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Google already had Blogger - why did they invent Google+ to replace it? I mean, it's more like Blogger and YouTube than it is ANYTHING like Facebook or Twitter.
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+Chris Pirillo Its more like Blogger reduced to bare bones blogging without inline photo placement and YouTube without blogging.
Jon Dye
most people don't like the blogger brand. end of story
I wonder if it might be more successful if it marketed itself as social blogging? I think the key difference between blogger and g+ is the feeling of isolation--that there is no necessary unified experience and the 'follow' feature on blogger is so clunky it's laughable. It's easier to throw an interesting blog into Reader.
I disagree, Chris. I have many more actual 'convesations' on G+ than I ever had at any of those other sites... Or did I miss the subtle <troll> flag from your post? ;)
Google+ feels more like Facebook or Twitter than Blogger to me. On Blogger, it feels like you're meant to have longer blog posts with formatting and media, whereas on Google+ it's more like "type your text and you can embed one picture or video."
+Chris Pirillo I can see a bit of correlation between G+ and Blogger. However, G+ has been a much better experience as far as actual sharing and communicating. It should be developed further and I am sure that it will. But, if it does start to mimic Facebook it will loose all credibility.
Certainly. Let's tear it down, shall we? I have tried blogging a few times, and found I lack the commitment to create content consistently. The point being, I've used blogger, WordPress, Drupal, MovableType, etc. I've also done LiveJournal, My_, Facebook, and Twitter (plus LinkedIn and Plaxo, but for slightly different reasons.) I don't quite see your suggestion that G+ is a replacement for Blogger. It's different...many would say better. But I concede you CAN do the same thing with G+ that you do with Blogger if you are creating and sharing content. For those who socialize on Social Networks, I think G+ is very different from Blogger. If it's at all like blogging, it would be 'Blogging Lite: Just 64 calories'.
Jon Dye
Blogger, unlike G+, actually feels like a ghost town.
The more time on Google+ the more I'm starting to view it as a set of tools, google just gives us the tools, and we use them to create whatever we want. You do traditional blogging , micro blogging, photo sharing. I'm really digging searching for people posting about things I'm interested in and being able to easily interact with them, more so than twitter.
+Matt Atkinson plus'd for truth. Google+ is an added tool for not only finding information about the topics I am interested in but also finding people with the same interests. That is what makes it superior in my estimation.
+Matt Atkinson i agree completely, you can use it for what ever you want, I've got multiple circles for each different activity type i do. Blogging, following, and something like facebook.
I'm waiting for Blogger to be eol unless you have a domain name pointing at your blog.
I tried to keep a blog and it's impossible to get noticed! hopefully plus becomes more social
I prefer this, over them all. I thought Facebook got too crazy. I have an account, but I seldom do anything, there
+Jeff Pettorino, I have experienced the same thing
I use blogger to post detailed. I use G+ to post picture & blurb with a link to the full blogger post. Keep contemplating using wordpress, but the doesn't have enough features to justify the move, and I can't shell out money for the so I'm stuck with blogger.
G+ seems to be able to do whatever the user wants with it. I really like the flexibility and diversity I've seen on here.
I do not think Google + is a blog replacement so comparing it to Blogger is like comparing apples and oranges. Comparing Blogger to WordPress would be more like it actually.

+Mike Rector the cost of a domain is cheep and to use which is self hosted WordPress is about 5-8 dollars a month for hosting via a web host. Not that expensive.

The real question is Google+ and Facebook eliminating blogging and my answer is NO. Blogging is still as powerful as ever.
I love Blogger and I love G+ too - both for different reasons and different uses.
Please stop comparing it to everything else, I love to share with my family and some friends because almost everyone is on facebook see my feeds, videos, I really like it.
It's hard to compare it to any one thing. But it does take the best of a lot of things and put them in one place. I love the integration with Picasa for starters. I would love to see them integrate music into G+ as well giving it somewhat of a touch. I like how you can follow people and in a lot of ways it is similar to tumblr in that respect. The only real advantage I have seen that facebook has right now is the app sand 3rd party api stuff. I would love to see more hangout apps and games too.
+David Kutcher MY big issue with blogger or any social media site is you do not own your own content. Why still having your own self hosted blog or web site is very important.
+Robert Cairns what are the risks of not owning your own content? Not baiting you, I'm truly curious...I've not had to consider this point before.
+Robert Cairns if that is your concern you can do 2 things: 1, have the site under your own domain so it's easily transferred, and 2, when your publish content to your Blogger site, have it automatically double-posted to a 2nd, private-access blog on a different service such as a free blog. Basically use that 2nd blog as a free backup service. This is easy to do using
may be Google want to integrate everything in one bundle, I think....who knows
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