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I don't think that. I think others that think Google+ suck... suck.
lol, well engagement is dropping like a rock these past weeks
it's clumsy, but it doesn't suck. Nice and spacy after cluttered facebook and twitter =)
@ 3:02... How was that again? HA HA
I already see that useful post thanks :)
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one trying to get G+ going.. I'm trying to extend my circles and failing..
"I like GooglePlus despite all the shortcomings of their new design rollout." LOL The new UI sucks.
If it sucks so much, why the hell are you using this / posting this to Google+? Makes absolutely no sense!
Google+ is a real social network! Unlike Facebook where it's full of giant cliques.
I love +Google+. I just hate the recent look and design of the desktop version. That's all.
Rob Go
I want controversy on a dust gathering subject, guess I'll pose this question...
I think the only downside I have with G+ is that most of the people I have on here are not active. saw it right? Job done?!
Good presentation +Chris Pirillo I agree with your viewpoint on the whiners who complain about G+. It is more like Blogger than Facebook.
I think Google+ is the best thing going in social networking. Most of the people on here are not calling each other names, discuss issues with respect and dignity and have something to say. With respect to the user interface. Please suggest improvements. We will all be happy about that.
I like G+, end of story and cool video !
Twitter has spam bots taking me to sex sites. There is also a lot of dead accounts that where abandoned by the owner(s). Facebook is blue and hurts my eyes. Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind. Lol. It is confusing and a lot harder to organize eg. shorting your friends in groups. Deleting messages (they archive it but I want to delete it!!!!). Anyways love your slow intro. I was like what the hell :-/
+Raúl Colón I'm using G+ because, as +Chris Pirillo said, "despite its shortcomings", it is still a fairly good tool. I have a great group of Circled people. But we must protest bad design changes, or G+ will not improve. At least G+ listens to user feedback, unlike Facebook.
+Silverio Vicente Jr. Yeah, the other day it was dead. But I have been looking and finding some interesting stuff on here dealing with my work and my condition (Celiac Disease). I'll hang in here if you do!
My only issue is that rather than something interesting each day, I'm greeted by 40 posts about the G+ experience, how to market on G+, engaging on G+, how to make G+ better, etc, ad nausum.

It's like talking about G+ is the new Farmville.
+Alex Jones I'm sorry to hear about your condition :/ Me and a couple friends have been trying to spread the word about G+ but failing..
I've loved G+ because it's allowed me to define my own experience on this social media platform. A wider audience might not like that kind of freedom and until, as you say, Google decides what G+ is going to be when it grows up, a lot of people aren't going to know what to do with it.
its just a matter of catching on even still its kinda underground chatting interface which i enjoy
+John Bardell Then uncircle those people if you don't like what they post. Discover how to find better people to circle. It's the same on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
i have a diverse, active group. just look around and try following new people daily and things will liven up. if the only post about google+ and you dont like that, boot em out. simple.
+Raúl Colón that's like asking why people who hate the government and find it useless still live in America. They realize that though it's not ideal, it's better than the alternative. That's how the world works.
Hopefully it will suck less now. Thanks.
+Alex Jones I'm still sure I would not wish that on anyone. I want to find a way to get more people to make the switch to G+
Give it some time it will get better eventually
G+ is not Facebook. That is the hardest thing for people to understand about G+.
It just needs time. But so far, this is the best thing that Google came up ever since not to mention Buzz, Wave, etc.. lol
I absolutely love my Google+ experience. But I agree with everything you're saying. A lot of my friends who complain about Google+ are treating it like it's not Google+ I've been trying to explain this thank God I can share this video instead.
+Raúl Colón, next time someone says they love something, say, "if you love it so much why don't you marry it?". That's always a good one.
When I recommend Google+ to my friends and family on Facebook, the first thing they ask, "Does it have Farmville?"
For me the circles should be a two way street, meaning that there should be the ability to create subject circles that folk can subscribe to. I don't always want to see everything someone has posted to their public circle, if i'm following someone because of their photography interests i want to see their posts about photography. However i can restrict who see's my posts!... come one lets make this a two way thing
I love Google+ however it is not up to par with what it COULD be. I've been on here since nearly day 1 but most of my friends haven't jumped on board (despite how much I've talked about it). Once my community all gets on G+, Facebook will be dead to me.
I do have to admit one thing about Google+. I've never seen a social network propped up entirely by a group of SEO/Marketing "Experts" and Tech Bloggers. I ponder the image to come after another 2 years of providing their valuable content free and exclusive to Larry and Sergey, an army of dejected social media experts casting aside their blue, red, yellow, and green cheerleading outfits and asking themselves, "For what?".
I'm still laughing so hard about those sounds and faces you made after telling people to comment. Love it. 3:00min mark
from 2:55 to 3:10 you made funny faces enough for a hundred GIF!
This is my favourite social network. I hate Facebook. Twitter is ok. I absolutely love the "circles" that you can set and put people into. That level of privacy is wonderful. 
Love +Google+ deleted my facebook January 1st and barely go on twitter. G+ is where I live.
Excellent video, I agree that people need to engage and speak their minds, there is a lot of intetesting content in g+
What exactly does it mean to treat G+ like G+? I don't believe that there is a definitive way in which to use G+. Perhaps you can say that some people treat G+ like FB because of the type of posts that they share. However, that could also be related to the type of personality for the individual. Talking about where you are going, what you did and what you eat for the day may be associated with FB updates, but I can also tell you that that type of post is in my stream on G+ as well.

I often share similar or the same items on FB and G+, with slight tweaks due to limitations of both places. I don't discuss too much about my personal life on G+, which I never did on FB either. I'm more about sharing my musical and pop culture interests. Probably one of the better things about G+ is that it lends itself to longer posts, which I enjoy.

I don't know what the magic number is for me to follow, but I can only absorb so much information from my stream and interact with only a limited portion. I have interacted with a lot of great people on G+ and wish to continue growing in my experience here. The way I use this network may not be how others use it, but it works for me.
Steve H
after watching this, i may want to go back to Google+ :)
true people just need to learn how to use this new social experience
Facebook is for showing off to the people you used to go to school with, but disguising it as a random comment that just so happens to be read by your real friends and everyone else. In google plus you have to define who you are posting to which takes away this element of false modesty. If you post something to an old acquaintance then you meant it to go to them with no bull shit!
For this reason, I am posting photos regularly to family and real friends who would be genuinely interested.
Also I'm following numerous people who interest me and check out google plus regularly out of genuine interest as opposed to some constant feeling of missing out what "friends " are doing at which point I'm obliged to "like" the fact someones son has had his first poo on the toilet.
When I comment on Google plus it's because I want to comment and I feel I can add something to a post (no matter how small).

Overall g+ can be a great way to keep close friends and family up to date with your life while removing the mundane issues associated with Facebook.
Just my opinion, but if you enjoy using it then just ignore all the bashing from the Facebook crowd.
Just stop treating it like Facebook, and talk to people who have the same interests as you! I love Google+
Everyone says bad things about it, and they haven't even tried it! I don't use Facebook or Twitter as much as Google+
I use Google+ every day, heck I use it way more than Facebook or Twitter. The main thing like Chris said is USE GOOGLE+ LIKE GOOGLE + I am following a total of 36 people, 10 of them are people who put content out every day many times a day. One thing that would make my experience better is if more people followed me, I have a total of 24 that have me in their circles. Google+ is an amazing service, its just people need to know how to use it.
How do you see how many people have you in their circles?
It needs an iPad app... But I think the way Google rolled it out was the main problem - people didn't like the whole 'beta' thing to a limited number of people. With an iPad app, it would be awesome!
+Harry Edgeworth go to the "Circles" button on the left side of the page and it will display at the top
I've actually given google+ another chance since Facebook's mobile app was killing my phone. I'm actually pretty happy with it. I do need to follow more interesting people though. :D
I haven't made up my mind about G+ yet. I joined ages ago and have just started using it last week. It seems like a good tool to get the latest content from people such as yourself but unless you are well known, it seems to be very difficult to build your own following. In summary... for me, it is just another form of Google Reader i.e. helps me find useful "bloggers" to get articles from.
Google+ is the site of Tomorrow.

And by that i mean the next generation who were gonna hide Facebook from and force them to use Google+.
I don't think G+ sucks it's just not doing enough to coax fb users over to it. Some G+ users alone are not great marketers therefore have such a hard time convincing their fb friends to join G+. We G+ users know how cool G+ but because we took a chance with it and liked enough to stay. How are we suppose to convince our fb friends who have 400 friends on fb and 1000 of their favorite pictures to come over to G+? Google needs to step it up and go after the competition themselves.
Absolutely agree. I struggle to drive my numbers up because my initial user base was my social circle to adopt from Facebook who never stuck around. My numbers are on the up now!
You're right on some of the problems. Especially about facebook VS Google+. I compare it to each other and if you say they're not the same, than I should rethink my position on it.
Not sure how i missed this till now.. but a great video on your super popular post... Nice +Chris Pirillo :)
It only sucks because my friends and family aren't on it..
sucks, shmuscks. shut up and post! :)
Actually, I don't know if it sucks - I'm never on it :o
I love that this post has returned to life because ... someone searched for Google+ sucks On Google+
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