Shared publicly  - - From free Xbox, Groupon, Amazon, iTunes gift cards to free time on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T, if you didn't catch Free Apps when I first mentioned it, tap this link on your iOS or Android device. Been using it safely for about a year now. For the sake of completeness, I also use these programs: 

Free Starbucks Gift Cards:
Free App / PayPal money:
Free App Slots:
Free Bonus Cloud Storage:
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I really appreciate all these deals u give us Chris! :)
There's also AppTrailers (iOS and Android), and it's easier to get points with since you just watch a video instead of download an app, but AppTrailers itself is pretty terrible. Worth suffering through it to me, though. It has given me a free game (PC/PS3) every month this year!
+Synyster Emmanuel Check out AppBounty. It's international, and operates on the same premise as FeaturePoints. The people that run AppBounty are nice folks, too--they even added Xbox points as a redeemable prize, at my suggestion.
Are you referral harvesting? I downloaded it and it mentioned a referral code at launch.... So you are getting points for my downloads also?
too bad not available in malaysia!
Thanks, Chris. You always remind us and I appreciate it. Your blinking eyes are freaking me out. ;p
I can't find tht slot app! It's killing me that I can't find it !
What the app called I have iOS n I hit the link n it take me to freely apps do I find it by downloading through that or featurw
He's lieing to all of you 
Safa you are most likely totally right 
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