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Does anybody know who made this so I could give proper credit?
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oh kool......didnt yo mama tell u not to play with your food
+Chris Pirillo This is pretty old, unsure. It's from Asia for sure beyond that I couldn't say.
I don`t know, but man aren`t the chinese awesome? They`re so ahead of everyone
ขอบคุณค่ะ เข้าใจทำ กินๆๆๆๆๆๆ ค่ะเช้าๆๆๆอิ่ม
I'd hate to taste the Windows Vista version. Yuck.
i wanna play games on that and get a mold on it (a virous)
Sam Lee
It probably from you,or Microsoft,or IBM.^_^
I'm pretty sure Michelle Obama made that bento box.
So Good!
Only thing i could recommend is the google image search, it has worked for me before.
Nice but I don't like when people play with edible stuff, I do have Bacillophobia!
Ye Sean
hah. so creative...
And it's a probably a thinkpad, which is appropriate since the design of the thinkpad was influenced by the japanese bento (lunch) box.
yes, creative, but it can also hold some other meaning. :p
That thing's running XP? Totally not worth the time now. Make a Mac next time. :P
the sushi place I go to only makes Motorola Q's
( ._.) 
I made it. I'm currently working on an iPad made of bologna.
someone who hasn't been laid most likely ever
bento lunch? probably a japanese mother. there actually are classes that the mothers attended to learn the art of arranging/designing bento box lunches.
oooooo thats sooooooo cool! * points like a kinder *
i'd put it in my dairy instead of eating it!
Oh wow, Bento lunch box Geek style...LoL!
Dessert will be the Blue Screen of Death Special.
wow!!! really yummy foodie windows!!!!!!
hv no idea who made that the first time...but yeah microsoft did copy...nd selll millions of copies..:D :P
Bento box has encountered a fatal exception.
more than edibl is indeed a more edibl laptop!
Incoming fanboy flame war... looks good though.
hi i search friend for learning english
Krish M
where is the any key?
woo...IBM laptop...or Lenovo Thinkpad?
i need this os immediately
I am confused what can i do eat or play
Kawaii! I'd love to have this bento! Itadakimasu!
tineye shows 85 places it can be found on the web, and one of these is likely the original source. I looked a number of them at what seem to be reputable sites and they claimed to have retrieved it from a flickr stream (that has since been closed).
Wow!!!! i like this type of laptop this is new ?
I think this is made out of sushi.
wow!! joss markojoss....hidangan mantab! :)
woww... this should be my wallpaper
I imagine it would taste old and irrelevant
Wonder if we can install Windows 8 on it. It would take a touch screen to a whole new level!
i m all 4 this,no matter what operating system is there++++++++
Shhh don't tell MS, this may be the most functional example of Windows ever
At last a windows product that might work, might not crash, might not give irritating messages, but will still give you indigestion!
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