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Stayed up late to put this together. Would appreciate your feedback (and shares):
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Yep, agree. Desktop is not center piece any more besides enterprise (but that too will change soon)
Great post by +Chris Pirillo it further highlights the possibility of Microsoft sinking and being another Vista experience.

Note I am an avid Apple user, but I moved from Microsoft (after 20 years) to Apple 3 years ago. And it is true, that once you jump ships, you do not go back.

I have a work supplied Dell with Microsoft (which is now two years old), and it crashes all the time, then the overall UX of Microsoft including gestures is just not well intuitive. And I am an Microsoft expert user. With all this grief of using the laptop and the Microsoft platform, I decided to use my own MacBook Pro at work. The proof in the pudding is that my Mac rarely crashes and everything always works, plus I am at least 50%-70% faster in getting work done than my colleagues.

With the upcoming release of Microsoft 8, when I first saw the initial interface 6 or so months ago - I thought how can they get it so wrong.

It fascinates me how companies can get it so wrong sometimes. So if Microsoft to not re-invent themselves I can see them either being acquired by another company one day or going out of business, similar to what will happen with the Blackberry.. Grand statement I know.. But I am will to bet on it.
I think you're right, +Chris Pirillo, but I'm less sure that it's going to be such a doable turnaround for Microsoft. Now, I'm no programmer surely, but it does seem to me that shifting the paradigm they've already rolled out might be hard on software vendors (changing from the program triggering the UI, to having the OS handle that). I don't know how "baked in" the preview's approach is, in the context of Microsoft's communications with major developers, but it could be a problem. How many resources have already been invested?
I also installed the Windows 8 Dev Preview and my experience was similar to your father's. While I was able to go back and switch between User Interfaces, I found it useless.. It is something like an Ostrich-donkey kinda mix. Where the hell did my CP go? I guess the purpose is to kill many birds with a stone. Compute continuum - using the same OS across many types of devices. I think it is possible when the OS is able to do complex tasks using a streamlined, easy to use interface.
My Windows machine never crashes. I am not sure what people are running or more importantly downloading that their machines crash all the time. Windows 8 will be a success.
I never thought I would see the day where I have seriously decided that my next cycle of personal computing needs will all be slowly migrated to everything Apple.

In the next 2 - 5 years? I think Microsoft is going to go just like Motorola did. They got cushy from being the tech lead in the industry and failed to market it right to consumers. They just don't win consumers anymore with brute force (money.) Sure maybe this Windows 8 may not be all that bad....just like the Motorola Razor wasn't "all that bad" to resurrect their brand. I'm sorry....but they are a little late when it comes to me. I'm switching over to apple atleast the next 5 years.
and does this need a commercial..absorbed in deep thinking eh, hope to discover more and don't forget to share your knowledge to us if it be fit for us to absord it because you seem to be an expert to it!
This is why I continue to follow you, +Chris Pirillo. You tell it like it is. And yes, you are not hating on Microsoft//Windows; you're just saying what is wrong with Windows 8, and that they need to pay attention and make it better. If they don't listen and improve 8, they're really going to sink.
ah i see, it seems it needed great knowledge to build it up again and again, and it has to be of good value if it need not sink. i'm really learning from these posts and i know someday or just maybe now many are already turning an expert to this field and it is indeed fun to discover and rediscover... go..go..go guys!
and it so happened that we have similar thoughts, only you have good intuition, nice man, whenever you feel it please put it down on puter.
I like pirillo, too long article though :) a bit more synthesis and focus next time please.
I think it's ok, it's not their 1st lose anyway XD
Rio H
I've been using pc windows for more than 12 years and decided to make a switch to apple and bought used/second hand macbook pro from my dad 'cos i wanna learn programming xcode on mac. I've been using it for 6 months now for everything not only programming but for office work,graphic design and games i wish i get macbook sooner like 3 or 4 years ago. the learning curve is awesome and snow leopard os just works for me.
As for windows 8, the success on windows 8 is remain to be seen, would the consumers choose windows 8 tablet over android tablet / ios ipad with the price almost the same!?
on the other hand as for windows phone 7 like nokia lumia is gonna succeed eating android marketshare slowly.. I'm using samsung galaxy android now..but the first time i got my hands on nokia lumia trying it on local shop here i was kind of regret on buying android phone. Windows phone metro user interface really smooth over laggy android
My windows PC never crashes. I don't know what you guys are using
Its naive to think that Tablets will become the computers of the future. You CANNOT do much with a tablet. All i do is surf the web and read some email, when i wanna get work done i use my pc. All this "moving to Apple" is also ridiculous as well. The iPad sells because its a cool product, not because its just as powerful as a PC in terms of getting work done.
@James- Get a life? What are you 8 years old to use that phrase?
Personally I am quite agnostic to the OS I am using. I have used Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Tend to stick with windows because I like a lot of the apps that are available for it. BUT I do understand for non techies Mac OS is WAY easier to use. And as more and more people switch more and more apps will end up on that platform, at which point I would switch too. So I agree with +Chris Pirillo 's point on MS (and pretty much most consumer IT companies for that matter) not getting it.

Having said all that I do wonder why people have such buggy and crash prone window machines? Guess a lot of people are still using Vista or worse XP.
Great post, well written. It makes me worried though...I've been a Windows guy all my life (until the recent adoption of iphone, ipad, mac alongside my PCs), but I just don't believe Microsoft will turn it around in time...everything I've read seems to indicate they are proceeding straight forward with the current setup.
+Mark Zhang Worried of what? I just don't understand this! It just goes to show people are scared of change! I have been using Windows 8 and have found it amazing. It starts ups in less than 10 seconds for crying out loud!!!!! Its smooth, fast, reliable. The metro side is a nice addition. It allows you to use apps such as the kindle app, latimes, dictionary etc... The apps just make it easier to click and read what you wanna read. When I get into my "work" mode, i usually never see the metro side because i gotta use apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. Its EASY to not even get into it! If you do, its fast and doesn't bother me.
even with the flood of laptops and other innovations, i still settle with my pc especially desktop on windows 7, it doesn't give me problems and i work on even from day to night as it has been the routine for years, and i know with windows 8, many will grab the opportunity to have it as a sure recourse even with the flood of blackberry, iphones and others. a desk top is still a desk stop and you can rely on it for durability and it is ideal for work load. when it crack or give you problems, its just easy to call for an IT tech or even IT graduate like one we have here in our home, my nephew... unlike new innovations that it limits your space and you can't accumulate it all in it. even pc notebooks does not match for a desk top. soon it wearies but the desk stop remain durable. it always pays to heed for the original, even apples before are durable and little by little, technology progresses but it all started from this, a humble innovation moreso with the birth of the microsoft and Bill Gates would never be a s wealthy as he is now if this did not click in the market... i'll better watch for the new surprise microsoft 8 will do or as they say Windows 8... less trouble minus the value, but it remains durable, even to its great and perfect finish! however still we welcome varied innovations even with our cellphones and laptops.
The last time I used a Windows machine at home, was back when XP was fairly fresh and new, so I am wondering how I would feel using Windows 8. The idea of a mix of Metro and regular desktop seems odd to me, when I hear about it, but things can be some what different in person. Although my curiosity does stop at actually purchasing a PC
+Lisandro Orozco You're missing the point, it's got nothing to do with being "afraid of" change (who are you to judge anyway?) If Microsoft wants to change, change ALL THE WAY, or make 2 separate versions like Chris mentioned. What I'm afraid of is their philosophy of "one OS to rule them all". If there is any truth in business, it's “Trying to make everybody happy will make nobody happy.” They're caught dead center in the middle, not a great desktop environment nor a great tablet environment.
+Alroy Ndhlovu Exactly, its a really tweaked out, smoothed version of Windows 7 with Metro slapped on top of it. In terms of speed and stuff, its amazing. The Metro adds a cool touch that you can use when you are just relaxing.
hahahahaha, let's watch for its new thing. but for me i'm already contented with Windows 7.
Tim Box
I tried the first preview on a net book and its horrible! I'm going to stick with Win 7
+Mark Zhang Whoa there buddy, every time something changes (i.e. twitter, facebook, youtube) you have a HUGE uproar... then it just disappears. If they go all the way in one direction they will be criticized HARSHLY because of driver support, program support etc etc etc. Two different version would just create another IOS where you can surf the web, play some games, read some email and that's it. No real work. People would criticize that comparing it to Windows Phone 7. I think Microsoft is taking a bold step in allowing Aero stay because it allows you to use programs on a tablet you normally couldn't use. I know, I know, the programs we use now can't be used on ARM devices, but they just need to be tweaked a bit. On a full fledged tablet though, you could use metro, and switch to Aero to use a desktop program you would normally use. Its a lose lose situation for Microsoft in terms of the response to whatever direction they take, but its a positive bold step that NEEDED to be taken. If you don't wanna use metro, DONT USE IT. Easy as that. Microsoft didn't remove anything from the typical desktop, besides the start button, and if you have a problem with that, then you're crazy.
The desktop is for productivity. Win7 works great there. +Chris Pirillo I agree that Win 8 looks like a backward step. Your main point is that Microsoft have lost the plot, which I agree. They are such a shambles I want to move to Linux! Maybe Android will fill the gap. And no I do not like the Apple way any better than Microsoft.
+Mark Armstrong What is it exactly that they have been in shambles? The past three years Microsoft has stepped it up on all fronts. Why would Windows 8 make you move to Linux? Because they removed the start button? Your complaint is the one I see the most, I just don't understand the reasoning behind it!
Why? they can always make a new one...
maybe this is just a misconclusion of how far we can stick with the old trade, if it opens its new way for the metro or a aero it's for the experts to deals with it, little by little we can learn about these things. before we just stick on the programs of the windows but as years passed by it expands its uses from learning pagemaker, print artist and the like to new innovations such as three dimentional, multi-media, java and others... now we can even draw our engineering floorplans with the computer or our computer and even solve formulas and the like if i'm not mistaken... and its all about the old trade having its future use... in computers we always search for a new thing and everytime we are left behind if we don't learn and beat with the expertise but it always pays to have a durable piece and that is pcs moreso desktop pieces that can accumulate load and mix with different desires and even with the mere horrible thing of working with the media... soon our kids would venture in this new thing like metro and aero and not only scientist would have a use for this pieces and if computers get bigger the better, or i seem to be missing the real content of what you are telling about this thing called Windows 8 or Microsoft 8, then i would yield my idea.
Thumbs up for Microsoft. Sooner or later people will be fed up their foolishness and might looking for alternative OS such ubuntu / linux and snow leopard (mac)
+Lisandro Orozco its a marketing shambles. A lack of cohesion in offerings and very confusing branding. eg Office 2010. Office 365. Numerous versions of Win 7 (although the market has whittled it down to W7HP and W7PRO). Windows Live - what is that? Hotmail? Messenger? Silverlight? - why does that install? What is the built-in Win7 email client? How does anyone work out the best way to use Microsoft products - or even which ones to use - these days?
+erickurniawan Gunawan You know Linux will never be mainstream.
Mac has always been an alternative that has strengthened in terms of numbers, yet Windows 7 (the most recent system) sold more copies than Mac OS X could ever wish for.
yeah ma'am you hit the idea right...soon new things will fail but to the upgraded Microsoft it's a new thing to watch and to take opportune learning of even with the aero and the metro, what more can space bring to our eyes or multi-innovations reveal if we don't have the durability in the control of our hands! it will just slip away...
+Lisandro Orozco Yup. That's because there still many people find it convenient about microsoft brand. Try to make "Vista incident" on Windows 8, and we'll see what will happen (Lol)
Interesting points. The post PC world is still in it's nascent stages and whilst a pad is suitable for almost all mainstream home uses except heavy-duty gaming, the enterprise still has a lot of time invested in the horrors that are Office, Visio, Project et al. Most businesses will take whatever Redmond expectorates, even were it to set fire to your hair every time you used it. We all need Microsoft to fail. For the sake of the future of IT, we need to shake off this dead hand clutching at our wallets and strangling innovation. No cheers here for Apple either, although it is their products that have severley cracked the iron grip of MS, for they are quite possibly a worse IT tyrant-in-waiting with their paranoid control-freakery. We still live in the age of IT Empire and replacing one absolute ruler with another will yeild no benefit to the IT serfs. Only by revolutionary change, casting off the yoke of patents and toppling the absolute monarchs of software can we build a free future where we can all build on each others strengths. We are a long way from there today, but perhaps we see the first glimmers of a new future?
+erickurniawan Gunawan Yeah but remember, Vista was also an overhaul BUT was plagued with performance and drivers issues. Windows 8 has neither of those problems, performance wise, Windows 8 is probably the best out there.
hahahahaha.....maybe this is a thing to laugh about for the moment, it's becoming a pressure to us who just want to relax and invent new things, to yield with things to learn as if we are just eating candies and soon we have tooth decay... maybe the root of the problem here is the marketing, i agree, it seems i'm yielding already but once they find it sufficient for its durabilty many will flock to grab it and learn new things that they can control searching for adventure as we have with our computer games!
and let's hope also that siliconrepublic player would be a success for this matter... it's big also and can magnify small items and objects!
I like having debates like this... its refreshing.
pretty lame asking for people to share your shit article
favor alguem traduza este reportagem ai o meu tradutor google nao funçiona nao ta traduzindo este postagem ai .
Funny how people are thinking that Microsoft is slowly becoming a lazy fat cat in the industry. 90% of the business industry uses Microsoft, and its not because of laziness, its because it works better. Windows 8 is the most revolutionary operating system in recent memory. If anything, Apple has become the Microsoft of 5 years ago.
also +Christopher Donohue is a moron: "So if Microsoft to not re-invent themselves I can see them either being acquired by another company one day or going out of business"

Apparently he hasnt been in the WORLD recently.
I'm a Linux user, so this matter doesn't affect me. :)
David M
@Sulaiman- And your point?
I agree with this article in about a dozen seperate ways. The two environments, lack of Start button in classic mode, horrible experience for mouse users, really it's a tablet OS. If Apple are selling more tablets than Microsoft are PC's I guess there's your explanation right there. Maybe projection phones could project a 'desktop' type OS, while still using a mobile OS on the device itself?
Apple is not selling more ipads than pcs. They sold more ipads than any SINGLE PC manufacturer. As a whole, PCs widely outsold the iPad.
I've had the same install of windows s 7 since its release and I don't think it has ever crashed. I think Nero has crashed but the OS has been stable throughout and I have hundreds of programs which I have installed and uninstalled. I let smartdefrag and ccleaner take care of any maintenance.
because if they fail its end of the road for them.
+Major Bee I disagree. They have failed many times before and are still doing great. They seem to fail every other OS.
Interesting article and discussion overall. My thought is this. The post PC world is great when you are discussing content consumption in high connectivity environments. I have an iPad and use it for watching movies, reading the news, reading my email and browsing. But when I want to program, write, design or organize in any serious manner I pull out my laptop.

I think this is mostly because tablets haven't really come up with a good method for fast input and multi tasking. There are good things about tablets but they are not the end all be all of computing and I think for creative work will never match the ability to have a very large monitor or multiple monitors on a desk with a mouse and keyboard where you can do 40 to 50 WPM input into the device.

Second though is that I think the thing that Apple (and ofr that note Google) has been better at then Microsoft in the past 10 years is incremental growth in their software products. Yes they have brought out some huge game changers in the hardware arena and associated UI. OS X has seen 9 releases that I would classify as evolutionary rather then revolutionary in the past 11 years. Windows has seen 3. One of which I think we can reasonably call a disaster (Vista).

Microsoft likes to spend years developing a new OS intrnally then realease it into the wild and hope that it catches because they have such dominance in the enterprise market (which has seen 5 major releases of their server software in the same time period). If it doesn't work out you have years before they can get the next version out and in the meantime your user base is either struggling to keep your legacy system online or becoming disenfranchised with your current product and looking to move off to an android or Apple product to find something that works.

Bottom line, be evolutionary rather then revolutionary and you will be more responsive have a better reputation with your customers.
Great article. Actually, to me it highlights the problem with most of Microsoft's stuff. Seems they don't even know users exist half the time..
I'll use Windows 8 on tablets or smartphones...but on desktop PC, sorry I'll use Linux.
Windows is too frustrating. Take a simple task of setting up a multiser web server. In Windows it will take you many hours or days. On a Mac a few mouse clicks. That's just one example. Linux can do but it's more for tinkerers. If you find some software u like you have to find a build for your variant , if there is one, or spend hours researching how to compile it for your O/S. Upgrades are frequent and frequently break things since your dependencies might be different. OSX may not be the best but it's commonness let's you google solutions to problems which people have solved. There are always application builds available. It has enough built in stuff that developers can rely on base functionality being there and if there software doesn't work they are responsible for fixing it not you.
Nice read... and an excellent demonstration too. thanks to both you and your dad. :)
I agree with most of your article... although it is very Apple centric... yes iPad is the best selling tablet of all time, but as it did with the PC wars, it will decline in market share and Android tablets will dominate the landscape (as did the PC against Apple)... Apple is a formidable company but their modus operandi does not allow for market dominance... they ask for too much money and their closed architecture does not allow synergies to be formed between companies or protocols (as an example of this... their video calling app and messaging are both great... but only between iOS devices). From all the people I know that have smartphones, about 10 to 15 % of them carry iPhones the remaining 90 % have android devices. The post PC era is indeed here... but it will not be dominated by Apple.
I a read similar article, posing the exact opposite stance. Microsoft can afford a failure with windows 8 and that it will just be a catalyst for windows 9.
I personally don't think any company can "afford" a failure with there main product offering. Just get it right - right now Microsoft. Pretty close with Windows 8 being awesome.
I liked new features in Windows 8 but I can not say something is awesome. Many changes seems like they should have been added in Windows 7.
" I personally don't think any company can "afford" a failure with there main product offering." - WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 8
at current ms cannot get away by simply shipping os, a naked os in which u cannot do things right out of the box, i m a windows fanatic but look at os x it offers movie program, publishing program for web n print, video record application n what not, if ur someone who is a content creator soon it ll be a no brainer to go for a mac, excluding these software windows doesnt even look n feel good, we as a user dont deserve their crap anymore
My whole family is moving over our remaining windows machines to linux when upgrade is needed, which will cost me about 150-250$ per machine, beats any other os, and linux is moving faster than apple these days, not to mention that slow windows machines are fast on linux for another 10 years
I'm glad you wrote this +Chris Pirillo .. I am absolutely delighted, this is exactly the thought process I was going through and would've penned it sooner or later. Microsoft needs us now and not vice-versa but in-order to grab the mighty market(consumer) they need something which is more like X-box maybe. Windows 8 is incomplete, refinement is what it needs or something more miraculous for it to succeed on the desktop.
love the vids,, you look more and more thinner than ever.. trying to emulate jonah hill?
I have to say I tried the same test you put to your father on a couple of 9 year old kids (I felt sort of guilty ragging on you guys so much) - they got on just fine, and to prove it I will grab another couple next week when I have time to video it - so does that mean that you are too old or your dad is 'way too old', well I don't think so, it has to with 'thinking different'.

I have been beaten the proverbial out of the Win 8 dev release and now have the consumer preview on a laptop, a desktop and a tablet. The UI tries to be all things to all platforms and by and large succeeds. Different types of apps need different control. The one thing I would like to see is a metro box and a desktop box so I can split the screen into a zone for metro apps and a desktop where I can run conventional apps.

In terms of finding stuff on the network, printers, routers, shared files etc, it is the best Windows yet, in terms of speed, it is better than Windows 7.

It is almost the OS equivalent of the mullet - 'business up front and fun out back!'
I like how people keep saying Apple sold millions of iPads which must mean Microsoft is gonna fail. You still need a computer to type up reports and do any serious work beyond email. The computer isn't dead. Tablets won't replace computers, they are companions to computers.
Microsoft needs to change the name of Windows 8 to Windows Touch then it would all make sense. Windows 7 users will go on being happy and waiting for the real Windows 8 or whatever and touch/tablet users will be happy using Touch. Simple!
+Chris Pirillo Really Chris? Metro seems optimized for tablets, but when I use Windows 8 everything works perfectly fine with the typical Aero experience. Microsoft didn't cut the legs of tthe typical Windows experience, in fact they made it even better (performance) and just practically slapped metro to the side. You are complaining as if Microsoft removed things from the Aero experience, which is a lie. They just created a better UI if you want to use it on a tablet, but they didn't do ANYTHING negative to the Aero experience.
Chris dude... People have been saying the same thing about MS since Windows95 and MS is still kicking the crap out of Mac last I checked. Mobile devices are gadgets and not serious computers for those who know how to use one.
+Heath Bilbrey - Oh, I'm sorry. I thought Apple closed at $600 yesterday and Microsoft closed at $32? Boy, you're right. MS is still kicking the crap out of... what?
That's funny.. Your talking about stocks... How many Macs are in schools, and corporations? So Apple is the kewlest thing today... will it be tomorrow? So they make kewl gadgets people buy. So what. I am not talking about stock prices Chris. I am talking about people who actually use their PC's for business.
People buy allot of snow cones on hot days, does that make them the best? No... Because Apple has great marketing means they sell a superior product without flaws that everyone should be using?
Here are some comments from one satisfied Apple customer:

Apple’s net worth is $302.47 billion? I have a defective Macbook 2009 13 inch that has been in to be repaired 4 times within the first 6 months of having it and they act like replacing it would cause their business to go bankrupt. I bought this Macbook for $1000 brand new and after 2 months the hardrive had to be replaced. Then I had to take it back 2 months later to have the logic board and fan replaced. One month later I took it in because it was overheating and now the hard drive has gone on it again. I bought the computer strictly for school work and browsing the internet. I do not download music or do any sort of graphic designing so why so many issues? The computer is obviosuly defective, but god forbid Apple reaches into their pockets to correct the problem.
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