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Ballmer, HIMSELF, said on stage: "We believe that any intersection between human and machine can be made better when all aspects of the experience — hardware and software — are considered and working together."

That's Apple's mantra, folks - and if Microsoft is following suit, then I wonder what's going to happen to the amazing Windows / PC ecosystem Microsoft fostered with independent companies from the beginning?

I've already gone on record stating that I'm very interested in learning more about the price, battery life, and general usability / experience with a Surface for Windows RT. There are a few commenters who have conveniently forgotten (or ignored) that flat fact. ;) 

Microsoft's Tablet PC wasn't ignored by the industry - we all knew about it. Still, the effort flopped due to cost and unwieldy usage issues. I'm guessing that most people who would rush to suggest (incorrectly) that Microsoft created the first Tablet computer never actually bothered to purchase a Tablet PC.

First never matters in a race that never ends - and you, the consumer, should wish for more competition (not less).
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I'm sorry didn't Microsoft invent the first tablet?
Bob Denny
Ballmer looks like the self-deluded megalomaniac that he is. He will sink Microsoft.
I can imagine Bill Gates watching the announcement of MS' tablet...
Wow, ... I was going to say something but it... wow.
Bob Denny
It's not who is first it's who that get it. Microsoft didn't get it. But Apple is really vulnerable. iOS is brain damaged. Apps are "beautiful" but insulated. Sandbox is BS not good.
All tech companies steal from each other, it's called R&D.
I'm sorry, are they part of the same meta-company spinning different variant models?
Does it really matter?
MS could have come out with a brick that dials up a 1440 baud modem and Apple would still sue them for some kind of patent infringement.
As an iPad owner and someone that thought the Surface (specifically the TypeCover and TouchCover) looked cool, I wonder if car geeks argue over who had the first idea of a car each time a new car comes out.

Is it so important for either to be first rather than both being good? In fact, didn't Jobs say "We're not going to be the first to the party, but we're going to be the best."? Let's give them both a fair shake. :)
Every single company protects its patents (or they buy 'em) - Google included. That's business.
Patents are that fine line, well done it protects the inventors rights to the dream of success. Done badly it reduces progress that everyone could be benefiting from.
Bob Denny
The patent landscape is corrosive beyond belief.
Competition is good and as far as tablets go, BOTH of these companies have copied each other and many others that have been doing this for a lot longer.

The problem is that Apple will say "we won't be the last" and yet they then turn around and try to sue anyone that makes anything even remotely close to resembling what they've done even though they copied it in the first place.

Uniformed rounded edges, the colour black, the rectangular shape...  sue sue sue!!

It seems they welcome competition so long as the competition is making something else entirely.
If there is no payoff to invention, progress fails just as much as everyone benefiting from it. Taking something from someone is not really right anyway.
Can't really call this a "steal", Microsoft is wasn't best but they were sure as hell before Apple to the tablet table.
Robert Cox
+Chris Pirillo Least capable meaning it does things inferiorly when placed next to comparable products of the same class. Once these are released I would like to get a hands on with one and then fully form my opinion. From the demo they showed, this is a more capable device then any "Tablet" out on the market today. The office suite, the ability to multitask, and the ability (this only applies to the pro) to run desktop class software makes this a superior product if we look at it from a technical perspective. Subjectively it could go either way.

I personally see this as the first, in my opinion, real tablet PC. It actually made me want a tablet because this is something i can do real work on. IPad, i cant write programs and test them with it, Android tablet's, getting closer with the keyboard but still cant test the program, but the Surface, if its done correctly it will be the first REAL (my opinion) tablet computer that has a chance at prying me away from my desktop.
I don't get it, why did Jobs keep changing the name of the tablet during the presentation? 
saga II
Wasn't if first introduced in 2002 by bill gates and called tablet pc. then apple copied it..
It was first introduced by the writers and creative minds behind sci fi we enjoy like Star Trek and 2001.... then someone thought to put real processor power to it.... but now they stifle innovation with the "We made it first" crap
Why would Apple sue MS? Not only do they have a "peace agreement" but MS owns a large stake of Apple stock.

Also, Steve Ballmer is one ugly human being...
+BJ Cardon And Bill Gates was the man Steve Jobs called for Cash when he needed to get Apple back on it's feet.  Very few Apple Fan boys realize or should I say, Remember, that Microsoft helped Apple back on their feet to avoid Monopoly court.
Fujitsu Point 510 (Windows 95), 1997
Fujitsu PenCentra 130 (WinCE), 1999
Dynabook, 1968. I really don't think Apple can win this "first" debate at all! You know, because they weren't.
Microsoft and Apple are both patent trolls.  Microsoft has been threatening Linux for years over patent crap.  They also made sure that SCO stayed solvent to keep the Linux lawsuit alive... which of course they lost.
An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Unfortunately not for Steve Jobs.. :(
+Chris Pirillo You are a such a Macfag. Bashing anything that's not Apple just to get more Jewgold from them. I swear it almost seems you get paid to just criticize anything that doesn't have a aluminum finish on it. What makes you so qualified to say that x is better than y? What sort of degrees or certifications do you actually have to prove that one hardware platform is better than another? CompTIA A+? Network+? A Cisco Cert perhaps? Or are you just a guy who sits on his ass, makes a crappy show about tech, and just rants and raves about shit? You could have been better, like a server administrator, network technician, or even a programmer. Seriously? If this is all you do, then you probably need to find a better career.
In my opinion I think competition is a good thing, it keeps prices down and allows us to have options.....
It is all about an individual choice, and that is something we should all have, yes?
But Bill Gates introduced the Tablet PC in 2002.
I don't think "steal" is an appropriate word to use. Challenge would be better in the title, and avoid a needless debate over who did what first.

I'm excited for surface tablets. Apple products never appealed to me, price wise mainly. I also found the Apple community very close minded, but that is any fan boy (and let's face it, the Apple community is a bunch of fan boys).

Once I get to play with one of these surface tabs, I can finally decide between Android and W8. Been waiting too damn long!
+Chris Pirillo I take your silence to mean, "No. I have not even smelled the new Microsoft Surface, but it sucks!" 
Brand lovers, get over it, who really cares who made what first. If you prefer a particular brand then go for it, all yours, just don't sit there on your high and mighty dissing everyone else who doesn't agree with your choice.... Freedom of individualism anyone???
if steve jobs was still one this earth he would make so much fun of u lil PC users
Microsoft's tablet will have more capabilities than playing Angry Birds...It will will actually be a useful tool for for business and students...But, you will also be able to play Angry Birds like the Apple does. 
Kinda amusing watching all the butthurt Apple fans bashing any competition, claiming Apple did everything first, while Apple themselves are on a suing spree rather than actually god forbid innovating. "Let's make this thinner, flashier and more idiot-proof, and jack up the prices. Cause obviously, expensive = awesome" 
Surface is too much better than i pad
i understand that but we did it better
Don't mean to go elementary here, but Im pretty sure +Chris Pirillo gets no chicks. That profile picture makes me want to ..... nevermind. 

But on a related note: Microsoft came out with the tablet first. Wether it sold millions or two units (which is closer to the actual number sold) is irrelevant. Don't say MS copied Apple here. Just makes you look fanboyish. 

- written on a Macbook Pro 
yes iam a fanboy of appel i cryed when steve jobs died
LOL - this is the problem with the fanboys, Do you think the iPad was the first tablet? The crying is so awesome I love it, How is final cut treating everyone?? 
Geez, in the preview, Ballmer looks like a zombie, and Jobbs is the one with the cancer and he still looks good.
How much does Surface cost?  Have they decided on a price?
K.M. Fox
Copying Apple? Microsoft is putting a full desktop-capable OS on a tablet. Apple ported the iPod Touch to a larger screen and called it a "revolution". Not to mention the fact that the first tablets ran Windows. The only thing Microsoft is trying to emulate is the extremely persuasive marketing.
Whatever, corporate competition benefits the end user, both in product development and price.
+Jesse Martineau no i dont think it is the first tablet.... so whats your point?

although it is my favorite that i have tried.
Only an apple fanboy would complain about competition. I'm very eager to see what MS has to offer.

-sent from my iPhone. 
I am Microsoft user and the surface will work greate when looking up my Xbox live account and see what friends are gaming.
Haha, shall we call all t-shirt printing companies are stealing from each other?
They were the first to come out with a real multitasking mobile operating system and the first tablets were made using Windows OS. The other story is different regarding who is having market success. Microsoft have been an institution of success and self dependency rather than relying on one person
Oh no, lets patent an entire form factor! 

They both may have good hardware, but, they both have  operating systems I really don't like. =/ Android is my first choice at the moment, although I'm not really a huge fan of java.

And it seems like anybody with a GNU/Linux phone/tablet operating system (Android is NOT GNU/Linux, its the Linux kernel with a JavaVM on top), seems to abandon it, like WebOS, Maemo, or Meego. Here's to really hoping that Canonical can get really really successful in the next few years, and who knows, maybe release an Ubuntu phone OS.

Although, now that I think about it, KDE's Plasma Active also has me really interested to. 
We all get more choices and with each new option brings further competition more competition means better features, guys we all win, regardless of who stole from who
Spark up the mud maker, it's gonna be busy tonight! 
Please samsung , sony , microsoft everybody STOP TRYING to compete with perfection .the stupid thing froze on stage ask anybody with an iPad if yours has EVER froze. Next is that stupid iPhone killer by Samsung . Keep bringing it. And keep failing. Oh yeah anybody for need a tablet Motorola has for $99. Lol
Microsoft and Apple steal from each other all the time. Nothing new here...

iPad is honestly boring... at least the OS is so boring. I want to see new companies make something truly innovative; until that day I'm not buying a tablet.
competing brands=winning costumers
I don't usually watch these marketing promos...OMG...what a load of rubbish these guys spout.

No problems with the comparison though...everybody copies, re-adapts and re-releases...[yawn].
+Chris Pirillo - You can do better than using Wikipedia as proof that MS didn't invent the new tablet. Cmon.
I agree with +Alex Watts . Let MS take some ideas from Apple (or any one company from any other company) and see if they can improve on them. After all, Apple's concept of the portable personal music system - the iPod - didn't come from nothing (read: Sony's Walkman). Nothing is created in a vacuum anymore today. Even some of our greatest innovations were amalgams of already existing ideas and methods, but re-conceptualized, rethought.

If Surface really does turn out better than the iPad it can only force Apple to try and create even better products to compete. That is the nature of our capitalistic world today. And we consumers can only benefit from such a competition.
You're the biggest iZombie ever. Microsoft INVENTED the tablet. {{-_-}}
iam  u both sided people just need to pick a side
Except Microsoft did not create the first tablet so Apple wasn't stealing anything from microsoft. Microsoft has yet to "invent" any technology on their own.
Cool video - Microsoft introduces tablet in 2002 - no one is excited - now they re-introduce it and their is this video as if they copied apple :)
Microsoft had this technology before Apple in 2002 and showed it off to the world. Take your iBlinkers off!!
quit being a fucking ignorant fanboy and accept the fact that apple didn't make the tablet first microsoft or not.
I own an iPad. Far from perfection.
If anything they all owe "Gene Roddenberry" for "copying" a credible concept of a tablet. Besides, more variation is better. No one want the eat the same thing for every meal from now till the end of time. It's just a different sandwich, you'll never really know which one you like more until you try them both.
I have no idea who this Chris guy is (found this on my "what's hot"section) but I was floored by not only the misinformation of this post but the senseless jabs at people who were actually correct. The level of blind fanboyism was just astonishing. I am glad to see, however, just how many people came out to point out the flaws though.
dorio x
+Darwin Hawke your right. No matter who came first, they have to keep innovating. Apple started this crazy war. Why in car manufacturing there is no such thing like who invented first. Its started only here because of that fucking Apple.
Love the "hold on a sec...   experiencing a WinDoze moment here" 
i will give it to  Gene Roddenberry
+Toby Sanchez I'm pretty sure the Apple Newton was not a tablet, but a PDA. I guess it depends on how you define "tablet".
Kind of nonsense title .. MS has interface which apple wont be able "Invent" .. besides .. we all know how Apple can steal ;) 
Windows have a lot to learn and a long way to go to catch up.....
So here's what I see: Apple has a tablet, Microsoft has a tablet. Google lets you post about both of them even though they also have a tablet(s). Microsoft Trolls, Apple Trolls. Google didn't Troll. Now they do some Trolling.
In the end, you are buying more than Tech. You are giving money to someone who will do something with that money. If you don't like Trolling, buy from the smallest Troll. If you like (fill in your country name here) jobs, buy from the biggest employer. If you only care about features? The differences get smaller every day.
I own an iDevice, two Android devices, and I'm writing this on a PC. I also run Linux and own an Amiga. I guess I just like everyone.
No one was copying anyone. This is the natural progression of technology. If the argument must be made for copying, the tech industry copied scifi as soon as it was feasible to do so.
My favorite comments against the new Microsoft tablet is that there won't be  x00,000 apps available.  Seriously, who has more than 25 useful apps on their ipad?
The funny thing about all this is that nobody ever claimed Apple invented the tablet, just like they didn't invent the mp3 player. However, they did make good versions of both. 
Rich C.
G+ needs to have a fan boy filter for their what's hot. 
Apple had the first functioning tablet for mass production - Microsoft has made a computer / tablet. This thing can run Civilization 5 on it. The Ipad can not come close. 
i guess its start of decline of Microsoft as super power of computer world.
I like it because I think there is no need iTunes.
Apple no longer innovates; this is why they sue HTC and Samsung so hard. They have become a patent troll.
tell me the one thing u remmber about bill gates. Then tell me what u remmber about steve jobs and lets see who wins i have my money o appel. 
Angel A
+Adam Wyson well said. There is just too much "Apple can do no wrong and has the best products" mentality. Their business practices also suck but that's another story (biased against Farsi speakers much Apple?). I do have an iPad but am very excited to try out the Surface and see how it could do what my iPad can't!
Bill gates invented the tablet PC in 2002 it could be argued apple stole from them.
Im not a fan of the walled garden that is IPad. But Im also not a fan of unproven tech that is the Surface. I am a fan of competition. It makes everyone better in the long run.
I see the point being made by the video, but how many ways can you describe a mobile device regardless of mobility-class, presentation, and manufacturer? You're going to list the facts and stats, potential uses, then (try in MS's case) to demonstrate it. Besides, viewers truly don't know in which order those items were brought up and which video segments might have been moved around by the author in order to fall into the author's bias.

... so tired of the Apple vs MS fan-war, it is akin to discussing religion or politics--just avoid the subject less there be a huge, heated debate over nothing more than personal preference; which can't be changed by anybody except the person who formed that preference in the first place.
OMG!  Look at all the buttons/keys that the Surface has!!  I might have to know what I'm doing to use it.  might be too complicated.
if microsoft was the first....then apple is the second mouse who gets the cheese....=)
Are people really talking about a company stealing ideas from Apple?  Because Apple never steals ideas from other competing companies, right?  Android says hi.
True that my fraind everyone now appel is better
Says the guy that can't spell out a complete sentence.
Didnt apple steal the "tablet" concept from Microsoft.  Yeah, thats what I thought.
One Microsoft Engineer said to the other, Thank you Steve Jobs for the raise
true that he hade to get another peace of shit just to show the moives Fuck u bill gates
Great device should be inspired.
Loved when the Microsoft tablet wouldn't work and he had to run over and grab another one. Oh no, that wasn't awkward.

I never realized how ignorant Chris was until now..the world would be a much better place without MacFags.
I'm a PC Guy that enjoys the competition and technology that comes from having choices. I like both Apple and Microsoft. Haters of Microsoft should wonder where Apple would be today if Bill Gates had not invested $150 Million in Apple back in 1997. Fortunately, thanks to Microsoft for helping in the future development of Steve Job's ideas and dreams.
thank u frank monetenegro see my point
you do realize that microsoft came out with the tablet PC in 2002.. BEFORE apple made the ipad...
Is it me or the voice of Steve Ballmer's (bless his heart) voice just doesn't sound right....:)
nothing can beat the Humancintipad LMFAO!!!
Yeah apple was the first company ever to do product presentation. How lame video. I do product presentations often and never saw iPad launch. Yet I would present a tablet quite similar way. You think that Microsoft should have just done dance show there?
the hell with his heart tell him to tell bill gates to make sothing better
who the hell cares that microsoft "stole" the idea from apple... stop being haters and suck up to what's called business.
nice very nice video, regardless who stealing whos
Joshua Strobl I couldn't agree more with you and I respect you immensely for your statement. All I hear in my house is how great apple is but it's got flaws just like all technology.
Okay ... so what's a "secret press event"? :-D
You do know that MS came up with the Tablet idea years before the iPad came to market?  Yes, they did it differently, as a whole PC.
It was apple who stole the idea from Microsoft!!!
The Sumerians or Egyptians I think was first...
seems to me that everyone is forgetting the key difference in the MS Surface and Apple's iPad. The iPad is primarily designed as a "consumption" device, meaning it geared more towards consuming content rather than creating it.  Not to say that it can't create but it isn't really it's strong suit.  The MS Surface is a more full featured platform and just as capable of creating as well as consuming.  The biggest reason it runs a full featured OS environment namely Windows 8.  So it really is like comparing apples to oranges (no pun intended).
hahahhahaha awkward???? it is awesome, because is the essence of windows, a bunch of bugs well package and expensive, short period of live for each product... this is what i call a real add for windows, telling the people what their are about to buy
+Chris Pirillo at first, I couldn't tell if you were trolling, but later saw you were serious.
My first block on g+ :D
i dont think this Chris pirillo kid new wat he was posting when he did appel is better
apple and s j are the original thieves of this whole fiasco, enough said moving on
If it's a crap device from a crap company, why is everybody so worried about it?  Why does it matter if its an iPad clone and why is it so important for some of you people to predict its failure?

The internet is chock full of stupid people.
Is this what r wourld is comming to
U cant steel a bad idea

what the fuck appel is nothing like appel
... fairly certain this has been in development for quite a while... (i remember seeing an article about it a month or so before the iPad launch) either way, people are going to say it's a copy because of its chronological release.
The only way to put a stop to all of this controversy is for apple to quit patenting and litigating others ideas as there's then and only then it wouldn't be such a stink but no apple is greedy theif, the most greediest out there.
Can't we just wait till we actually have one in our hands, see what the price difference is, then make a judgement on which works best? I am sure there is plenty of room on this vast planet of ours for a bit of diversity, it means we as punters can buy the piece of equipment that suits our needs best. I believe it's called freedom of choice?
Thsts the best bull shit apple is not owned in any way by micro trash............................
Funny because Apple tried to stop the Samsung Galaxy S 3 from #FAIL No one is innovative and everyone cries when something different but the same comes out. Apple, don't cry, be innovative... or hash up some old ideas over and over...
Is this serious what are they going to say?
Let's see

1.what a terrible day
2. I want to thank nobody for coming. You should be glad you got an invite you blogging losers.  
3.We totally copied Apple but let's be real they copied us first. Anyways this is the new surface based on or old surface that was a table but no one is talking about that. F you people.
4. surface is thin but so is ipad. we worked hard on this but why should you care right?
5. Next here are the stats as I tell you in a monotone voice that makes my dog dig a hole and put his head in it.
6. it has wifi but you might still have trouble getting connected
7. it has a usb port for all you people that got mad at apple but still love them. (when are they going to put a usb on the ipad)
8. Apple had a keyboard dock that you don't want to carry with you but you will want to carry ours. we even put an apple sticker on the back for all you babies who hate us.
9. next let's surf the web. Man this is not working ok forget this. You should all go home now we are not coming out with it anymore.
(that was funny by the way)
10. It feels like crap to hold in your hands
11. Man I don't know why we are talking anymore Apple clearly knew that someone else was going to do a keynote and used all the words in English to make sure no one else could do one with out people saying "hey they copied apple". Isn't that just magical. See I can't say anything with out using a word that apple used in the past.

Man it looks nice but I hate Microsoft and bill gates

1. This is the new iPad

I think I just came......... twice
You can call something similar 'stealing', but just remember, if one company creates something, and prevents anyone else from making something similar, you get rid of competition, which drives prices up. This results in a monopoly.

Apple fanboys and girls must want to pay even more for their tech, because it seems they want Apple to control 100% of tech.
Haha, apple fans. They make me laugh everytime.
Oh my god. This is BS- you have to expect for any product to be IMPROVED. This isn't stolen at all. Don't even think of the word "stolen" until someone steals software/internal blah blah. This gets so old...
Should all cellphone companies who weren't the first to create cellphones be sued for stealing product ideas?
No, no, no. It seems so childish.
If the past year is anything to go by, Apple will be going to the lawyers about this one too. A tablet is a tablet and suing another company because they also make a tablet is ridiculous. Imagine if Ford wanted to sue Toyota for making cars! I think it is about time that Apple starts to improve their products to compete with the competition rather than improving their legal team in an attempt to take the easy way out. 
i watched this on my galaxy tab 2 and couldn't care less about the ipad surface.
Whatever it is
Apple is Apple
No1 cn beat it . .
Anyone on the side of apple on this tablet arguement is just a plain dumb ass hipster, nuff said
BREAKING NEWS: The family of the man who created the first undergarments, shirt, and pants declares all clothing to be illegal. We must all revert to leaves and coconut shells to cover our bodies.

Thats how ridiculous the argument is on who created the "first tablet".

The iPad and even my Android tablet are essentially larger brothers of their phone siblings. The Android tablet can open zip files, download torrents, edit documents - many more things that my pc can do, but its never going to replace my laptop.

The newly announced surface is..... an actual pc in tablet form.

So im not seeing as how microsoft is copying ipad or android?
This thread has become very entertaining to read, some of the apple fanbois, have lost touch with reality, but at least their comments are funny.
Got an hour to kill at work and this thread should keep me entertained until then.
Shany G
This surface is the worst device ever made ! 
Time for some trivia. Who said this? (relating to the topic, not the original of course)
"Good artists copy, great artists steal."
+Chris Pirillo I'm sure HP Samsung Acer Visio and Dell will be excited now that they are competing directly with Microsoft.
meh... still get an ipad :-/
yeah but hughs is better its not when it came out
It's kind of sad when individuals online, who by and large have no stake in either company be it Microsoft or Apple, find themselves fighting battles of brand loyalty.

This video could have been cut together with any other technology speech including Nintendo's WII U presentation at E3 and made just as much sense. It added nothing of value for consumers to consider, and served no purpose other than to help wage the war of corporate overlords.

I cannot help but assume that anyone who feels compelled to justify their purchase by bringing another product down, probably has a severe case of buyers remorse.

Videos like this must be meant to persuade oneself.
Two different interfaces regardless if who took what. Last I heard Microsoft had 90% of the total PC market. So I don't understand the fuss, anyways apple had a half mobile half PC o/s its truly limited to its recources in comparsion to Microsoft product with the full windows 8 operating system. I think I'll be surprised how good of a machine this will be.
i believe Microsoft invented first the tablet. Even though iPad is much more better than surface, Jobs stole the idea from Gates 
In today's world it's not about who invented first but it's all about marketing and making enough noise to reach every one.
Ipad will always be the best for me.
Lame. Superficial comparison. The "People are stealing our rectangle" argument is getting old. 
"SURFACE" is such a fake!
John B
Roger Fidler the first News Tablet 1994. Apple stole the idea from him. Now his working with Samsung.

Tablet Newspaper (1994)
Awesome Point Out by the Makers of Video!
Anway, i will buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! :)
Ray Gao
Like all MS products, breaks randomly even on demo.
"Excuse me just a second..."  --  did he just set one down and pick up another at that point?!?
Only an Apple fanboy would claim that Microsoft has stolen anything from Apple.
+Chris Pirillo but apple always bitches and moans over them Google had to defend its self but Apples good no doubt over hyped about how flawless they are maybe.
I own an iPhone and an iMac, and love Apple products, but I think this is the most bias piece of rubbish I have seen. More competition is a good thing, it pushes everyone to the boundary to produce better products. 
+Joe Cookson I disagree that apple is just now stealing Microsoft's style, Apple and Microsoft have always been more alike then fans want to think. People act like Microsoft's monopolistic practices etc... were never present in Apple, that is just bogus, almost every negative trait we attribute apple to, existed in the 80's, it just wasn't apparent until they suddenly jumped to the front of the pack.

"Oh they are control freaks with what installs on an IPad, they try to sue jailbreakers etc...", flash back 20 years, "They are control freaks as to what hardware you can use with a mac, they tell you that you have to buy twice as expensive apple memory, hard drives etc..."

Monopolistic practices happen with companies of all sides, it isn't until they work, that people start noticing.
According to legend, Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke, Massachusetts invented the legal pad around the year 1888 when he innovated the idea to collect all the sortings, various sort of substandard paper scraps from various factories, and stitch them together in order to sell them as pads at an affordable and fair price. In about 1900, the latter then evolved into the modern legal pad when a local judge requested for a margin to be drawn on the left side of the paper. This was the first legal pad. 
Get real Apple, just because you invented the wheel and you accuse other wheel makers copying your design.
I see, so by viewing the tablet's dimensions and dilates they're copying Apple?? :)
I don't really see the surface as your run of the mill tablet though; it's more like a proper tablet pc IMO. 
ok these days the tablets became very popular products, but I won't buy one, for the following reasons:
1. the OS is not fully operational, maybe Surface is running Windows 8, but I am not sure that there aren't any constraints.
2. it lacks a hardware keyboard, yeah I know Surface and Transformer Pad have one but I suspect it is not a standard keyboard
3. the price is very close to the ultrabooks price so I will definetely prefer an Ultrabook.

I just don't want a bigger smartphone :) 
Umm what happened in 2002? Was it not a failed tablet from Microsoft come to think of it was the idea not already suggested before that in startrak?
In the year 2093 Microsoft and Apple go to war using advanced touch screen weaponry. Microsoft asks for Google as an ally but Google has already colonized mars and wants no part in earthly matters. 
OMG.. Really?  How many years have these two companies been ripping each other off?  It's par for the course... get on with it.
Ok, so Microsoft came out with the Tablet first, but the video is really about how Microsoft is doing a horrible job copying Apple's way of presenting new products to the world.
Tablets are more obvious than a stone slate, a hammer and a chisel. Anyone would have came up with them once the enabling technology was developed enough. Not worth labeling as an invention as such.
They both have a display--MICROSAFT COPEED THE IPAD
Microsoft comes up with tablet in 2002 with windows xp os after that apple launched its tablet named ipad, when microsoft launched a new version all are saying they copied it from apple whats the point in it?
good, everyone should watch it microsoft just copying apple.
Classic Apple fanboi vs. Apple hater battle. Far more extreme then Chevy vs. Ford fanboi battles.
+Chris Pirillo Why are you focusing so much on the Surface presentation instead of the actual product? I'm finding your multiple post on JUST the presentation quite strange. Even the most ardent Apple fans should be excited to have competition in the tablet space as it forces EVERYONE- including Cupertino - to innovate... Please try to keep things in perspective.
Who cares?  its not like all the other tablets are copies of apple anyway
The first Windows Tablet announsed in 2002. Who is the copier?
+Tony Milano Every one knows Ford is better. Psssh.

As for Microsoft copying people are stupid. It's called competition, and Apple seems to be afraid of it.
I don't mind if they steal from each other as long as they come out with cool stuffs and drives down prices and i must say am so impress.
+Chris Pirillo Again...thank you for proving yourself as an idiot..I really enjoy watching the expression from apple ignorant expression...

+DON DOMINIC MATHEW : microsoft is the first launch of mobile os too in htc mobiles but it just makes xp os in too different machine form factor totally not a userfriendly manner that's the point :p but IOS is made for only mobile device it's totally different from mac os that's d point too :p
2002 Bill Gates launches the Tablet PC. Later Apple steal the idea.
+Patrick Hogan Actually that's what I'm talking about is Apple's recent events portray Microsoft's glorious years. Your right in that Apple was as they are now but didn't own the dance steps they have at present.
The iPad is an iPhone except really big with no phone calls. The same goes for Android tablets.
There are some things that you can get done well, but nothing will compare to a desktop experience from a tablet. To install real programs on something so portable will be amazing (as long as MS does it right)
Microsoft introduced a tablet in 2002
Look at all you Apple idiots accusing Microsoft of stealing the iPad? seriously, stop supporting the company that has stolen more design ideas form other companies then anybody else, and get your facts right. Microsoft invented the tablet PC ten years ago. Once again Apple stole the idea, just like that stole the smartphone idea from Microsoft, and are currently stealing ideas to use in their smartphone's from Google.
 Apple = thieves. I DO NOT SUPPORT APPLE! They steal idea and they steal your money by over charging the world for their inferior products.
Can this whole comment thread be deleted? What embarrassing idiocy. Not a single reasonable, mature, well thought out comment in the hundreds that have been posted. Well done guys. 
Liam C
I like windows surface :) it's like a laptop touchscreen with a removable keyboard which is also a protective cover. The iPad is just an oversized iPod touch. Apple SUCK BIGTIME! Muahaha
I'll buy the tablet.... I have had iphones and apple technology for years.... its getting boring TBH. Nothing has changed on them. They still lol boring and they refuse to bring widgets. That's why I just bought the sgs3 and got shot of my iphone 4S
+Matt Fricker Its good to see some apple fans have an open mind, they are very hard to find these days, its guys like +Chris Pirillo and other apple extremist that give apple fans a bad name.

+John Judd tablets are very useful for business folk like myself who travel allot, don't dismiss them just because you have no need for them. They are by no means a laptop replacement but rather they compliment them.
Hah! You think Apple invented the tablet? Please. Microsoft is just evolving a technology that already existed...Just like apple did 
To me, this is more about how Steve Jobs's presentation style has left anyone in tech with almost no RHETORICAL ideas big enough to escape his influence. All the Jobsian hallmarks are here: gigantic photos of small details, mad praise for the specs, the constant expression of love and faith in a new world opened up by the product. 
The epic fail at 0:51 is so funny.
Everyone is entitled to his me apple is just a bunch of shit
Many of y'all want to ignore what Ballmer said on stage. Tsk tsk.
This is my point:
I got a MacBook and an iPhone to work on them and seriously they are only good looking. The user experience under my point is unfriendly. Give me back a normal pc and a "more than a button" smartphone.
Design > Usability ? No thanks.
In other News... Apple invents pants with help from Al Gore.
I have no reason to own any tablet device EVER. I have a laptop. I have a smart phone. Why on earth would I need a device that is in between those things? Maybe I need a device that is between a smart phone and a tablet? OR a little bigger than a tablet but not as big as a laptop? Tablets are useless.
True, but Apple didn't invent that saying either. There are many hardware platforms that have software written specifically for them.
All I know is that I can type about 100 words a minute, and tap about 20.
"Too big to fail" story Part 3. (the first part, American banks; the second part: Samsung vs Apple)
Bottom line every one steals the only difference is that when you modify it, its not considered stealing its considered an upgrade
+Mikkel Rasmussen apart from "you are anidiot" your post is just great, and the "intersections between human and machine" can be found in pretty much all of Asimov's and later on William Gibson books, and therefore it is nothing new just as you say.
In my opinion, I don't think it is late in the game for Microsoft to release a tablet. In fact they are a little early. I mean this in the sense that it is only until recently did the x86 architecture has become efficient enough to compete against the ARM architecture. (Intel Atom/Medfield) So what does that mean for MS? Well....If Intel gets an x86 processor to compete against ARM then this will be huge for the mobile platform. I think you can agree that Intel is a pretty big player in the chip making business. So what does that mean for MS? Well...they do make an OS that is on most of the worlds x86 architecture. The only other OS would be Linux. I don't think Android or iOS is going on any x86 cpu anytime soon. 
I was working with portable PCs back in the mid-90s. They were made by Telxon, and we ran Windows 3.11 with the Pen extension on them. They didn't look like "tablets" back then. We called them "handhelds," because they had a place in the back where you could hold on to them. They were about the width of your hand and wrist, and about a foot long. Around 1997 they came out with their first model that resembled a "tablet." It was a flatter, slimmer (in depth) model whose width was about the length of your arm, and was rather heavy. It weighed a few pounds.

The tablet idea has been around for a long time. What's changed is the computing power and slimness/lightness, and price of them. The "handhelds" we had cost at least $2,000 each, probably more. The Tablet PCs that came out later were between $1,000-2,000 each. Now they're down to a level the consumer can finally buy.
+Robert Cox "I personally see this as the first, in my opinion, real tablet PC."

I own one of these...

Sweet tablet, Win7 Pro. If you need something added (like a DVD for installing 'real' programs) just add it via USB.
It even has Gorilla Glass (not sure if the Surface tablet does, but I do hope so).
ROFL web browsing FAIL for the evil empire!  ahahahaha they should be faking it in ~powerpoint.  I won't be getting any of that !@#$ tablet crap just yet.  Runs Linux?  Runs Plan 9?  No?  Crypto looked bootloader?  Bawhahah way to go, pleasing the "developers, developers" Microsoft!
+Robert Cox - my god, I have to comb through hundreds of pointless comments here. No response to WHAT?
+Curtis Sutter looked into those a while back, and while it looks promising something about it didn't sit right with me. Mainly because its a desktop operating system with a touch screen. This, the surface,speaks to me because its got the ability to do work and its touch based.

Thank you tho for pointing those out, there really good products, just not for me.
+Chris Pirillo - every tablet is a real tablet. If it does what the user wants it to do, it works well. Doesn't matter which company makes it.
So, Microsoft develop the tablet, and it goes unnoticed, years later, Apple take on the idea, and a couple of years later, Microsoft decide to pick up the idea again and then they're the ones getting the flak?
I've lived through too many of these Apple vs Microsoft debates to care who's stealing from whom.

The "Cult of Apple" is acting like a bunch of elitist brats and "MS Geeks" old farts in Mommy jeans!

Honestly, if the price and functionality don't fit the consumer's budget, both of these companies can suck on a fungus infected toe for all I care.
The crossroads metaphor was just blatantly unimaginative.

You guys are missing the point with the first tablet. Let Microsoft make the first tablet. Nobody gave a fuck. When iOS dominates with sandbox app-based environment, suddenly Microsoft is stuffing that model right into windows making it the most bipolar OS instead of keeping the experience seamless, then they are wedging botched versions of it in phones and tablets, and now they are manufacturing their own hardware. That's plagiarism not who made the first tablet. It's 10 years later and everyone forgot about the windows xp slate.

Also, if you have seen Microsoft's surface and phone keynotes, and if you paid close attention, they never refer to the surface as a tablet. They call their tablets slates. There is a good reason for that. The word tablet today is synonymous with the iPad. Then there are the Android failures. Microsoft doesn't want to step into the tablet arena with the iPad. They are slate for the party ;)
+Wayne Johnson Is that a real question? Or just a way of saying tablets are useless? It would be arrogent to assume that they are useless if you don't know the answer to the question.

Tablets are to laptops what laptops are to desktops. They're more portable, less capable in ways, more useful in others. It's much more convenient to use when you're standing, moving around a lot, reading, watching something while doing something else, playing quick games, constantly checking for email when you're not sitting in one place, showing or sharing with other people....etc.
say what you want but like +Curtis Sutter said this is the first true true tablet PC that will give me the convenience of a tablet with the full options of a computer (desktop/laptop). It's been the reason I have not purchased a tablet so far (though came close to getting an ipad) I wanted to do the same stuff on a tablet with the software I already have. 
+Collins Ezeanyim What actual product? There is no actual product yet.

This may turn out better than the Slate, but it isn't  even here yet and this presentation was less definite then the first iPad.  Who       started on time at least in the US. 
Apple hasn't done anything noteworthy. Not a single thing.
Microsoft took the cake when it came to tablets. Chris is a fanboy. Apple is being retarded. Not sure wtf Microsoft is doing. Long story short, Microsoft > apple.

Btw I wrote this on my iPhone 3GS.
I think people will better appreciate the limitations of the iPad/Andriodblets when they see how troublesome a tablet with a full OS would be. The first may be the need for an antivirus software as with all other Windows versions.
How is Bill Gates getting Rusty? He's not even running the company
+Robert Cox 
Actually I really like it. Runs quite well with the i5 CPU 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD. It can tell the difference between the pen and your finger and as I said you can add anything you need extra with USB. I fix computers and install High-Speed internet (when I am not farming) and I tried a Galaxy 10.1 and it could not do what I needed it to.
There really is something to say to having a 'real' computer in your hands.
Have even installed Win8 consumer preview on my mom's ASUS 1000 (Netbook) and it runs very well there as well. Off to desktop in 25 seconds (90GB SSD installed)
Windows is getting lighter and I am looking forward to seeing the final prices on the Surface units. I do expect though that my ASUS B1-121 will compare to them if I installed Win8 (although I have no need to ;) )
Microsoft brought you to the world of computers... for some..
How about Apple stealing from Microsoft. In 2002 Bill Gates introduced the Tablet PC.
Balmer HIMSELF has big ears and is an oldish guy.  That proves something, folks.
uh-excuse me +M. Niazy but there are anti-virus products for Android and there are viruses for android as well... so "The first may be the need for an antivirus software as with all other Windows versions" is a tad inaccurate...
Everybody copies and apple copies no one...Mr Chris
"Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?"
+Chris Pirillo  - every tablet is a real tablet. If it does what the user wants it to do, it works well. Doesn't matter which company makes it.

So why did you show the video if you believe this then?
Nat aS
"First never matters in a race that never ends - and you, the consumer, should wish for more competition (not less)."

Tell that to Apple's Patent lawyers.
Not wanting to chip in on the trolling (fun though it is), but the Apple "philosophy" of ensuring hardware and software work together is common sense. It's not so much copying as facing reality.

Sadly the unintended consequence will probably be a push towards locked down hardware. Not so good for tinkerers and Linux users in particular.
A tablet is just a computer. Remember when Henry Ford stole Karl Benz's car idea? When are we going to stop obsessing about who did what first and just enjoy these inventions?
+Gary Dillon  there will always be small form factor PCs like Rapberry Pi for those of us that want to tinker :)  
I laughed when Surface stopped working, he got a new one and said "Surface works great for entertainment as well"..... yeah, if you can get it to work in the first place lol
+Curtis Sutter I think you mean malware (a broader term). Viruses are automated self-replicating pieces of software that pretty much only exist in Windows nowadays (XP mostly), but malware exists everywhere, but usually only infects people who aren't careful about what they do with their devices. Technicality aside, these anti-malware Android apps are hardly useful, and the only way to keep your device clean is being careful and knowledgable.
I can't take this infantile lunacy. Microsoft has a pathologic lack of originality and culture. When is their funeral, I've drafted a eulogy!
I dont know, but i think that these stupid presentations are made for average american consumer, its just a jibberish talk... Normal people just look into specification list... 
+M. Niazy - True. As with every device most issues are related to a PEBKAC error of some sort... :P
+Juan Tejeda There is nothing wrong about copying features at all. Not even a little bit. It is no more wrong than making a chair with four legs and cushion, or a car that has cup holders. For decades the idea of touch screens was just common and ambiguous and obvious as flying cars or controlling your TV with your mind. So Apple did it first. Who cares. Who did it first doesn't matter even a tiny bit. Who did it better doesn't matter even a tiny bit.

To pretend there is some right to vague ideas about technology is ridiculous even if it is currently upheld by equally ridiculous courts and outdated patent laws.

Also your argument that Microsoft (or any company really) is trying to somehow fool you into thinking this is new and revolutionary is so stupid it makes me think you might actually fall for it. It's called Marketing. Watch any car commercial, they all act like it is the most advanced, super awesome piece of technology to ever exist. Why would tablets or PCs, or sports drinks or tennis shoes be any different?

Also every brand (even MS) has fans. The reason you haven't met any is the same reason I don't know any Justin Beiber fans, you don't associate with them. That doesn't mean they don't exist. When it comes to fans of a brand the difference lies in how much their own identity is tied into the products they buy.

And that's really what my overall point was. Anyone who spends so much time arguing over things like who did what first in an attempt to rationalize and justify their own purchase, or worse yet justify their devotion to a company in which they have no actual vested interest, is doing so to convince themselves.*

They are also the only ones who actually care. But like you so perfectly said you've never seen a devoted Microsoft fan.

* They could also be doing it as a cheap way to get lots of comments and +1's on Google+
Apple were not original either. Bill Gates presented the tablet PC in 2002. Sure the technology was not mature then, but Apple was by no means original with the idea of the iPad. Shows yet again that an idea/concept cannot belong to any one person/organization.
Damn how people forget when Apple was sinking Microsoft saved their ass by buying a large share of them. Other wise they would have gone a long time before.
Apple fun boys are ridiculous ...
Apple fanboy. MS intoduced the tablet concept years ago ( written from an iPad)
the tablet PC was a total failure...Microsoft wants to forget this event
1st thing's 1st ...lets just enjoy em gadgets,solong it does the work required 2b done we good. 4get who thot it 1st it dont really matter...i mean, who cares!?
if u insist that MS copied something, then, they just copied Steve Jobs' way of presenting, not the tablet :)

Seriously, do you have any idea what you are talking about, or is your fanboy brain just screaming iPad, despite the incredible improvements the surface has over it.
If they have a proprietary DRM BIOS in the x86 "Pro" version, they aren't going to win over anyone, imho.
I don't know about you guys but I still dont give a rat's ass about tablets
bring it on ms.
Microsoft came up with a tablet PC long before apple. Nobody cared then, because it wasn't the wireless/3g time yet. But they were the first ones to do it. 
+Juan Tejeda I personally do not agree with your opinion on M$. I like their products very much i.e. Windows, Visual Studio, Office. And as a programmer I admire the ecosystem that they created and are sustaining for so long. I don't know if M$ stole the idea for graphical OS from Apple but it's shore isn't Apple who invented it.
i don't care for tablets but Microsoft Surface has been around for almost a decade.  This is just their first venture into selling this solution to the public.
i think bill gates came with the idea of tablet pc in 2002 which failed... Ipad was in 2010
Surface with i5 processor and 128 gig memory!!!! that will destroy ipad.
And even better be able to do neary everything your home pc can do!!

Lol, i dont get it. iPad is just an mp3 player with apps.
Sutface has full on windows no?
Saying surface copies ipad is like saying lightbulbs copies candles.
I don't know why so many fan boys want this to fail I would love it if this gives the iPad a run for its money! Competition inspires innovation
I don't know if this is true or not but I heard Tim in AllThings D saying that other companies sued Apple for industry standard patents while Apple sues others for stealing other intellectual asset patents. Whether this is true or not we don't care as customers. What we care about is the incentive for Apple, Samsung, HTC, MS, and others to improve their products to survive. Look at the market back before the iPhone and the iPad and then look again at the market now and you will see nice products from Samsung and HTC like the S3 and One X which will make Apple thinks twice before launching their next iPhone.

I love competition!! ;) 
Danny A
sure, everything's stolen.. 
Stealing from Apple? .. pfft .. I love the sensationalist bullshit headlines journalists use to suck in the noobs ..
competition is a good thing.  iPad is overpriced and does not run too many business applications.  Surface may be more expensive, but has better value for those heavily using Windows applications.
Like many have already said, who invented the tablet really isn't important here. I'm just tired of people saying that Apple is suing everyone because they can't innovate. They've had plenty of innovation with a wide array of products and (here's the important part) the people that created these products aren't also Apple's lawyers. They have enough money to do both. That being said I don't agree with all the lawsuits they've started. Just pointing out that Apple hasn't stopped creating new products because they have to pay their legal department.
They both run shit OS' anyway.
I figured at least this guy would remember Microsoft introduced the tablet pc back in 2002. Chris pirillo is a moron
Saying that man-machine interface is a goal stated solely by Apple is f***d up! ALL AI pioneers (Turing and others) AND SciFi authors have speculated on this evolution of technology!
srsly, microsoft first launched the windows tablet way back 2001...
It's a liiittle unfair. They are basically selling the same product in the end. Funny though that it froze :)
Nobody expects BMW to not mention engine performance or it's hybrid features just because Mercedes talked about it at their product launch. In my opinion the more competitive this space becomes the better for the technology and for the consumer. Apple didn't invent the tablet. They invented the iPad in much the same way as Ms didn't invent the browser, they invented IE.
 Unless portability is an issue, which it isn't in most cases, a tablet isn't necessary for me. I actually still prefer the keyboard and mouse interface.
Stealing from Apple? Lol! As if. snaps fingers and moves head
What a stupid post. I am a proud owner of a tablet PC (IBM Thinkpad X41 tablet to be exact) and it still is more usable than the latest ipad. I hate MS and their moron of a CEO like the next guy (and really no one should take anything seriously from the "developers, developers, developers" dude) but claiming Apple ever innovated in any field is ludicrous.
Ipad is just a very expensive angry birds game console, nothing more. My Tablet PC however was the only thing I used 3 years in university.
Regarding competition that helps the consumer - we have plenty of that thanks to other companies - Google, Acer, Samsung, Motorola, etc, Apple is only good at selling Ice to the Eskimos and than suing everyone else (including God) since they own the patent on Ice.
You're on record being very interested? Way to put your neck out there.
+Wayne Johnson if you were running your own business, trust me, you'd want a tablet. I guess it would depend on the type of business you're running but it certainly makes my life a lot easier.
i5 processor, 128 g if they can make it half the price of a will be in receivership in 6 months.
Wtf? stealing from apple? obvious apple supporter....couldnt possibly be not stealing the idea from samsung or any number of companies that have their own pads. or maybe apple stole the idea from tablet pc's? no...couldnt possibly be the case either [/sarcasm] :/
If anything .. Apple SHOULD be worried about the Microsoft tablet .. most businesses run their IT infrastructure off Microsoft products, not Apple products. Especially for workers in these companies who are on the move alot, if they can take their work on the road with a tablet that seamlessly fits into their existing infrastructure, it will make it a very appealing option for these companies to get these tablets for their staff.
I know where I work, we use Microsoft products for development & are very interested in seeing how this new tablet works out. If given the choice between using an iPad, which does very little for us vs the Microsoft tablet, we would ditch Apple & Android options in a heartbeat ..
But first Microsoft introduced tablets so I think the tablet's journey is from Microsoft to Microsoft so whats wrong in it?
Why are Microsoft fanboys (supporters) so damn bitter ? Sheesh. 
Artur D
i believe I've seen Picard with one of those
Ps: I believe they somehow managed to hide the good old bsod
Microsoft steals from Apple what Apple already stole from someone else. It's always the same story since Xerox PARC, but Apple always gets praise.

Disclosure: I don't like any company or brand, they are not my family or friends, they just provide a product or service for money. No fanboy here, move along.
if you open your mind, you would see the good in both. don't choose sides, you may loose out on some good things
This thread went juvenile so fast.

MS may drop the ball pretty hard, but I'm hoping they manage the device tithe extent it offers some proper competition to Apple / Android devices. They're both just iterating at this point with differing tweaks and add-ons, really. 
Apple invented everything, PC, OS, PDA, mp3, mov, smartphone, tablet, TV, cloud... and fanboys.
but apple is much better than microsoft
Well Microsoft surface will land up as the Zune and not known to the masses
It doesn't really matter where the concept came from Apple, Microsoft, Gene Roddenberry or Isaac Asimov. This is the milestone we stand at in terms of technological development and it should be embraced. Microsoft decided to pull their OEMs in this direction by creating the first Windows device like this rather than pushing them to shoulder the risk of developing hardware like this .. sound leadership practise and in the end, we the consumers are going to benefit.
Frank C
Actually, my etchascetch was my first ipad, it had 2 dials, drew my designs, and I would pass it to family and friends to view and comment.
Um Microsoft invented the Tablet!
the first demo is incredibly cool and revealing...
hang on... hang on... oops.  whoohohooooo!
Muahaha.  Yet another demo that goes poof... pure Mickysoft.
Wish for more competition? Apple does everything they can to stifle that with their seemingly endless stream of lawsuits.
Sometimes when I'm looking at posts with a lot of comments, I wish there was some way that G+ could make people read through the comments before posting anything.  There's really no definitive answer to who invented the tablet first.  What we've established repeatedly already is that neither Apple nor Microsoft did it.  If people would read the comments first and see the first person to post this, there would probably be 100 or so less posts.
Just because apple did it better doesn't mean Microsoft didnt invent it. Things are generally pretty shit when they are first made. That's why apple develops them then releases them as a big thing
The surface tablet will be better than the Ipad, it's got a bit old now, we need a new face of the tablet era, so then the Surface tablet might be the perfect product.
Well, don't forget about Apple's Newton in the 1990s.
I see this discussion has opened up again... :) Referring to a point made waaaaaaay back when...

+Minnie Mayge re. the Dynabook, that was a concept developed by Alan Kay while at Xerox PARC around 1972. It was never fully developed into a product. The Alto computer they used for R&D at PARC was called an "interim Dynabook" by Kay, since it had the features he desired, but it was the size of a desk...

The closest things now to the Dynabook concept are Squeak (, which Kay helped to develop (but this is only in software), or the XO Laptop from OLPC ( The original idea was a tablet-style computer, with a graphical interface, but you could write a program right on it in a language that was simple enough for children to use, but powerful enough for adults, store it on the machine, and run it. You can't do that with any tablet I can think of these days (except again, perhaps with a Telxon, as I wrote about earlier). We have the hardware of the Dynabook, but not the UI concept.
Apple, the best copyist in the history...Microsoft doesn't reach their heels
at the end of the day, its a product.... companies are there to make money yet people who take it seriously start this flaming droid vs iphone type internet wars.... its just a device, use what suits you
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