and early ones even had the little bubble thing to navigate and hardware keyboards. Apple puts their best forward every once in a while, then they tweak that thing for a long while afterwards. Look how slowly they've rolled out features on the phone.
Actually, iOS 6 has been fine for me - a few glitches (which I reported) but no real showstoppers.

I'm kinda sick of countering the specious "Apple isn't innovating" arguments, too. Have you seen an iPhone 5 display - or read what several display experts have said about it? Can't get there without innovation.
I'm sick of specious "Apple innovates" arguments. They don't innovate spit. They send specs to suppliers.
And creating a 16:9 display 2 years after everyone on the market is not innovation, especially when the damn thing isn't even HD which means all content will be inferior to look at as it will be scaled.
Christopher: you have an opinion, as do others. There's a difference between a fact and what you espouse.
+Christopher Gaul I'm sorry but I find that to be a weak excuse. If Apple was to say "this might suck but just give it a try" tunnel-visioned fandroids would point and laugh. Forever in Beta is basically taking that approach. Don't get me wrong, I think there there can be good business reasons for using the spitball approach to services/apps. But, handing out back-handed compliments to Apple for doing what Google has never done (in my memory) is short sighted in my view.
Well, Apple may be seeing the light (possibly), but clearly the droning on of it's apologists will continue for a lot longer.
They keep making shinier vending machines and calling it "innovation".
Meanwhile Google is making self driving cars. 
This map issue is such a bunch of overblown hot air. There are many map options available. I think Apple fans should start listing all the times google maps places companies in the wrong places, it happens people and they have had a 10 year head start. To not download IOS 6 because of a map app is rather lame. Just load G Maps onto your home screen and everything wil be fine. Tell me how many times has your Garmin sent you to a wrong place?
Hey Christopher? Stop pissing in everybody's Cheerios. It's tapping my patience.
+Trey Genda For me, share sheets and shared photo streams was totally worth it. To a lesser degree, updating apps without entering a password is nice. The maps aren't that bad, they just feel a bit buggy here and there. The nav kept wanted me to make U-turns when there was clearly a left turn at the intersection.
Sure, Trey. Let me get on that list for you (and others).

Christopher, no I'm not going to "get over it." If YOU don't like something, YOU don't have to get or support it - but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and let you continue to run roughshod over others without ANY constructive assertions or consideration.
At least it's an apologize which may help some frustrated apple customers mentally.
+Trey Genda Last word I heard on it was that Google hasn't submitted it yet and they are about 2 months away from a finished product. As Apple had a year remaining on the Google Maps license they (Google) were kind of hit off guard with the announcement of Apple's maps. does work pretty well from Safari.

iOS 6 also has do not disturb (which I have set to turn on every night from 12 (midnight) to 7 am) and just nice little touches all over the OS. You can get a good idea of all the changes here
There are over 15 thousand Apps related to maps applications on the App Store 
The maps Satnav app I have Used sense I got the 3GS is Sygic Europe version. I love it works like a Dream for me I recommend it There Is a USA version +Chris Pirillo
I'm not denying that the app has issues but for the last week I've been travelling for business in Dallas and Austin. As an experiment I only used Apple's maps. In only one instance did it lead me off track. Frustrated, I consulted Google's maps. Guess what? They boffed it too. I then went to the TomTom app. It found a different address for the movie theater I was looking for. In the end, that wasn't quite right either. I did find the theater by using my eyes, some common sense, and by using all the maps to triangulate in.

My takeaway was that one shouldn't rely solely on one source nor should one fall in love to heavily with an app.
This is a waste of time. Until they allow the Google Maps app, Apple sucks!
+Steven T. Tipmore II how do They suck? What Apple Done was a good move. look maps Integrate better now With Siri in a big Way now and with apples own Apps like Camera iPhoto Etc. apple give you navigation Flyover .apple are Just getting started yes There are bugs but so it is new . Google maps ware ok but Not great in IOS 5. Google maps will be Better as a Third-party app and Maybe in IOS 7 Apple will Allow you to Change your default in maps and Browser Etc. Maybe lol . I use maps from Sygic I have Used them sense the 3GS Came out that is Three years now To navigate me Google maps couldn't do that in IOS so I didn't use google maps on my iPhone so no Loss I will be using Sygic maps but it is good to have a free Navigation now 😄
+Steven T. Tipmore II why don't you just create a web button on your home screen for Gmaps? You would have access to the maps you like and I doubt it would feel that different from the old iOS5 native app. Problem solved, no?
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