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Have you met my grandpa? He's 96:
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ouuuuuuuu is great so I want to be at that age!
Reminds me of my Dad, W5UWS. Similar rigs in many ways, same type equipment.. Same kinda insouciant spirit. Now I'm 68, and nostalgia is deep. Kool Grampa.... Thanks for the memories..
lol!@1:16 grandfather pirillo looks like: i'll plea the 5th! xD ".. any real famous people?
Brings back memories .. I build my crystal radio when I was 14 in 1960.
Interesting collection picked up from his walks.
He said: "Hope you make a pile of money Chris" :-)
Good stuff! Your gramps sounds like he has some good stories!
yay , Joe is in there too, the awesomeness of this video got multiplyed by 2.
There is an old saying about apples and trees.
radio communications like that is like Internet today !
Congratulations ! great report !
Cheers Mr.Lamberti from Argentine !
That was a fun video of your grandfather. Lots of cool stuff in that video. :)
The grandfather (deceased) on my father's side would have been 101 years old if he hadn't died in 1983 with a tumor. My grandfather (alive and well) on my mother's side is 79 years old, and will turn 80 11/3/12. He just learned how to turn up the volume on his cell phone.
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