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Blah blah blah, something controversial. 
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Pretty sure you're wrong about that.
If mimicking has become original, how do we know if were copying the original or a mimick.
I can't believe you said that. That's so insensitive toward something controversial!
Finally, someone with the courage to speak the truth!
You're just a mindless fanboy, my thingy is way better than yours.
Your comment only proves that you are clearly outside the mainstream.
blah blah blah. something witty...
Blah blah blah something snarky. Straw man argument!
Geez people - come right - how dare you say Blah blah blah - and that on a public site where children can read it! This is very improper! Just think of the damage you are doing to the poor kids!
Creepy foreign guy shilling his blog.
I think I might start every sentence with blah, blah, blah now. It just seems to roll off the tongue. Thanks Chris Pirillo!
At last! Finally someone who stands up and shouts that out! Completly agree with you Chris
Comment, comment, comment, something non-trolly.
Attempts at reasoning, offers positive examples but finishes with snarky comment.
Chris, you are such an attention whore. Did anyone ever tell you that?
Absolutely right you are Chris! That stuff needs to be sorted out!
Yup, that's all you do now for some time Chris.
You're doing it wrong the sentence should read
Blah, blah blah, something controversial.
Your position is clearly wrong, only the other position could ever possibly make sense!
Non controversial is the new controversial. Who knew?
I agree whole heartedly to this post..

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As I said on TLDR yesterday: Convoluted scuttlebunk! ;-D
Awwww, Hell no!!! You didn't just blah blah something something
Damn straight! And I would blah blah blah something again! so blah blah blah! lol
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