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besides the "metro" interface, what more is it?
Well ... what are some of the pros? All I've been hearing about are the cons.
Checked it out last night, navigates like Mac OS, it's nice, but not sure if it's great, yet.
Give it a chance and then wait for the revised edition.
a fresh copy of 8 compared to what? a weighted down 7 or XP?
No. As much as I loathe the Mac ecosystem I loathe windows 8 more so for those I can't get onto Linux I will push towards the mac
+Chris Arriola , I have to agree, on the Pro version the desktop is just a much smoother and faster once you get past the 15 minute learning curve to not having the start button.  Hitting the Windows key to switch back from Metro (or whatever MS wants to call it) and the desktop is easy.  Also, the ONE thing I like about Metro so far (will have to see what apps developers develop for it before I can give a full opinion as the built in apps are limited) is just start typing to search, programs, files, all pop up instantly and search is super fast.  In desktop mode I launch apps just like I do in Windows 7 with the task bar.  Hitting Windows key + 1 opens the app on the far left and so on.  People going from say, XP to Windows 8 will have more of a learning curve but from Windows 7 to Windows 8 not so much.  People have focused so much on Metro (which is all you will get with RT) but with Pro you get a more polished version of Windows 7 when it comes to the desktop.
It does boot faster then Windows 7 (running a dual boot configuration on my laptop) but an SSD drive also makes a huge difference in either.  I haven't found an application yet that I have issues with on Windows 8 or that I have had to run in a different compatibility mode.  I will be pressuring my work to get me a Pro Surface once they are released as I can't afford one myself at the moment unless they are insanely priced (which I doubt MS can afford to do).  If the rumored $200 price on just the RT surface is true I might be able to  budget that in although I am way more interested in the Pro Version.
Reminds me of Mountain Lion in that I'm just not the target market for it.
When you first start windows 8 for the first time, it says hi, and then shows you a basic animation on how to navigate windows. And it does this for every new log in. And I like it so far. Its a little faster. Depending on how new your PC is. My laptop from 04 can still run windows 8 just as good as new laptops. Only thing I had to add was more ram
Seems the pros outweigh the cons from your guest blogger.  Only time will tell if it really truly is a con removing the start button.
What I like is when the computer belongs to a domain no more ctrl alt delete to log in hit any key and enter user name an password and the way you go :-)
Ed Webb
its funny how windows HAS Cons, i never remember a con with OS10
Ya that's a good one. Or hold on to the screen and slide it up, its a showy thing to me. Lol my sisters kids loved it and they learned it all in like the first minute.
Try getting a Mac from 04 and run the newest os. I'd like to see it run. If it can then ill like Mac a little more but not as much as windows.
+Edward Webb tell that to my employers that ask me to fix their personal Macs every week. Also their dedicated programs for their business only runs on windows. Nothing for Mac. Its a kids dental office. 
They also have the latest and greatest. They also have to sideload windows so they can link up to the windows server, they have their personal printers, so no issues their. 
Can't play DVDs without paying a fee, crappy Metro, viruses, other complaint. What more needs to be said?
+Nicholas Ganey really? Talk crap about the finished product not the beta versions. And I haven't heard of any viruses yet on windows 8. After you install Microsoft security essentials. Also I use Firefox with adblock plus.
Windows 8 does not need a virus scanner. It has combined Security Essentials with Windows Defender to offer a complete security solution. It runs silently in the background and does not slow your system down like other antivirus programs. I would guess that any viewer of Chris' is "not-stupid" enough to not get viruses. If you ever have, change your behavior.
That was a great article. Thanks +Chris Pirillo for sharing it. I would love to see more information about Windows 8.
Waiting for Windows 9.....assuming it's any better
+Evan Bixler It's hard to imagine why someone would skip Windows 8 when it is better than Windows 7 in every way and it is only a $40 upgrade. Then we think of OSX Mountain Lion for $30 that most users I've heard seem to greatly dislike.
All OSX is, is their iPhone/ android features on the Mac. Also the new Mac os is based off of a Unix(Linux) operating system.
Lol OSX is the main OS I choose... 28 years in the industry if that matters at all. :). And a side note ... For my part I am 95% able to use iOS for all my business and day to day computing needs . Been waiting 20 plus years to be able to say that !!!!
+Colin Willson how is it better? That's merely a matter of opinion. I would rather have Windows 7 and a Start menu. You can have your colorful tiles and the rest of the metro interface. I'm not a fan of Windows 8.
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